Wow, for only one person, this album sounds great. Very Impressive.

Kind of remind me of Gorgoroth, except the lyrics are actually intelligible haha. Love those chord progressions. Neat solos too.
Yeah, those are things I love and make me make the music I make.
First off, Here's a couple songs that have recorded guitar parts that I put with drums and some synths. - Post - rocky, Guitars and drums - All midi with guitar parts, quick, high tempo thing

These are songs that fuse classical and dubstep like nothing I've heard before dubstep flavor with melodies provided by orchestral instruments and wobbles Here's the start of a 7 minute epic dubstep orchestra I've nearly finished

Thanks for checking out my music, I used this forum years ago to great pleasure, but have since left and I am interested to share music with you guys. It's probably a quite different to most of your stuff, and I want to hear great music that's different for me.

Quote by Riffmast
Mystic Places Of Dawn and Esoptron is their best work, it's miles ahead of everything else they've released.

Thanks dude, coppin 'em now.
I have Communion by Septic Flesh and I need more.

What album should I czech out next?
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Hmm, that's strange. You can watch embedded youtube videos, but not videos on youtube?

I guess the first thing to do is make sure your flash plugin is up-to-date, as that's the only thing I can think of that would directly cause it. If the flash-player update doesn't work, what about addons, what's a general list of what you have?

And for the screen-cleaning question, a cloth or paper towel and a low-static non-streaking cleaning formula specifically meant for electronics works well. There's also microfiber cleaning rags which do the job a bit better if you have a really dirty screen, but most of the time they're not necessary.

Yep, forgot to mention I reinstalled flash. I just disabled all my add-ons and it seems to be working now. Now I just gotta figure out which one is the culprit. Thanks a lot for the help, Brofessor.

It seems like Adblock was the problem. Google must have found away to not let you watch videos without watching ads. I know ABP is a really popular add-on, did anyone else have this problem?
I'm having a problem here. Whenever I try to watch a youtube video, I get the classic "an error has occured, please try again later" message. Odd thing is, I can watch embedded youtube vids just fine. I can also watch them without a hitch on Chrome or IE, but I like my Firefox.

I've tried deleting all my cookies, cache, etc and updated to FF4, but I'm still having this issue. Anyone got a clue? This is starting to be a major hassle.

Bonus Question! Best way to clean a laptop screen?
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Dunkelheit by Burzum would be interesting.

I hadn't thought about doing black metal before, but that might actually be awesome. I'll definitely keep it in mind.
My final project for my music theory class is coming up. I've decided that I want to arrange a metal song for orchestra and conduct it.

I was thinking more modern tech-death might make the transition pretty well, bands such as Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth, Fleshgod, Gorod, and potentially even Septic Flesh.

But now I ask YOU. What (METAL) song would you like to hear done by an orchestra? Your ideas would be enormously helpful. I'll probably post the finished product here.
In the middle of the Mr. House storyline and my game glitches. I enter the gahmorra and then I can't do anything. Now to do a half hour worth of backtracking.
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i need help quick! acid papers coming in lik 30-40mins; dont know much about identifiying em dont wanna get rippped any help apreciated real soon please!!

Acid doesn't really have a taste or a smell so you're not really going to be able to know it's real until you eat it. Just gotta trust your dealer.
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central team assemble!

Central power!
In case you didn't know funkytown is about minneapolis.
and the countdown begins....

I'm lazezly stoned and watching the news.
there's like a serious war going on in Libya man, it's crazy.
I've decided I'm going to stop lurking so dang much and start posting. Here goes. Potential wall of text incoming.

Spring Break started Thursday and I saw Benga, friggin awesome way to start it off. My mom and bro left Friday leaving me an open house for the rest of break. I picked up a half eighth of some DUPER DANKS.

This morning I took a test to get some scholarship monies for my college next year. (The Institute of Production & Recording in case y'all were wondering.) It was easy as Lindsay Lohan so hopefully I'll get a good chunk of change. Now since it's finally a nice day here in minnesnowta I'm gonna celebrate by smoking some ganjas and maybe having my dog pull me around on my longboard haha.

So yeah, Life's good.
EDIT: awesome dubstep with live instruments, czech it
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so im out of weed, is it worth smoking these stems i have with a bong, will it really get me high at all?

You might get a little buzz going, but don't expect it to blow you away. Some people say the get headaches from smoking stems too.
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How long was your hair when you got it dreaded? I've heard backcombing (which is what I plan to do) you lose about 20-30% which I don't know how that would look.

Well my hair was hella curly and I can only guesstimate that it reached about my nipples when I pulled it straight down.

