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Your opinion is noted and promptly ignored. Zaph's right on the money.

If you practice something over and over again, you get good at playing that thing. Practicing scales appears to have a different effect because a lot of music (especially faster music) tends to contain fragments of linear scales, which you've practiced to the point that playing them is no trouble.

I can generally alternate pick some complex lines at around 10 notes per second, but when I'm doing simple minor scales straight up and down, I can eke out around 14 notes per second. That's because (1) I've practiced scales a fair bit and (2) linear scale patterns are really simple as far as fingering and picking go.

There is no such thing as "lead alternate picking", only alternate picking (it's the same mechanic regardless of context or string). Of course practicing those songs made you a better guitarist and improved your alternate picking, but you'll see the most improvements in things that are most similar to the songs you've learned and the least improvement in things that are unlike the songs you've learned. For example, more Slayer songs will come to you rather easily, but Shawn Lane-style licks might still elude you.

All of that said, congrats. Hitting the bigger numbers on the metronome is always a good feeling.

Opinion is noted and ignored? Lmao you might not agree with him and I might not agree with him but get off your high horse you jerk stain.

However like you said, alternate picking is alternate picking whatever string or fret you're playing on.
traynor blues are badass!
Economy picking just doesn't sound or flow as good.
I was over 2 years into playing before I knew what alternate picking was, economy picking just came natural. Then I was playing with my cousin and he told me about alternate picking. Holy crap what a difference. It makes everything soo much more, well, flowey.

It will definitely help your speed but its going to take awhile to break the habit. Slow steady concentrated practice. Working on some scales would help.
hahaha name 1 thing in your daily life that isn't controlled by the government.
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Why the hell does everyone refuse to alternate pick through stuff like this?...yea alt picking is hard...I suspect most are either coop-outs to lazy to put in the time to develope optimal picking technique...or are Hetfield wannabe's...he's not even that great of a guitarist...he cant improv/solo/alternate pick/sweep/ect...all day long he's just down picking open E-strings and playing power chords

u d u d u d u d u...ect not that tricky

You sound like such a snob.

You can not tell me MoP doesn't sound better strictly downpicked. listen to Dream Theaters version of it; few guitarists can alternate pick better then John Petrucci however it doesn't sound half as badass as when Hetfield plays it.

Also, since when did technical ability determine whether or not you are a good guitarist? Hetfield is amazing at what he does, catchy riffs that make you bang your head.

Two words, Damage Inc.
Just a thought but why not buy a guitar thats no a sig. They're just soo overpriced because they have a name on them. Just a thought though.
i'm not feeding you, troll.
Hey Dave Mustaine used to shoot heroin into his arms and he can play pretty good!

I know you're just trolling. If you are I guess you never heard Heartbreaker before.
^^^^ Schneider has been disgustingly dumb with the puck tonight. I kinda think not playing luongo was the wrong move.
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If it aint broke, don't fix it
because sods law, you'll do something silly.

But doing it yourself is pretty easy.
Intonation is easy to do and hard to mess up.
Same with string height (If you feel the need)
Not really much else to do.

This. Completely. If you don't know what you're doing don't mess with it. I'm speaking from experience lol.
Ok thanks for the sugggestions. I'm not too worried about going a bit over 2k as long as it gets the job done for a long ass time
I've only been to the one that was out on Stavanger Drive.

Wheres the music city one located?

Oh to the amp questions i'm getting a new amp too and I play on spending 2 grand on that too. I currently just have a little roland 15x. And an Ibanez s470dxqm.
I'm from the Clarenville area a couple hours from town.

Thanks for the replies.
Hey there,

I'm going to admit something now. I don't know jackshit about guitar amps after 4-5 years of playing. 2 years ago I upgraded my amp... And bought a Roland 15x XD

ok,ok all laughter aside, within the next couple years I'm going to be making some real money so definitely going to make another upgrade to the old 15x.

I play matal. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Children of Bodom, All That Remains. I also like playing Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns n' roses. However metal is way more important.

I highly doubt I'll be performing, but I'd just love to have a nice amp that sounds good at home and could do a small gig if something every changed. For what I'm willing to spend it should be a problem.

I'm looking to spend up to 2000$

Thanks in advance
Hey there,

Sorry to make another one of these threads, but I'm lonely, with nobody else to turn to. Help please

So I'm going to school next year, and its a 1 year long course. As soon as I get out, I'm finally going to make some real money. I know I'm asking pretty early and the reason for that is where I live there aren't many guitar stores around. Its a 2 hour drive just to get to the closest shitty one lol.

So here's my criteria.

