My American Heart - Dangerous 

its a departure from what they're probably known for so not emo as the hair suggest. In my head I have been calling this based mostly on the drums as a lounge song but upon searching for lounge music I was thoroughly disappointed. 

another example i consider lounge again because of the drums is 

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hey


Please help me find more music like this or shed some light 
I realized today that most of my favorite bands, in fact just most bands in general all have a dedicated frontman to which that is their only job. For writing purposes I'm trying to find more bands where the singer is just as busy wailing on their guitar (or bass) as they are on the mic. My personal favorites in the metal realm

Mastodon, Opeth, Gojira, Cynic

can you help me think of some others out there
So I didnt realize amplitude can be used on a laptop instead on a ipad or phone. It looks promising for tone at least but its not a DAW is it? The equivalent of a POD and then you still need a second program to track on correct?
Just as the title says I'm headed back on deployment fairly soon and i wanted to know if you guys have any minimalist ways of recording. While I'm gone the plan is write and record and albums worth of music. I'll most likely be recording only guitars and vocals and separately at that. If you know of any reliable programs and/or interfaces to make this as small as possible yet still give me decent quality work worth sending back to the band please let me know. Keep in mind I'm taking only a guitar, no pedals, no amps so it really has to be an all in one thing. And all im working with at the moment is my laptop and a good pair of studio headphones.
We have the same problem out here because we live here in hawaii and even with coated strings our strings can get ridiculously rusty really fast but we've figured out that it's not just the humidity but most likely coming from our other guitarist's sweat. He doesnt eat very well and possibly the reason for his acidic sweat and wahla, instant rust
I'd really like to know what you guys think of the song and personally of my new found screams. Didn't know i was capable of that and would like to know if you think its any good.

If you like what you hear go like us on facebook and we'll get new videos up from our first show in december.
Due to recording issues its just a snippet from

Dissolved Horizons - Valkyrie

Let me know what you think, and like our page if you wanna hear more
Progressive Hard Rock/Metal based out Hawaii

Let me know who liked us and i return the favor
im not gonna watch it, im just gonna guess tremolo
Liked DJehuti, Left to the Wolves, Silent Empathy, Demon F*ucker

Progressive Metal
Trying to get my band some momentum... I"ll like your band as well, we're Progressive Metal
Madcap, dang hadnt seen you in years! but to answer you're question I like American comedy i mean to an extent there is some blatant non funny shows out there but i guess i pick and choose enough to say i like it. Workaholics is my new favorite =]
find the money and get a carbon copy
Depending on where you live there may be smoking bans, so I've thrown around the idea of having a double sided bar. It would obviously tend to inside the venue but also tends to an outside smoking atrium. So even if you're outside you can still here the band and order a drink. and if your think what if it rains , the roof would extend far enough to cover a good chunk from the bar forward so people can order drinks and not be getting wet. What do you think about that idea? I'm not even a smoker but im quiet fond of this one.
At Slacker that place is more of a college auditorium than a rock venue. I'll admit the stage is cool but definitely not practical for a small business providing to rock bands. And all its all seating, i understand there's people who like to hang back at shows but thats what separates rocks shows from musicals... That kick in the teeth, up close and personal rock in roll experience because after all the crowd is just as important as the band on stage.

this is terminal 5 in new york, pretty damn similar. Though Ive never been to either places Terminal 5 along with many other venues are on my bucket list to play
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From a playing POV I always like venues that have a balcony. Just makes it seem like theres loads more people there.

Also some sort of barrier from the stage and crowd. I'm sick of bar fights spilling onto stages with people stepping all over my pedals n shit. Fights only tend to happen at bro bars though, something about stupid ass white college freshmen makes them want to fight each other. Not so much dedicated music venues.

No chairs. People tend to be lazy and sit down, not getting into the music as much.

All good ideas, the balcony thing i love as well plus if we have a packed house short people can watch from the balcony and if its an all ages thing we can put all the minors up stairs.

The barrier we discussed i suggested and bar top table that runs the length of the stage so crowd-barrier-bartop-stage that way if makes it highly unethical to crowd surf to the stage cause you'll just plummet and everyone in the front can set their drinks down and rock the F out inches from the band.

And then the seating is a big one for me, because i myself am one of those get up and go the stage people but i understand not everyone is like that. So maybe an alternative for those people would be upstairs watching from the balcony, thats rather chill. I just wanna limit the amount of seating area so bands get the crowd they deserve. Of course the bar will have everything necessary but absolutely so seating near the stage.

Also alysoun I checked out that Rock Lily place, its effin beautiful but its also owned by one hell of a corporation so paying bands 500 regardless the turn out is just unheard in mom and pop venue such as what im going for. I forgot to mention i want it to be a decent size, off the top of my head i was thinking like 300 people but i gotta be honest and say i have no clue how big such a place has to be. Like all the venues i know dont say anything about capacity. How many tickets do you sell before you're sold out? I'm emailing some of favorite venues to find out what capacity i'm really shooting for.
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Musician POV

*Sounds odd, but a crowd barrier across front of stage - not for protection, but because I've found for some reason at gigs with barriers the crowd tend to come to the front automatically to stand at the barriers... at a lot of gigs without, crowds can stand midway back until the headline act or even back off for them!

