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Hmmm, how about regular speakers?
What if I were to buy a mixer?

I will return tomorrow.

what.... ? regular speakers... lol

right regular speakers are what im on about... if you get these how are you going to deliver the sound to them (most are speakon connected) unless you get a Powered mixer with 1/4 - speakon then fair enough but the simplest way is get an unpowered mixer, get 1/4 - 1/4 to connect to power amp then speakon to speakon lead to speakers. or you can do it this way - get a pa and mixer all in one and then have 1/4 - 1/4 leads and make sure you have 1/4 jack connections on the speakers.... all depends on what you find.
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The guy doesn't have a PA system. At venues and s*#t he does, and he sound fine, but I'm looking for something he can take home. He is loud, the problem is we can't hear him since he already uses 1 of the 15 watt amps I mentioned before (for practice). He does growls, pig squeals, grunts, etc. The death metal type (The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, The Faceless, Death... just some of his inspirations.) He has a SM57 so the mic is fine. We don't tell him to try to be louder than us, oh noes. We know about the dangers.

that sounds fine... but then the logical solution is for him to save up and get a small / medium size pa rig... maybe 1000w pa amp with 500w speakers... set him back a little bit but will save him and you in the long run. you cant practice with a 15w amp... not with that style of scream anyway.. if he was doing corey taylor type scream then not a problem but because of the folds hes relying on arnt as stong as his 'main folds' (the one you use for speaking) its hard to capture the projection. when i scream like randy i have to have the mic atleast an inch away while having certain mic techniques to capture the full tone and level. the other scream (corey) i can have a sm58 (sm57 being a instrument mic but also good for vocals) atleast 6 inches away from me and thats with volume down and gain down. but i wouldnt recommend unless hes used to it or his throat can cope with that scream. the other thing he could do is to get a condenser mic but that will pick you guys up too as its meant for studio recordings and theyre very expensive so he might aswell get a PA.
ask him this - if your vocals arnt being 'amplified' enough being sent through a small PA then your not projecting your voice enough....use your diaphragm... if so... tried a different mic? you've explained very little apart from your in a metal band. so i guess you scream.. what style... if fry scream then its mic techniques your lookin for, if not then replace the PA. Other than that... i dont know. i guess maybe hes not confident nor practiced enough within his technique. if he has n hes confident then you guys are gonna have to turn down for him otherwise his throat will blow out for trying to compete against you guys. practice intelligently ffs.
Sorry but the reply's disgust me, you guys have created this forum to ****. he asked a simple question, get a ****in life.... if your gonna start pickin on peoples grammer and questions then what life do you have but to criticise others.

i mean, who gives a **** if its on the forum already.

grow up.
yeh the squier if u noticed the strings are quite far away from the fret unless its been set up realli good..... save up n get an ibanez with a wizards III neck..... bout £300-£500....worth it tbh considering its got an edge III trem (not the best) lock trem, gret design if u get the Ibanez RGR420EX

but yeh if u dont wanna buy anything just watch some petrucci vids or mark tremonti vids....they explain carefully on sweep u a general feel for it.


p.s good luck
try with ur left hand to play the notes singular not letting em ring. the whole point of sweep picking is to get a fast, precise, flow of notes.... but it depends on the style etc of the sweep.... if it sounds horrible ringing then just practice on the position of ur hand..... take ur time....even if it takes a couple of days (4 hours a time) u will get it.... just dont think about it. if you feel your not progressin after a certain time, drop ur guitar (not litterally) go n make a drink, chill then try again. what guitar do u have, some necks are hard to try sweep on if ur learnin still....
What the **** is wrong with you people, chis firstly we got into an argument due to the same situation here, you guyz just seem to think its okay to presume about someone from another country and think it will go down kwl when wtf no it wont, its not kwl not at all thats why we argued and you kept feeding that, check any of my other post's and im fine till someone has a dig for no reason. he has started this cant you see this, are you blind, and secondly willieturnip did i say i brought the mixer, no. it was a present actually along with the pa system.
oh but apprantly i brought a mixer for no reason, yeh ofc once again a another fag presuming ****.
acutally it was meant for mixing a band i was in when i was 15/16 you dick. long time ago.