I'd recommend getting a friend that knows how to dread to help you out. It took a long time to do mine but I could only imagine what it had been like if i'd done them myself. Put on a movie or something and go to town.
Quote by Ajax413
OK DT, I know this isn't the hair thread, but I though I'd ask you guys for opinions anyway. I've been considering getting dreads for a while and I was wondering if you guys think they'd look good on me. Here's some pics:

You might wanna grow it out a little longer first. I just got dreads about a month ago and I was really surprised by the amount of length I lost. I think at the length you have it now it probably wouldn't look so great. Also it might be pretty hard to do because your hair looks pretty fine and straight.
Quote by DeAd-RiP
A) How long ago did you get them pierced.
B) Have you been salt soaking/cleaning regularly
C) Somewhat yes, though not in copious amounts...

A) My guess is somewhere around 3-4 months ago.
B) I had been, but now I'm on vacation and forgot my supplies.
C) Good, it's not copious, just kinda gross.
I put in some 16 guage stainless steel earrings about a week and half ago. Lately I've been noticing a lot of yellowish gunk/grime on them and around the piercing. Occasionally I think I've seen them pussing. Is this some kind of infection, or is this semi normal?
I'm just an 18 right now, but if I order a few pairs of this site I get free shipping. (I know, I fell for their scam).

But I do plan on sizing up one at a time and taking it slow. Sounds like I'll stick with them.
If I use spirals (such as these):
will I still need to use a taper?
Part of the appeal of them is that I think I won't have to because the already seem tapered.
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So Saturday night I'm planning on staying up all night to go to a rave and then brunch the next morning.

I have access to generic Ritalin in 10mg tabs.
I'd like to know how many I should take/when I should take them.

Also, will there be a bad comedown/crash?

Anyone got any ideas?
So Saturday night I'm planning on staying up all night to go to a rave and then brunch the next morning.

I have access to generic Ritalin in 10mg tabs.
I'd like to know how many I should take/when I should take them.

Also, will there be a bad comedown/crash?
I'm applying to an art school for my senior year and they need me to play a song for placement.
I've been playing for at least 4 years and I'm not too shabby.

Must be 3+ minutes long
"should demonstrate best technical work ideally demonstrating both strumming technique in various strum patters and melodic finger picking technique."

Problem is, I've been playing mostly metal and don't really focus too much on strum or finger picking techniques.

So I'm looking for a medium difficulty song that has varied strum patterns and possibly finger picking.
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"Wretch" from Fortress

Thanks Brotein Shake.
What song has the cat meow in it? I can't remember for the life of me.
Has anybody used to trade games before? I was wondering if it's worth my time.
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so... I have paranormal activity and a lot of dph....

Good luck.
Wakin 'n bacon tomorrow.

I have:
The Flaming Lips' Christmas on Mars
Sufjan Stevens' BQE The Original Motion Picture
The Goods.

It is up to you to decide my destiny.
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well yeah i got the cold...would it get worser when i smoke some pot?

I've done it a couple of times and it made me feel really uncomfortable. My head felt all clogged and plugged up, it was pretty awful.

But then again, I was REALLY high.
Quote by bobthebum16
Hello DT,

I got my first drug test the other day and I failed. But my mom knew I was gonna fail... she just made me take the test to see if the test really worked.
The extra stick mine has is for another drug I don't know of... the abbreviation was BZO (maybe you guys could help me with that )

So yeah just thought I would share

It might be for Benzos (I don't know what the full name is).

Stuff like Xanax and Klonopin fall under that category.
Bumping because these guys are criminally underrated.
Quote by Stoner stone
for legal purposes
This is a work of fiction:

My day was so odd DT. I started my day by picking up my friend, he handed me a Pink Playboy and we took them and went off to school. I hadn't eaten yet or done E before actually, and my stomach felt aweful. I forced down some goldfish and almost threw up trying to get a piece of beef jerky down, but this little problem aside, the drug was fun. I felt very cold all day however, and my hands were like ice but my head/neck were burning up. My other friend handed me a bag filled with oxy (about 9 pills, 5 mg each) and I took one on the come down and my day went back to being great. I got out of school, smoked a few cigarettes at my friend's house, took another oxy and gave one to each of my two friends and we went on with our day. The pills didn't do much to either of us, just a nice little buzz. Later that night we stopped at a park and snorted 2 and half of the pills, each took one (except one of my friends only took a half) and then smoked a few cigs. A cop pulled up and I shat bricks as I reeked of smoke and I'm underaged. He checked my ID and told me to GTFO. We split up and a friend and I shared the last pill and now I'm home, feeling GUREAAAAAT.

Quote by zigz407
the xanax i took earlier didn't seem to do much so I started drinkin. Feelin mighty fine right now

...I don't remember posting this haha.
the xanax i took earlier didn't seem to do much so I started drinkin. Feelin mighty fine right now
^I suck at it haha.
Quote by Stoner stone
im drunk what should i do..

You type well for a drunk person
About to have my first experience with Xanax. Just took 2.0 mg.
Pretty new band. This is a little video of our first show. I'm the guy with the hair. Comments?