what would be a good type of headphones?

Thanks guys great responses so far.
Now i'm going to ask a dumb question:

So basically all I'm going to need is this

and a set of headphones?
Hey UG,

You've never steered me wrong before, I know this won't be a first. Heres the deal:

I'm moving up north (to Iqaluit) and I'm moving into an apartment where the people let me move in basically as a favour so I want to be as little of an annoyance as possible.
Which would be a little difficult since i'm a guitarist, well my mother would say anyways.

What i'm looking for would be a nice little amp that I could play with just headphones on. I wouldn't even want to play it out loud unless nobody was home just out of respect.

There is no budget, just something nice sounding. I'm looking for something to help give me a nice sparking strat sound. I'm gunna buy a strat up there so I'm looking for those nice clean Hendrix tones, Dire Straits, Clapton sounds.

Thanks again!
I signed up for rnbacademy last night and that program really gives you the tools to master the fretboard in a short amount of time if you put in the work. Its 30 bucks, but soo worth it.
Its hard for me to buy used unless its from ebay.

How about that Jackson vs the LTD who wins?
Quote by jpnyc
My 2¢: if you’re on the fence about a tremolo either buy a hardtail or wait until you make up your mind. Don’t buy a guitar with a floating tremolo if you like to change tunings.

As for the model…the most important difference between these guitars is the neck profile. If you don’t already know what you like in a neck then get to a store and try some out. The necks on your list all have thin shredder necks, which seems like a very odd choice for someone who’s happy with a Les Paul.

I know they're thin necks. With the exception of the schecter. From what I hear they have thick necks.

I also own an Ibanez s series. So I am also used to really thin necks. Neck size isn't really an issue.
Hey UG.

After seeing some of the beautiful guitars to come out at NAMM this year I've decided its time for another.

This guitar is going to be for metal only. I bought a 13' Gibson les paul studio last year so I have that to cover the rock n' roll side of my playing.

Heres my criteria:

-Like I said purely a metal guitar
-24 Frets is a must
-I'm not sure if I want a trem or not. Most of the guitars i'm going to list here have trems but most of them come in similar models without the trem. But put it this way I don't want it to be an all day event to put the guitar in drop d for a little bit. Not to experienced with floyds, I only ever had a ZR Trem where I could change tunings as I wanted.
-I don't care about the neck size really. I've played Ibanez guitars for most of my life and recently bought a les paul so I got used to fat necks too. Makes no difference.

I play the usual; Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, All That Remains, Children of Bodom, Protest the Hero and Lamb Of God.

Anyways here are the guitars I found:

Any opinions on this guitars would be great, or suggestions of other ones to look at.

The Killers
Or SLayer,
Or Anthrax
Or Iron Maiden.

I love these things.
Kinda don't agree with this if you're working a low skilled job you should be getting a small wage.

Unless you've done waitressing or haircutting or any job where you tend on the public then you have no idea that difficult it is.

Pleasing the public can be a pretty demanding job and does require skill. People skills, and a high tolerance for bullshit for instance.

The point i'm getting at here is that anyone working these jobs damn well deserve for they get and probably more assuming they put the effort in and do a good job.
I think its the same bridge that's on the mick Thompson guitars.
They used to declare those things in the newspaper. A previous generations facebook.
Checked into it, kinda looks cool.

But they all kinda look cool haha. However I do like this 60 day money back guarantee that's pretty cool.
Hmm i'll check into that too.

I'm considering jamplay, can't remember the cost but I think if I remember correctly its a little on the expensive end.
Thanks crazysam that's actually a really cool resource. Very helpful.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of an online subscription site where I could learn music theory.

I've tried many times and to learn more about music theory however I've been struggling to get anywhere with it. I'm to the point where I'd pay to be able to go through a nice organized resource that laid everything out nicely for me.

I've been playing guitar for 8 years now and I just want to get really good at improvising. I want to know what notes to play over keys, not just knowing shapes (pentatonic box... nobodies more guilty than me lol) but know the note I'm hitting and why i'm hitting it.