**** this site, **** the people in it and **** reasoning.

you guyz wouldnt be blamed for stealing when someone is in your face which is the same over the net.
you guyz wouldnt think its right for someone to but into a conversation being rude, arrogant and presumptive about your life.

obviously this has become a dead site for dead life's, who have nothin goin for em.

Sorry for those youngens who have yet to see what our elders have left us with, inside this thread and outside.


P.S dont bother replying im not gonna check nor am i gonna post again for your satisfaction.

have a nice 09
i got nuendo becuase my mate who had it when it first came out advised it and in his personal opinion he felt it was better so he said go for it, my other mate who spends quite alot of time in the studio felt that the summing of nuendo 3 was much better that cubase.
whats your problem, im building a home studio?! starting off from scratch jeeez ive heard some of the recordings from cubase and the band im in now (which used nuendo 3) sounds better you may wanna check em out

i live in a medium sized town near birmingham where theres only a few musicians worth talkin to and the others who are mates we all like recording and goin into the studio havin a pratt about, but the end of the day if we feel nuendo is better for us then wtf, why should we .....just cause everyone else feels.....that cubase is better/any different (when the engine and daws are the same) we should be sheep and follow the trend lol. like you said it has a couple of extra features, thats it.
we use cubase sx3 at the studio over at the old college i used to go to, and i could of picked up a copy easily there but then i would of had to get the codes (or a spare dongle if its the same as nuendo)

i dont see what your problem is for one, even if i was i would admit it and two id tell you to **** off and mind your own buisness but considering i actually brought this and feel strongly about pirating then im gonna stand my ground at this point.

you sir are a douche bag and need to grow up, standard shall i act like you and presume **** bout you, but into ur life and start making accusations for no reason.... your not married, your 32 for christ sake, this is probably why. cuz ur such a douche.
but wait im not gonna judge ya on that, its simple i can see that things dont work out for you, you've got alot of hate in the world, not many friends (or atleast you feel like you do but count em up and you probably dont).
so here, come down from your little pittyful shell of rhode island and we can sort this out. instead of hiding behind ur little pissy screen where you can make all the remarks and allegations you like to actually see what ive got and then see what the **** you say then.

im fed up of your allegations, stupid remarks and contradictive thoughts......why you search for proxys? why you play emulators? why are you such a dick ????

I could carry ****in on all day, your a burden to this forum.

youve got one thing wrong about me

im no pirater but im a ****in hacker keep being a burden to people within the forums including me then carry the **** on, cuz ive had it with your pathetic piece of ****!!!!!
im suprised the GM's of this site havnt seen what youve been acting like, putting people off from even asking simple questions instead you just waste space.

piss of back where you came from.
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yeah and i just might believe you....yeah right. your talking about spending $250 bucks on a interface to use with your $2000 dollar software...ok

no im on about spending upto with the money ive got at the sec which is $800, thats if i spend it at the sec. my 2 weeks i'll have $1600

so before you start judging and prusuming bout what i do take a step back and understand some people have jobs, some people do feel that pirating is pointless.
i want to be able to get the legit stuff by working for it, not get emu's and play stupid pathetic games......i think you know wot im on about, as that is also called pirating you fool.

at the end of the day your one of these people called 'time wasters' in this forum, yeh i may argue a point but youve come into this thread with unwanted comments which are un-usefull. you fail.

i got advised if i was to start building up my equipment there is no point paying £300 for ****ty software and equipment to just waste more money to upgrade further not that far down the line, which yeh okay even if i get thousands of dollars worth of equipment now at some point i will have to upgrade as companys are always updating and bringing out more software, harware, drivers.
but least ive gone out brought something which i know will be with me for quite a while, the same with my gear. i had a choice to get a carlsbro LE 2x12 + reverb. quite a rare amp, not many made. or a marshall el34 100/100 with 1960a cab, even tho the carlsbro would of cost me $600, cheaper than the $2300 i spent on the amp and cab i chose the marshall with the cab as it was more powerful, better sound as its tube and i know it will be with me for a long time.

stop being envious of others just cause you have nothing to show for.


p.s i brought the carlsbro in the end anyway as its got a nice sound and easy to take round when doin small gigs or to my dads studio.

