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In moderate amounts: not at all.

It's all about moderation. There really aren't any bad foods, just bad diets.
A stick of butter you rolled in salt is. Doesn't taste bad, though:p
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You forgot native americans. They make me go gigity gigity goo.
You would have to consider South Americans then. Mexicans, Colombians, Bolivians, Brazilians, etc. in there... not the ones from Spanish descent, but the Aztecs and Mayan descendents. They are called Latinos but in reality they're Native Americans.
That sounds pretty good. Cilantro popcorn would be a different story. I used to work in a grocery store and cilantro always made me breath out my mouth... it's disgusting.
We rarely have pigeons here in the suburbs... except the one on our porch who was escaping the blizzard.

I've been attacked by a goose before, mean bastards. One once cornered my brother and flew straight at his head ready to attack.
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At least I think that's what happened in that movie.
It was Knowing with Nicholas Cage... I haven't found a little rock yet
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Red skittles are amazing, the rest are meh.
Agreed. The ones in the blue packs and purple(? they have purple packs, right?) suck. Same with Starburst, original only.
I like my coffee like I like my men, black and strong haha.

Maxwell House Colombian... Everyone says Dunkin Donuts coffee is awesome, I disagree. I think it sucks. Burger King's coffee is good too (Seattle's Best I think).
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A better poll would be:

East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai)
Germanic (British, German, Scandinavian etc)
Hispanic (Spanish, Mexican) or Brazilian/Pardo
Mediterranean (French, Italian, Greek)
Mid- to Southern-African (or African-American)
Middle Eastern/North African (Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt)
Native Americans (North American, Bolivian, Peruvian)
Pacific Islander/Australasian/Indonesian
Russian/Eastern European
South Asian (India, Pakistan)


You should have made a multiple choices poll, also.
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Who considers them this?

I've read articles and everything and if you really listen to them(I'm not saying every album is) they are much heavier... they still have the black metal sound but you can hear some death metal in their music. That is just my opinion. I'm not really basing it upon what I read, I just saw that and really listened and I tend to agree in some cases. Wormwood, not at all. World Funeral I would agree with it(first Marduk album I bought. I had just gotten into black metal, found it, and loved it.) Panzer Division Marduk also. I own those 2 and Wormwood and I have to say I'm disappointed in Wormwood for the simple fact it's not similar at all to those 2. That's what I meant by putting them on the list. Agree with me or not, that's my opinion.
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Troll post detected

What are you talking about? That was my first post in over 6 months. I was a faithful member of UG a few years back, I was on here all the time. I have over 4,000 posts, so get your facts straight.
Brain Drill
Decrepit Birth(I consider it 'pretty' DM haha)
Cannibal Corpse
Dying Fetus
Cattle Decapitation
Marduk(they're considered black death metal)
Malevolent Creation(coming to KC next week!)
The Berzerker

I know there are some Grind bands in there... I haven't bought any new music lately so I'm not as up to speed on a lot of bands anymore. I'm going to soon, I usually get on iTunes, find a band I know I like and then just sift through the 'similar bands' section.
I always wanted to join the military, but I can't because I have epilepsy. So I decided awhile back that if I'm ever diagnosed with terminal cancer or something where I know I'm going to die anyway I would rob a bank and go down in a hail of bullets. Otherwise I want it to be quick.
The Disclosure Project... it's like 3 hours, but it was worth it. You hear testimonials from Air Traffic Controllers, and military personnel, not kooks off the street
Camel Turkish Silvers
I saw the movie Click with 2 of my friends(both guys) and my eyes watered up... so did theirs... They told me they did before I said anything, I wasn't admitting to that alone.
Dude, don't puss out on yourself! Be a Marine, there's where the Real men are made.
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How is 29,000 out of billions of people a pandemic?
A pandemic doesn't depend on how many people have it, it's the extent it has gone... Started in 1 country, went to 74, it is technically a pandemic, but they're just trying to scare people. If you're healthy, and not really old or really young, you'll be fine. It's just the media with nothing else to do but scare the masses.
It's easy... unless your high school is like the one in Dazed and Confused
Both my younger sister's kittens are also gay... wow, the 4/5 boy cats in our family are/ have been gay... my younger sister's kittens suck each others nipples... I have yet to see this but my sister said it's really gross... you can hear it when they do, ewwwwwwww.
Get another boy cat... seriously. That's how we found out my sister's cat was gay... he liked to rape the smaller one.

I'm not joking either
Smoldering in Exile- Angel Corpse

My computer is on shuffle, don't know what's coming next
Hey... this is a bump... check my last post, this is much easier than have to use ALT all the time.
All of my teeth came in crooked... but my wisdom teeth came in straight:/
Go to Control Panel, then Date, Time, and languages, then Regional and Language Options, then Language, and in text and input services click details, choose the language and click 'add', it'll come on the installed devices inset, change it to 'spanish keyboard'... Than at the bottom right of the control bar, it will say EN, click on it and you can change it to spanish...


Easy as pie
Um... I would tell you but I forgot... I used to have Russian on mine
How is that scored?
The Marble Theory is really cool, too. Seen Men In Black? At the end when the alien has all the marbles... pretty much explains the marble theory... universe inside another universe
Let me put this out there first, just so you know... I am not attacking evolution or natural selection, I completely agree with Darwin on that.

So a life form just popping out of nothing makes sense to you? It just appears, like a magic trick, one minute its not there and the next it is? He didn't even go into much detail about it because he had no idea and he didn't want to piss people off by making up something too radical.

And no creationism doesn't really make sense but it affords another(better in a lot of people's eyes)possibility of what happened than Darwin's lackass theory. It's a matter of faith, and I can say that I am no longer faithful to one religion, they're all intertwined in one way or another anyway.
Darwinists like to trounce all over creationism though, it's all fun to attack creationism, which is a THEORY, it cannot be proven nor disproven, but your assholes clench up when someone attacks Darwinism
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Charles Darwin.

Darwin's theory of evolution, yeah I believe in that...

His theory of how life started, a bunch of bull****, I don't know how far he had to stick his finger up his ass to get that...

Darwinists are a bunch of assholes
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nice... I'm actually immune to the game via Rule 34 (does not exist if there is not pr0nz of it)
That's not 34... Rule 34 is 'If it exists, there is porn of it'

Just look, I found porn of The Game
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You sir are quite misinformed. There is ONE rule.

Rule number 1:
IF you think about the game, you lose the game. You as an individual may now restart the game.
That's pretty much saying I lost Tedward
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You sir are quite misinformed. There is ONE rule.

Rule number 1:
IF you think about the game, you lose the game. You as an individual may now restart the game.
I refuse to play that game, so you lose for telling me I lost when I don't play it
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ive got a litter you may want to buy a few from...
That is the creepiest ****ing thing I've ever seen
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umm...yeah... can someone please explain to me what the "game" is

And oh yeah, no posts that say "omg n00b!!! u dunz no the game!"

There are no rules. If someone says you lose, you lose... that's why it's so dumb
Light them on fire