Lessons with a real teacher are not possible I live in a small town.
Hey thanks everyone for their takes on this amp.

I've gone with it, I'm gunna pick it up later this month. If its not what I want I'll just exchange it or return it or something.

Sounds like it should be fine, its kinda unfortunate that there aren't as many clips on youtube as there would be if it was a more popular brand.

Thanks again!
Well I made a down payment on the ycv50 now i'm just hoping its good!
Thanks for the response guys.

@jthm the tube screamer would probably help give it that pinch more gain lol.

Its funny the difference in opinion though eh. I read one review where they say they sold the amp because it was just too loud haha.
what about a black star ht club 40?
Nah hardly any used market, and if you buy used you might have to drive that far that you're not even saving any money lol.

I listed the heavy bands as an extreme basically, but a nice clean and good led zeppelin bluesy sound is more important.
That's not a modelling amp its a tube amp isn't it?... I hope i'm not losing it.

Also I think the dark terror is too heavy.

L&M is basically my only option because I'm from a very small province.
Hey guys, sorry to make this thread but I need some advise.

Basically, I've been playing for like 8 years... On a Cube 15x lol. I'm exhausted with this awful tone. I wanna start playing small gigs every now and then, or maybe even make cover songs on youtube.

The heaviest thing I play would be Lamb of God, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden however if I'm going to be gigging I need something really versatile, so from what I've heard maybe putting an Ibanez tube screamer infront of this would give me what I want.
The amps natural distortion should cover the rest.

If someone has any better solutions for not a penny more then 899.00 from Long and Mcquade I'd be interested.

My other question is this going to be too loud for bedroom playing. If I play it at a low volume it should be okay eh?

Thanks in advance guys.
Just wondering if I could get a metal tone out of something like the traynor ygl2.

Heaviest thing I player is megadeth and some lamb of god, but LoG isn't even that distorted. I kinda just need an amp that will do everything.
If I had a guitarcenter I wouldn't even make a thread :/ I only have a long and mcquade two hours ago.
I really like this dsl idea.

I love you guys
I'm looking to start gigging, in bars around town nothing to fancy.

I'd probably be playing stuff like:

Foo Fighters
Kings of Leon
The Killers
Pearl Jam

Stuff like that. Just want something that's going to sound really good. I don't want to spend anymore then 1000 before taxes. I'm also not too sure what to get cause I've only bought 1 amp before even though I've been playing for years. Guide me UG!

I'm looking for something that can handle bands like:

Foo Fighters
Kings of Leon
The Killers
Pearl Jam

Those types of bands. Not my primary favourite bands but if I want to start gigging around here that's probably the stuff I'd be playing.
I don't want to spend anymore then 1200 before taxes.

I was thinking something like a Fender Strat HSS, I haven't played too many strats I'm not sure what I can get out of them. Judging from famous musicians who use them it should be just fine but I need UG's input before I make any decisions!

Thanks in advance guys
Wow its hard to buy instruments in Newfoundland.

What do you guys think of traynors?
I was looking for just a combo.

I really like the look of the 6505 I'm checking out some sound clips now and Its pretty cool. Unfortunately for me I can't really go used because I don't live in a big enough town for that.

Anyone have any experience ordering from sweetwater before? I never used that sight and I honestly don't know where on the island of Newfoundland I'd have to go to check on out haha.

I appreciate the help guys.
I'm sorry I'm making another what to buy thread, but I find them good because UGers always seem to give good advice (I stay out of the pit)

Okay here goes...

Budget - 500-600 I can't go past 600.

Genras of music I play - Metal mainly. Most importantly as well. I'd like to do something that could get a foo fighters esque tone too. Mainly rock/hard rock/metal.

The heaviest music I play would be Lamb of God CoB but mainly Metallica and Megadeth.

I would prefer to go new because I live in Newfoundland and all the towns are far away from each other.

I'd also like for it to be loud enough to be heard over a drum set but right now I don't do any gigs.

Currently I own an Ibanez S 470 and a Roland Cube.