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you may be able to get a digi 002r for under 400 bucks on ebay.

i may look but i rather have it brand new as then i know ive got warranty and its new, the only thing i would go on ebay for would be the mesa boogie triaxis as they are amazing but quite expensive for what they are. even that i could get one for $4000 which is cheap for that.

p.s please no unwanted / un-neccesary post's, or any which are pointing plaugerism.
ive got the software cheap it was like £900
and i do have the slightest idea wot to use for an interface im just ****in askin for people's advice.......extra brains better than one you douche.
now if you dont mind mark Fuuuck OFF

p.s u can speak....fckin callin me a you know wot the meanin is?
yeh i said behringer originally bcuz of the auto phaser's but yeh i think Chris is right bout either MOTU or M-Audio as they have really good reviews and not too bad on price either. leaves me enough for a bottle of JD or something
ah cheers man
just had a look and the M-Audio seems just perfect for me.....the Fast track ultra USB, i can get it for £206 over maybe the other 200 can got to a new guitar :P ha
or i'll get the MOTU 828mkII and just have £100 spare for new leads ...
thank you chris, so your sayin to keep with nuendo and for an audio interface get either digi 002 / 003 problem with them is they dont have xlr mic inputs?

and yeh i was intending to use the mixer for monitoring along with the speakers.
hello again chris, basically we've got the band together now theres 7 of us :S lol all doin our own thing. erm basically i wanna be able to put down decent quality guitar and vocal tracks without latency. maybe advance at some point with the band recording at once but that will be in the near future when doin a proper mix of a demo.

p.s re-edited previous budget answer with wot i might try and do
well yeh i know i cant afford the mega best but round £400 upfront now money then becomes as much as need when saving up.

i heard mbox are good also ive herad beringer do good interfaces's, at the sec im just lookin to use this.....

sm58 > audio interface > inuendo 3
Guitar > boss gt 8 > interface > inuendo 3
Guitar > boss gt-8 > marshall el34 100/100 > sm58 > interface > inuendo 3

ive got a alesis 8 track usb mixer with 1k pa, could i use the pa speakers as monitors with the mixer?
yeh i was just look at that, the mbox 2. will get it, ive been advised on that for ages but completely forgot bout it. cheers
sm58 is wot most proffesionals use for vox or to put near an amp, either way that mic is very versatile
what sound card is best to buy for recording on a pc..... full duplex dedicated/multimedia....
quick question, i have the alesis 8 track and cubase 4le, and i wanna record 4 tracks.
track 1 - rhythm guitar 1,
track 2 - rhythm guitar 2,
track 3 - lead guitar
track 4 - bass guitar

so i record track 1 with a riff lets say the main riff.
once i finnished i record onto the second track playing harmonies over the main riff off track 1 but....while im recording on track 2 playin the harmonies track 2 seems to be recording what i had originally recorded on track one so the end result is doubled up main riff shared over 2 track while the harmony is being played but it then happens when playing the solo, it seems to be recording whatever is playing in the background while recording.....any suggestions what is happenin?

ah right i will try myself then, cheers anyway.

p.s i dnt mind payin' aslong as i get em
Hey Peeps

im looking for the backing tracks for these songs:
Before i forget
Left behind
Pulse of the maggots

If anyone knows where to get 'em from or how to do it myself then all suggestions welcome

happy new year!
Hey Guyz

im looking for backing tracks for a few slipknot songs mainly left behind and before i forget, all help would be appreciated very much.....including programs to make my own or sites, etc.


i know its reccomended to use stuff like guitar polish etc


if i use mr sheen what are the damages it can cause if any?



p.s guitar is Epiphone LP with a tigers eye finnish
no ur lookin more like 1400usd now as euro is close to sterling and sterling is roughly half of usd value
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I love Metallica, he just likes them too much...

