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you could spend your entire life trying to get close to it and still get nowhere.

That's not true.
Mesa Simul-Class 2:Ninety Stereo Tube Pre-Amp.

Located in Southern Ontario, will ship to Canada + Continental US.
I'm asking $1000+shipping.

It's in great condition, only minor rack rash. Works perfectly.

I'm selling because I switched to bass playing a couple years back and I really can't justify having this beauty sit in my basement any longer.

PM for any details or pictures!
Thanks a lot!

I was worried it was a Fodera.. those things are so nice, but SO expensive.
I really like the bass Felix is playing in this video

Any ideas of what make or model it is?

ps. Killer tune too.
I remember a time when my absolute favourite band was Green Day.
It then moved to Led Zeppelin when I started taking bass lessons and learned Dazed and Confused.
It moved to classic prog and prog metal, mostly prog metal all through high-school.
Now I can listen to whatever, but I've grown very much more fond of jazz, funk, r&b, and hip-hop. Especially hip-hop.
Am I the only one who doesn't think it's a pedal riff? At least not by definition.

The low note changes throughout the riff, so technically it's not actually a pedal. It's sort of like chugging the root of the chord your playing in with.
Check out Robben Ford, John Scofield, Oz Noy
Looks like you got it to me.

Although, I am curious at your gear choice. Those both look like general P.A. units. Which means at least half of that graphic EQ is useless to you, and the compressor will work, however it may not work as well as a good 'meant for for guitar' compressor.
Thicker strings usually help, as well as plenty of treble.
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That's you, isn't it? It's pretty hard to just find a video with 1 view.

Plus, it was just uploaded.

Way to troll.
If it's a mono track: no.

Just copy the track, there's nothing wrong with that.
If I understand your question correctly, than no.

The reason V7-I makes a perfect cadence is because of the dominant nature of the V chord. It wants to resolve down a perfect fifth. If you stick another chord between the two it doesn't quite work. (Although there are exceptions to every rule, but I won't get into that.)
I go to a small college and I'm firm believer that it is better than any university.
80 people in my program with everyone on a first name basis including staff. Who wouldn't want that?
As far as I'm concerned, jazz and blues were the exact same thing from the inception of the style. The difference boils down to the solos, if the soloists can play bop (be-bop) then people call it jazz. If the soloists can't play bop, then people call it blues.
There are harder things to get into. But many things are easier.

If you want a job playing lots of gigs, teaching, doing some session work you need to be good. really, really, good.

Being able to sight-read is a HUGE bonus. Less and less people are learning how these days and it's a very applicable skill. I don't mean sight-read as in, "Here's the music, the gigs next week so have it ready by then." I mean sight-reading as in sitting in on a gig and never having seen the music before and playing it live.

You must have good rhythm. Most players don't know how bad there rhythm is. Record yourself playing a song you know (by yourself, no backing track or metronome) and when you listen to it count out the rhythm, I guarantee you'll be surprised. Especially in songs with swung feels.

Be reliable. Be early for everything. Be easy to get along with.
It is okay, however that does NOT mean that you shouldn't work on your time.
Always play with a metronome when practicing, tell your band mates to do the same.
1. Get off the internet.
Simply put, Carvin is my favourite company overall.
They have the best prices, with quality products, and with the most variety of options.

What's not to like? I love my CT-4. I plan on buying an Icon bass next year sometime.
Ibanez T808 overdrive. The TS9 will work too, but not as well.
Mango Train

The song is Citrusism (citrus-ism). Was recorded off the floor, a few mistakes but whatever. It's just a good vibes jam.

I have a CT-4 (see sig)

It could be the maple neck in neck through body. Generally that would seem pretty bright.
Try messing with your amp a bit though.
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Stevie Wonder definitely was an underrated drummer, he played the drums on all his albums, and he is damn good


You can learn SO MUCH from what Stevie does on the hi-hat.

There are literally hundreds of jazz guys out there that are sooo good. None of them get very much credit (especially in online forums where Rock/Metal seems to dominate)

I'll say Chad Smith (RHCP) doesn't get enough credit either. He's very musical in his drumming and is the anchor for the Chili Peppers.
What about your amp? I've never had a problem with my Carvin like that.
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nah, my pedal isnt long enough. Chris adler does it. Search "chris adler bass drum technique" on you tube and he explains how to do it.

You don't need long board pedals for it. Chris Adler has a slightly different way of doing it. His technique requires more physical work but he prefers it like that so he can keep control better when playing shows and can burn off his adrenaline.
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THE best sci fi show EVER!

now go watch serenity.

Looks like someone is thread lost.
One of the best shows ever put on the air.
You mean Yellow Submarine wasn't real?!
No effect, just running lots of gain on his amp and attacking the string really hard.

The tone of the Ric he's playing helps a lot too.
Sly - Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters
The Blues Brothers

Sounds like you accidentally automated the fader level.
In the edit window one the track your having problems with click on the little arrow at the bottom of the track. This should open up an automation lane. On the pull down menu select Volume and highlight the first few bars and delete anything that's there.
The V3 certainly can get a lot more brutal than the JSX. It won't sound as good at low volumes though.

That's about as much as I can tell you from experience. I love Carvin amps though, great quality and awesome sounds!
Bring Gatorade and drink it between pubs. Lots of it. Also, pop an Advil before you pass out.

He can certainly sing, but let's not give him the 'Next Freddie' title yet. Can he write amazing songs? Can he live up to being one of the best (if not the best) frontmen of all time.

I'm not saying it's bad, it's amazing. I just think you're selling Freddie a little short.
It's only an inversion when the bottom note changes. If you were to play an open D chord with the open A in the bottom (making it a D/A chord) and your bass player was still playing a D (not an A) then the chord in the song is still just a D. Because the D is the lowest note in the overall harmony at that time. In jazz, guitar players have to drop the root and 5th all the time to play extended chords.
Quote by jesus3000 only important when you're playing jazz

Not even. The only parts of the chord that really matter are the bottom note and the top note.

The bottom note because it defines the root of the chord, and the top note because of what's happening in the melody (not so much an issue in metal/rock/pop)

As guitar players it's often impossible to voice chords and arpeggios in 'proper' order. So just make sure the bottom note is a D and that the rest of the notes are in there somewhere!
In the late 60s?
Cream, and Led Zeppelin (although that's very late 60s)

However. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest are really where it happened.
Hybrid amps are, in my opinion, mostly a marketing scheme. One tube preamp doesn't go very far in giving you a real tube amp warmth.
Everything said in this thread about how the overdrive will suck does not apply to my earlier suggestion as it does have a completely separate analog circuit for the overdrive.

Just pointing that out for TS.