Also wanted an opinion on the Line 6 spider iv 150's it doesn't look bad I know a lot of people here really hate spiders I was just wondering if the iv's are better.

Thank you.
Well when it comes to playing that particular intro solo if you're having a hard time nailing that after 2 years maybe you are a little slow. I remember getting that down a few months into playing. When I started learning to play I played sooo much though.

With that in mind, maybe you're a better rhythm player though or maybe you're stronger in different areas or maybe you don't practice enough.

I think the important thing is to not care about it.
I've got a couple friends and they just smoked double. A lot from the e-cig, and more regular cigarettes besides.
Okay I've been playing for years and I've have been partying for years; enough to know when to break out the acoustic and when not to.

It just needs to be done right and its fine. It depends on the crowd as well and the location. Do you know all these people well? If yes are they the type of people that would like to sit down and listen to a few tunes. If you don't know the people well what kinda situation is it? Is there a group of people passing around the guitar playing a few tunes or what? If I didn't know the people well unless asked I wouldn't be the one to start playing.

Also from experience the only way this works is if people will sing along with you. Listening to someone play and sing alone is great for a song (if you're asked to play) then its boring and annoying background noise. A great time to play would be around a fire pit or something ya know, not a big crowded house party unless thats what they like haha.

As for songs again it depends on the crowd, the more experience you have playing the more songs you know so when you get comfortable you can be like hey, what do you guys wanna hear and hopefully you can bang out whatever they want. I've got friends that wanna hear things like Basket Case or When I Come Around by Green Day and I've got friends that will ask for some country or 90's rock like Matchbox 20 or Pearl Jam. So if you know the crowd you'll be playing for then it would be great to brush up on a few appropriate tunes for the situation.

Some songs that I find go over good:
3am, push, if your gone - Matchbox 20
Jumper - Third Eye Blind
When I come around, basket case, brain stew, - green day
Hasn't hit me yet - Blue Rodeo
What I've got, santeria - Sublime
You don't know how it feels, free fallin, won't back down, - Tom Petty (almost any tom petty song really lol)
Folsom Prison blues - Johnny Cash (same goes for johnny cash most everyone knows the words)
If you're playing for a bunch of girls I like to play some City and colour or John Mayer esque stuff. Usually does the trick!

Bit of a short list but right now I can't think of anymore but post them when I do.

Last bit of advice - do not hog the guitar if someone else knows how to play. Hope I helped!
Arif Mirabdolbaghi from Protest the Hero.

He is an excellent bassist. Incredible live too! Never misses a note.
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Seriously, it's gonna take a couple readthroughs just to fully digest the wealth of information

Yeah its a real plethora of information.

Seriously dude, you can go on youtube and find countless visual tutorials. In order to have a website like that you gotta try to reinvent the wheel. We know you're trying to help though!
I can not get over how in depth this was!?
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If they can't give a sign, you let them live. Just because it's a hard life doesn't mean everyone is willing to die. You can't make that assumption. You're imposing your personal view on theirs and overriding the fact that what you want may not be what they want. To some people, life is always worth living, through thick and thin.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Although of course it depends on how bad the handicap is.

If you take someone who can't even think whats the point man? Its cruelty.
I don't mean that its ok to go around killing anyone slightly handicapped however in some cases its just the humane thing to do.

How do you feel if the person gave it the ok?
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Until they consent to it or give some sign that it is what the want, then let them live. You can't kill someone on the assumption that they would want to die.

What if they can't give you a sign? Who would be happy with getting fed everyday? You need to use the bathroom? Do it in your pamper. Just cause its the hard thing to do doesn't mean its not right.

Well, in my opinionated mind.

But! Of course you ask first, and if they are fine with their situation more power to um!
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But that's a rather selfish approach, because you are focusing on your own feelings rather than acknowledging that not everyone feels the same away about certain situations, this thread being evidence of that fact.

Well what would you want?

I ask that cause I think most everyone would want the same thing.
Well the way I look at it personally, is what would you want if you were that person?

Personally I'd rather be dead.