Soo, i love metallica. went to see them at wembley in the uk but man you can never like any band too much hes just showing his dedication and time for the band.

obvious troll is obvious
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I've seen you are too much of a Metallica fanboy.

To contribute: Just plug your guitar into the tuner and tune away. Make suer you've made the proper adjustments

WTF you douche, thats not a problem if he likes metallica, jesus.

unnecessary opinions bout someone else's likes ur dislikes is not needed.

Standard tuning mate E-A-D-G-B-E

to use an electric tuner basically pluck ur thickest string first then work ur way to the thinnest gauge string then move back to ur thinnest to make sure.
if its blown u will hear crackling of noise, its probably not wired right tbh
i used to be in a band from the age of 13 playing guns n roses songs. we gigged outiside school and we supported some quite well known bands in our area. at 13 (14) u will try and make it work, try to take it serious like i did but tbh people around you will either not wanna do that and be put off by it or they wont tell you and they will linger and not do anything. its not untill ur 17/18 u will start to think more clearly of your horizons. altho you will be thinkin bout it all the time till you are at this age.
my advise for you is the more bands u get in that gig, play to an audience then the more experience you get which lessons cant teach you. this will show on stage and when ur older you will get more chances to play with more proffesional people as your experience will show and u will be confident.....anyway back to my dinner.
600 euros = £472 = $770

so theres not much u can really get for that mate, u need 500 to get atleast a decent epiphone, you could get the new Ibanez SAR / RAR check them out, they have the V7's and V'8 from the presitge which are round the £800 marker. it also has something called a 'wizards neck' which improves playing also has a FR which is quite good. but if u play blues aswell, id recomend a les paul i know u said not to recommend but its there as a helpful advise (save a few more up)
you wont be displeased


p.s here is link of the ibanez : (silver) (red)

check em out see what you think, want any more question just pm me, i have one you see.
So after much research into my rack (and from the help of Kevin saale, thank you again) found out that im lacking tone (hence forth - a preamp!)
so im gonna get the Mesa boogie triaxis, the only concern i have is that my el45 100/100 amp generates mega heat so would this effect the triaxis if i put it a few 'U's above......or shall i put it below as the amp has a grill ontop and pushes air up that way i think...
thank you for the link, the only concern that bothers me is that the amp i use generates alot of heat
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The Preamp does sound more aggressive through EL34s like in my Marshall which you will find in the 50 and 100 watt power amps.

so if ive got a el34 100/100
do you recomend an engl pre amp
im a very huge fan of petrucci's sound 'but' wanna create my own sound based on his.......
ah great!
okay thank you

found a great one

looks like great info so i will get my head stuck into that

okay cheers for your help anyway, much appreciated.
least im a step further

so......does anyone know good pre amp's i could use.....or shall i post that on an other thread?
What do you suggest, i have my amp in a flight case and i think i have 4u left on there without my actuall amp over heating (produces alot of heat)
i do this, its loud but not for 200w if ya get me. ive been told i would never use 200w fully but my sound never cuts through on gigs, so im on 4/5 of the way on my amp before i am near distorting my sound.
i think it maybe the gt-8..... :S
its got a triple cosm engine in the proccessor (apprantly) makes no sense to me.
its all been re put in the first post ohms of the amp and cab, i messed up originally.

im not sure it was a year back or so i was 16 at the time so to me sound was everything
sorry question re-wrote

i know nothing of ohms my question in basic terms would be
i expect this amp to be very very loud and its not. and i wonder why ive paid alot of money for something which isnt realli that good....maybe its just me :S theres too much bass quality to it aswell