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better this than the Jonas Brothers winning it (and don't think they won't, just because there are artists on the list).

I took out the better. Sorry i'll stop trying to be funny now.
ultimate guitar.
hmm seems bias
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Obviously not. Use the search bar. There are at least a dozen of these threads made every day.

Oh. Sorry. Asshole.
haha seriously. I searched around a few minutes before making this thread too,.
Thoughts on this amp? How much does it go for, canadian. I'm looking for somthing around 400$
I play metal, punk and a little classic stuff.
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ew get a tan and grow some tits

Your a dick.
So heres the deal. I have an ibanez 260fm guitar. with stock pickups. And i don't really like them that much. I'm getting a marshall mg 30 maybe 50. so thats what its running through. Right now i have a piece of crap amp. I want to replace the neck pickup and the bridge humbucker. I don't care how much it costs and i'm thinking about either EMG's or Dizmarios.
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Posting motivational posters is NOT ok.

Demotivational facepalm. And if thats not ok, maybe I should run all my posts by you just to make sure i'm up to your standards.
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That's the reason they call it a glitch.

Yea but it seems its there by mistake. So i was wondering why they put it in there at first and got rid of it again.
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because you touch yourself at night

Yea, whats your pointl?
I'm looking for a pokemon master to answer this question for me, in the games pokemon red blue and yellow there is a glitch where you can catch a mew. I've caught it myself. My question is, why wasn't it put in the game as something you were supposed to catch instead of a glitch.
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this is the stupidest idea the makers of guitar hero have come up with. guitar hero with drums as well. guys let rock band keep that tradition and you stick to guitars only please.

For one thing its going to be an awesome game.
And if what you said was true, then rock band shouldn't have came with a guitar. Guitar hero used different ideas for the drums and I think it will be better.
Ibanez - Izzy.
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well i just dont really know any facts

tis just my opinion really

a rather dunkn opinion but who cares.

i would rather i had a parent who was an alcoholic then a pothead

Sorry, I don't speak retard.
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He didn't say most tragic, because, sick or not, the Holocaust did SUCCEED in its goal.

A big fail would be the Great Leap Forward in China.

Yes. But overall, wouldn't you consider the Holocaust a fail thing to do?
And, for anyone that has been here a while, UREH UREH UREH Vincent745. Epic-est fail in the world.
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Hurt my back, dude, I guess I'm oddly flexible.

Hahaha cheers mate
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Sucked my own dick.



Don't kid yourself, its not that big.
One - Metallica (Live 1989)
Blackened - Metallica (Live 1989)
I love watching live performances.
Son of a bitch.
almost 100 views and no takers lol.
I was wondering if someone could tab green days live version of this.
Now stop laughing. I thought it was a good cover. I"m thinking about starting a band and i only wanna play a simple version. I'd love to do hendrix's version but sorrrry I'm no hendrix can't sing and play like that. Playing isn't the problem, its throwing vocals in their too.
Thanks in advance. and if someone actually does it and it doesn't get accepted or something, please pm me with what you came up with.
Man you should let your girlfriend out of her cage more often.
And that bitch told you to stop masturbating... Maybe she belongs in her cage.
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i remember when i was young, i was a game boy Pokemon junkie. And there were episodes of pokemon in which say ashs bulbasor fought a blastoise and won(i dont think it happened, but stuff along those lines). I always said it was impossible becouse lastoise was at least level 45 and that bulbasor was under 15...

Push the B button dumbass it will stop it from evolving.
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I made this more win for you.

Haha, Cheers mate
To be a Pokèmon master.
That picture is actually horrible.
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Most people on forums don't prefer sleep.

EDIT: You die faster without sleep than without water.

That is all.

No. You'd go insane within a few days. However you wouldn't die as fast as your would without water.
I thought it was bad in 06. Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, 08 is horrible. the pit has indeed changed me. For the worst of course.
He has no idea what he just done...
is there any chance that its going to change?
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shoot her. that'll stop her right in her tracks.

Wow great opinion, asshole.
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1.) Kill Boss
2.) Empty Register
3.) ????????
4.) Profit!

*starts very sarcastic slow clap.*
At least they won't flash you halftime. Like a certain somebody did.
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green day probably dont know how to use effects

IT took you awhile to come up with that didn't it?
Underoath maybe? They have some pretty heavy stuff.
I've had trouble getting mine to load. it used to be bubbles from the trailer park boys.
7/10. i think i've seen that somewhere

But to slayedintheface (or something)
Yea. metallica.... Where have i heard of that to. Death something. Ummm Magenta?
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