how the f do u play for like 5 hours?
was like 18 haha, lost my virginity pretty soon after, sucha loser hahaha
Im proud to be a stupid racist Australian!
I'm not so sure about the first part, but we are definitely racist and it's one of the things I absolutely hate about my country.

Since 1939,

To work, to the pub, to the club, to the mall, to the date.

Forever and always, Volleys baby..
Hey, dunno what to do, girl from school(finished 2 years ago) sent me a msg on facebook telling me she liked me and still does. I'm not really attracted to her at all, I just kind of want to bang her, what should i reply. It could also be bullshit considering i've only spoken to her maybe 3 times in the last 2 years, and both times while i was working.
Too many people worry about talent of music, music is for the ears, it isn't a talent show. Music makes you feel certain ways, makes your cringe, makes you cry. Auto tune is the same as some weird guitarist doing stupid shit to make sounds (morello), it adds to the song so why do you care?
Go listen to Lil wayne's right above it, the autotune is great and works so who really gives a shit. You still use guitar effects right?
I need help, I'm trying to find the name of a movie I watched when I was a kid.

I only really have key bits that stuck out at me:

Highschool in 80s, bullys and one main dude

He finds this prune juice stuff in a hole in the wall
It makes him fly or something
It makes girls take off their tops
they have a big party at the end in the school.

Also another horror movie, a school teacher goes into the toilet and gets eaten by a monster that is hiding in the vents, also some guy wakes up in a bed of maggots, it's pretty old too.

If anyone could help, would be awesome, cheers.
llewton Hewitt grew up the suburb next to mine if that counts?
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What I mean by "Guitar Maturity" is, you know when you first star playing you obsess over amps/guitars/effects and shredding/the desire to play "amazing".

You must not buy a BC rich because they're rubbish and only for metal noobs, you must not buy an MG amp because they suck and are for noobs, you must not buy a strat if you play metal because they are shit for metal.

You know when you actually give a shit when someone uploads a terrible video of them selves and you flame him instead of helping or atleast possitive critique. Even when a kid uploads a decent cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, and you call him gay because it's easy.

You must not only play powerchords because that is for metal and noobs and metal noobs. You must learn theory to be able to write music properly or you're wasting your time. You must not seem noob when in guitarshops because shredders are watching your every move.

*At what stage did you pass this, when did you stop being closed-minded about genres and styles, when did you try to help people who want to play better, when did you stop caring about what you played/how you played it and what you played on and just focused on the one reason you started, the love for music.

It's my belief that everyone has gone through this stage and most people on UG are still in it. I've been playing over 3 years and only recently passed this stage a few months ago.

tdLr: When did you stop being a dumb guitarist and focus on music?
Andy Murray played amazing, such a good match.
Grown up for the past 11years(18 now) with stepdad, but was all good with my real dad, saw him few times a year and shit, then he got a girlfriend/had kids(she is awesome) and then moved, and I havn't heard from him in over a year and I can't contact him. I say **** him.
Whats something good a bigger guy could wear? i don't mean massive, but tight clothes won't look good.
I cant wear skinny jeans coz my ass is too big, fact.
this thread sucks, i love you though, call me
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^ Why is that?

My only sex partner is my hand, neither intimate or fun.
This thread makes me feel bad about masturbating, going to sleep miserable tonight
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I'm looking for a list of bands that have dramatically changed styles. Protest the Hero used to be like a hardcore punkish band, now they're a post-hardcore/metal band.

what is the difference between, hardcore punkish and posthardcore metal???
Atleast give up the weed, don't be so stupid, if you(and your girlfriend(WTF??)) are stoned on weed, how the **** do you look after the baby? Don't be such a loser, you should know by now drugs are for losers. You're setting a bad example for your kid, therefore you're a ****ty parents.

Oh and double brackets means serious.

Sorry to be an asshole though, good luck
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fapping isn't so fun when your sick...

Haven't been to school in 4 days, go to bed in the early morning, wake up about 12 - 1pm, trailerpark boys for awhile, guitar, trailerpark boys and the day is done my friend.
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Depends on what bands you're talking about, of course Metallica lost every shred of innovation they had in the 80's.

Metallica aren't the only metal band.
You could just be the big guy of your friends?
Im just wondering what are the copyrights on album titles? Can anyone use the same name for their albums?

Could I release an album called Led Zeppelin IV?

Sort of an example:

Post win?
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this is true, however it's their own lack of knowledge of the components going on their cars that will actually be slowing them down.

The more i think about it, people putting wings onto civics and all the rest brings bad exposure to the "real" import scene.
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^ i was making sure you werent one of those who stereotype ALL import cars with REAL mods made to them. i hate those kind of people

I love Imports, but if someone wants to put a wing on their civic, who cares.
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please, define "rice it out". im very eager to know.

Don't go into man, it will be a flame war.

Nissan S13 Drift Pig!

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all except the corolla. i never liked those. the RX7 was badass though. japan seems incapable of making cars like that anymore though. they used to have things like the 300zx the RX7, skylines, etc. now the best you can do without spending $100 000 is the 370z, and even that thing costs $40 000, yet itll get beaten on the track by a hyundai genesis. We need to get the old japanese designers back in business. all these new guys care about is economy cars and family vehicles.

I agree Mate.
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please don't rice it out. please i beg you. leave it exactly how it. they actually look pretty good stock.

Haha, why do you give a **** what he does to it, he can put a cannon and a turbo into it if he wants to, and a big ass wing if that's what he desires. He won't get the praises from you, but im sure he doesn't give a ****.
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Today I bought a Logitech G25 racing wheel(clutch/H pattern shift/900* turn) for Au$450 out of my savings for a car, and now after using it for two hours i really regret it. The wheel is awesome don't get confused of my intentions, but I really should of kept my money, I'll hardly ever use the wheel.

Now i need ideas on how I can refund it, In South Australia it's the retailers choice whether to refund "change of mind" not law, so that's is a possibility. Any ideas/suggestions? It's JB HIFI for anyone who knows.
Well today i bought a Pepsi Max and nothing more.
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I just sneak off campus everyday and go eat at home or go get fast food.

Must do this, I don't drive, but there's a shop like 200 metres down the road, but we aren't allowed to "wag" and the gate is in clear view.

Im trying to pass this year and not get caught, i dropped out last year and went back and they got me into my final year, so I can't really do this.
I have school is 20 minutes, and my little brother is getting either a hot ham and cheese roll or chicken nugget and mayonaise roll. There's no food here to bring and I have to buy ****ty highschool food, soggy bread.. horrible chicken, every bit of hot food sucks, the sushi is so ridiculous. They only sell "light" drinks which aren't too bad, but still, light!

Why does primary school have the best food damnit, why.

Oh and everything is below standard.

Oh and even their tictacs tatse bad.