Damn dude that goes down smooth. Never heard of the artist but will definitely check it out now.

The only thing I would work on in this vid would be the legato runs on the solo. You hit all the notes but some of them lost their integrity on the way up/down.
Thanks guys. Just FYI, I used a virtual amp to get my tone! I've been using my line6 tonepod gx for who knows how long.

Never bothered to spend the money for a nice mic haha.
Hey guys, been a while since I recorded a cover!

Please check it out on my profile and let me know how it sounds.

If anyone wants to do vocals for the track let me know!

As always, comment for comment.
Hey guys, I have a Bugera 6262 212 combo for sale. It's in great condition, always maintained by the guys at King Amplification. Reason I'm selling it is because I'm in college away from home so I can't use this 3/4 of the year.

I'm selling it at $530. PM me or feel free to text/call me at 4088912103. Thanks
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Why does everyone think Obama is so awesome and such a badass for 'killing' Osama? He didn't do ANYTHING. He sat in a room watching the whole thing live from the white house. He had nothing to do with finding, locating, or killing Osama at all. That was all the military.

its great for death metal, yes. it's also good for every other type of music.
if you want a practice amp, a cube is the one to get.

Just thought since most of you are BTBAM fans, you'll enjoy his little QnA.

Turns out, he's a pretty nice guy.
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I like how theres an option to watch in 720p. Why yes I would like to see two webcam windows and some text in the highest definition thank you.

In youtube videos, the resolution of the video also corresponds with the quality of the audio. Just thought you'd like to know.
The only unbiased station in America is C-Span. I can't believe no one mentioned this. C-Span literally tells you what happened and the stats. They don't bother telling you what political consequences everything has.
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Simple one.

I know exactly that feeling
Things like that just HAPPEN when you're baked. God be trollin
If you love macs so much, WHY DONT YOU MARRY THEM?
I don't normally laugh at 4chan stuff but i found this to be
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Ask yourself this, are you wearing the leather jacket because you want to look attractive to the opposite sex, or are you wearing it for any other reason.

If the answer isn't to look attractive, then you are a poser. All cloths should be worn to impress others. PERIOD.
haha i have to admit, that was funny.
Cartoon Network only allows a certain time limit for the shows to run. Once they have reached (i dont know the exact length) limit, their forced to stop production. So yea, the good shows will inevitably go away.

And by the looks of it, you guys didn't even have the best of CN. Courage is cool and all but Ren and Stimpy is where its at.
Saabs are unreliable. They have lots of problems that rise up constantly. But they drive well.
Well, i looked really funny with all the hair, but i think i'll remember it all my life. Not many people came but twas an experience.
His enthusiasm is amazing
Which edition of Win7 do you have? My school has free Win7 so I can maybe give you a activation key.
Hey gaming thread, I don't know if this has been posted before, but I thought this was mighty useful for the upcoming year of game releases.
We all know the amount of incredible games coming out next year. That includes Dragon Age 2, Elder Scrolls V, Mass Effect 3 etc. So heres a list you can use to keep track.
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such a tank computer that would run 7 beautifully and your on vista i have a sads

not to mention 32bit and your already losing .5gb you need 64bit before upgrading your ram anyway

I know
I was planning on upgrading to Win 7 64 bit but I never had the time to back everything up to do a clean install. Also, I have many many many games that are so unorganized it makes it a headache to switch over.
In terms of the ram, I just wanted to upgrade to a different set of 4gb DDR3's rather than increase size. So 64 bit isn't REALLY needed.
Finally, a separate thread for this amazing hobby of mine.

Motherboard - P5Q-EM (Micro Atx)
CPU - Intel Q9550 @ 3.6GHz (Manually OC'ed)
Graphics - ATI 5770 (Usually OC'ed to about 1400 mem and 900 core)
RAM - 4GB DDR2 (need to upgrade )
Hardrive - My old 500gb from my old comp.
OS - Win Vista 32bit (again, need to upgrade.)
Case - Nexus micro atx case. (forgot the name, but it looks like its been discontinued.)

But yeah, when I built my PC, I used a lot of spare parts from my old computer. It costed me very little so I'm not complaining. I will have to upgrade soon though.
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Look at the phone

iphone 4's have frontal cameras too
Looks like her dad has more balls than her boyfriend.
Music class, A
English class, A
Math class, A
Musical performance class, A

im an environmental biology major/pre med so i need to get em A's
Yo DT. Last weekend I tried 20x salvia out of a bong. I got pretty ****ed up. I started envisioning time and space ripping me apart, and then someone outside of it all telling me you will be trapped like this forever. Needless to say, I was scared shitless. After about 5000 years of torment in trippy world, I came out of it; I was so glad to be alive. After that, everything felt so minor compared to what can happen. I don't think i'll be trying it again anytime soon, but it really gave me new perspective on life.