Never heard this one before but actually today while facebook stalking some of the top venues, i noticed one had a bar like table right before the stage, so in place of giant security guards staring you down you have a long table to set down your drink right in front of the band. That seems like something so small would have such great repercussions in the end. Because that's one issue I'd like to avoid of having a band on stage and people not up there on the stage, it makes everyone look bad

Thanks Alysoun for addressing literally everything. So besides that specific club what would you like to see? What would attract you to venue?

I'm shooting for a mix between nice clean & modern themed place but with just enough raunchy rock n roll to keep it real. Of course the people are gonna overall make it Real but i wanna provide the best atmosphere for them.
All the Pros to your favorite Venues from a musician and the crowds point of view. Reason being I'm collecting ideas to what makes an ideal venue for an all around great experience for everyone. One thing worth noting is the sound guy Will be great, I'm an audio engineer so it would be a crime to allow my venue to ever have shitty sound. So to get you started I'll throw out some topics i think are worth discussing

The Stage
Drum Riser
The Bar
Smoking Area
House Kit
House Cabs
All Ages
& anything else I missed
since your already here, jimmy fallon and the guy from 50/50 did a bad impression of david bowie and axl worth checking out
streetlight manifesto
Great tone, you definitely have the chops but just take some time to sit down and actually write out a solo, it has much potential. Did i emphasize the tone is really really good
Just wrote and recorded this song this weekend, Its safe to say if you like STP and/or GNR you'll probably enjoy my new track entitled "Contrary" Big vocals, guitar solo all the makings of a good song. Constructive Criticism and all feedback is welcome!
in other words the vocalist from

Sixx Am or Alter Bridge

I honestly think these two guys are the best Hard Rock vocalist out there right now with not only a big range but big vocals to prove it. I would say the guy from shinedown could have been one if they stayed more like their first album and less like metallica.... and If not these two, who is another vocalist in the same vein as these guys. Maybe jared leto?
if you'd like to make it better please feel free, but im just hoping someone can throw me a bone
you can say you will all you want (as it is you've probably all killed 10,000 noobs on xbox live anyway) but if and when the moment comes being the man that pulled the trigger is more mental than anything... its not an easy task unless of course you're just a straight up Thug
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What's wrong with renting, may I ask?

Nothing at all, but because i get paid pretty good and im gonna be living here for at least more 5 years everyone is advising me to buy while the market is low... like stocks buy low sell high
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Yes, your totally @$$ raping them 47.62%
No, every hoe needs a pimp 57.14%
TS's wall of text makes me wanna punch babies!!! 61.90%

I'm no mathematician, but something about those percentages doesn't add up.

its because i allowed multiple answers, so its actually dead on... i didnt realize UG did this til now but its brilliant
So me and some of my friends are contemplating getting a house, we were originally planning on renting a place and keep in mind we live in hawaii so these numbers are yes high but also actual.

The house we wanted a 4br 3 bath going for 3500 a month so with 4 room mates equals to 875 a piece mmk

But what if i were to take out a mortgage on this same house still keeping my 3 other room mates and charging them the same... for them its just like paying rent except in the end i own it... not for another 30 years of course... But is taking 2600 from them each month and putting it toward me buying this house robbing them?
Scarlet Ash - Darkness Falls (demo) i think one of our better songs on the album, its pretty good

To Listen

To keep us around

To Listen and Download
No! because the music industry only wants s****y singers to mindf**k everyone... which is why ill be ecstatic the day the music industry dies. Then we can ALL be DIY and real musicians will be the only ones left standing
we're a metal/hard rock/ progressive band
I think its pretty good, the vocals were mixed kinda weird but tell me what you think
please critique i spent alot of time on this song and i thinks its really good

to watch the video - Youtube

or if you really dig us - Facebook

if you wanna download this song for free - PureVolume
^ this guys exactly right, these guys are just something else... i hate to even put em under the hardcore thread cause they're So much more than that.... but give it a listen! I dont think its possible for you not to like this
they now have their original guitarist and master shredder A.J. back in the band... bringing a total of 3 shredders in the band.

Go Like their FB page, we need like 1000 more people and they'll release a brand new song

you like them, and you know Nocturne was the ISH, go like em for all of our sake
well for the hard rock side i would say bullets and octane, and maybe burden brothers are pretty underground but still really good

Check out my Facebook Page, it has my whole sophomore album streaming

and especially check out my song Pride, that'll soon have a music video

Constructive criticism is more then welcome

whole album streaming

Experimental, Lyrical, Rock

please give some feedback

i put alot of effort into makin this album please give at least one song a listen

if your going to sleep soon i recommend "Sleep Romance"

if your all cracked out on mountain dew i recommend "Take What I Deserve"

& if you wanna try something new and different listen to it all
Anything from the Beatles
Pink Floyd - Marooned