Has anyone tried this stuff?
you know theres no frets on a violin and unless you put tape or something on the instrument, you will have no way of knowing what note you're playing unless you have perfect pitch.

teachers are very necessary to play violin.
voted. btw how do i view the rest of the contenders? i dont read belgium
Quote by The Madcap
Pretty good. Playing was alright. As far as the technique goes, if you're interested in learning more classical guitar and classical/baroque era music, I'd work on keeping the wrists straight and more relaxed. I wrote a column on classical guitar technique too for more specifics. But if you're more of an electric, rock, metal, jazz, etc. guitarist and just learned this because it's a really good Bach piece, I guess I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I also recorded some classical guitar if you wanna take a looksy:

haha sweet, the madcap took notice of my classical stuff. yeah i've been dabbling around classical for a couple years now, but i've always been more of a jazz rock guy. But yeah i'd love to see your column. The more i learn the better haha. Also the reason why my wrists weren't that straight was cause my foot stand doesnt go any higher (its broken).

@ life is brutal
i'd love to do a collab man. i'm interested to see what more of what you got.

@ tobikay
thanks man haha
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Solid playing. Got the notes pretty much right. The thing about this style is that each line is supposed to be a melody on its own, and consequently should both be played melodically. When it came to the bassline there were some quarter notes you cut off a bit too quickly. A popular way of dealing with the...repetitiveness of repeated section is to do each at a different dynamic level so you could try that. It's not a huge deal to the average person but I felt like I had to say SOMETHING, lol. Good job dude.

Anyway, if you feel like C4Cing I've got a cover of John Mayer's Gravity around here somewhere.

I know exactly what you're saying. I do pluck the bassline a little harder than the melody because it gets a little muddled if i dont but i think my strings are wearing out and its very dull sounding right now. As for the quarter notes being cut off, i just have to work on that. I think it to do with some of my fingering. This is what i get for not having a teacher :/
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I have a HD 5870 in mine. It's PCI.

i really doubt that.
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Well they don't know that. Think of it this way - who would you rather let touch your expensive wares, a teenager or an adult, who probably has much more money than the teenager and has a larger chance of buying the amp?

if that's the case, they might as well put all of the amps in GC in bullet proof cases for display only.
like i said, it's a retail store, you try something out and if you like it you buy it. if they profile every person in there for wealthiness, then i would call that bad customer service.
Quote by Meelad360
So basically you're saying you're mad because you couldn't do something? Sounds a little childish to me...

not mad, just surprised such a recognized brand can have such crappy service. i mean the carvins right next door were just as expensive but they didn't act like such elitists.

Quote by Braiton
This. It's not like he said "GTFO of my shop right nao". It was more of an indirect "Rape me and my wares please" order.

other people had the chance to try some out. what if wanted to buy something after i tried it out? and i know how to set everything up, i own a mesa. i dont rape equipment like kids do in GC.
Quote by wolfeman85
So why didn't you try them out? They never said you couldn't

theres no cords unless you ask for one. i did and they didn't give it to me
So I recently went to college in Southern California and I though what better time than now to visit some awesome places that are stationed here? I went into Carvin amps and they let me try a lot of their amps, guitars, etc. However, right next door is the Mesa store and initially i was in awe of how awesome it is to see the only custom Mesa shop in the world, however that awe came to a halt when i asked them if i can try some of their stuff. It was even worse than guitar center. I was looking around and they asked me if I needed help and i said "i'm just looking, i was wondering if I could try some out?" With a condescending glare, and their hands on their hips, they told me "sorry bout that" and just left me. Then continued to help the older customers (around 30 years) even though their not buying anything either. It's not like i was even making a ruckus or anything.

I'm not saying their amps are bad, i own a Mark IV. But if i had to choose customer service between a shitty Guitar Center and Mesa, i'd still have to choose GC.

So pit, has anyone ever had worse customer service at a store?
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*****ing capone)

you high or something?
Drugs are for losers dude. I certainly don't look like a loser. So no, i don't get mistaken for aio drig dealer.
Shiet man i listened to this before actually. I love this song haha and your wahs really make it seem like its a voice. I really like the dueling melodies at the end too. Pretty sweet man. If you added like violins/cellos it'd be so epic. A-Prus quality.
It's almost unchangeable right now. We'd have to do a overhaul of the whole system to even begin to make good.