-Price: around 2000$ Canadian

-I play mainly metal. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God,
All That Remains. However occasionally I like to play some classic rock like Led
Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Guns n' Roses. Metal is the main focus however.

-Frets: 24. Has to be 24.

-Wood: Whatever is going to give me a good metal tone.

-Fretboard has to be rosewood or ebony. I can't stand maple ones.

-Tremolo- Has to be great. For 2000 I'm sure it will be.

-Shape, either a V, explorer, or a standard strat shape. No les pauls shapes.

And thats pretty much it. Now, i know the standard response I'm bound to get: "But bubbles, if you're spending 2000 dollars you should know what you want". Ok, and I appreciate your response but I'm just looking for some ideas. Obviously I've looked at many guitars.

Thank you in advance.
Ugh **** man I love metal gear solid. I especially love the online mode. I still play mgo2 A LOT. I've gotten very good at it over my year and a half playing it.

FYI The servers are down now because kojima is conserving energy for Japan. We don't know when they'll be back up . Poor Japan though.
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18 in Alberta and another province (Ontario?)

I don't think its Ontario, maybe Quebec? I should know these things off hand lol.

As for our bodies not being developed, they say alcohol has very bad effects on an undeveloped body, which is why if a women even drinks a small amount of alcohol while pregnant the baby is at a high risk of having adnormalities.

But damn, 21 seems a little drastic there man.
Come to canada bro, 19 here.
Different megadeth songs, trying to make some things perfect like Holy Wars by Megadeth
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The record companies are doing fine, it's the bands that suffer. If anything you should download the album and go to the bands website and make a donation via paypal or something of that sort in the amount of the album. Cut out the middleman.

I like having CD's though. I like collecting them. Plus in 20 years if i have a kid of my own i can sit him down, pull out some CD's and be like "yeah this is the shit your old man was into"
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I'll never understand why people will illegally download an album and then buy it later. It doesn't make it any less illegal.

I don't care about the illegal part. It's kind of like borrowing cause I do pay them back. I own a lot of cd's because of limewire/utorrent, if everyone did that the industry wouldn't be on life support.
Wow guys thanks. Amazon is great.
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Any fucking place on the net, what's wrong with you?

Well. some places might be cheap. Some places might be faster. Some places might have deals.

Hostile 12 year olds

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
CD's from online?

Side note- (I buy CD's after i download. Can't afford to buy stuff i don't like.)
You couldn't be more wrong ^. Technically all bands were great.

What is up with all the hate on this forum? What are you guys 10 years old?
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James Hetfield doesn't have the range he used to, so that's why they did this.

It was pretty disappointing to be honest. I skipped to fade to black to play along and all i get is this tuned down stuff :/
lol, just my opinion man.
I just watched it. And i have to say it was pretty sick. Great to see all those amazing bands together.

My only problem with it, and don't get me wrong i love metallica, but why the hell did they tune their guitars 1/2 a step down. I hate the way it sounds tuned down. Blahh
Respect should be given until the person gives you a reason not to respect them.
Megadeth . Dave Mustaine/Chris Broderick/Al Pitrelli/Chris Poland/Marty Friedman/Jeff Young... I think thats it.
San jose is going to win. The avs are just getting lucky and anderson is playing badass.

I'm going for Detroit though... Don't know how far that will get me.
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comfort is subjective. I'm a fan of a wider neck, my hand tends to cramp playing thin ones. If you prefer a slim neck, then yes, the Ibanez is going to be preferable to the Jackson.

Exactly what he said. I'd play a toothpick if i could so ibanez necks are for me.
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At least give a reason why.

I'd recommend trying out a few Ibanez first, then deciding for yourself. Decide what your needs are too, if you're into Hetfield and Slash, a Les Paul could be the way to go. If you're etching more into lead playing a floyd rose can be very useful learning other people's styles.

Just my 2 cents. Guitars can be pretty subjective, I can't stand Jackson (don't flame me) they just don't feel comfortable to play. A lot of people hate Ibanez necks because they're very thin, but I love that so it works for me.

Try and look used too, I got a great deal on my S.

I agree with this guy. My S470 dxqm is a pretty sick guitar
Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Rise To Remain, Fall Out Boy , Children of Bodom, HIM, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, Mutiny Within, You Me At Six

Which band doesn't belong at all?

Bed of Razors by Children of Bodom is a fun to jam to.
I love live music. Much more emotion into it.
that first solo so going to be challenging no matter if you have a teacher or not... A teacher can't give you the skill. You have to develop it.
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Well, screams aren't death growls, so it looks like you're in the clear

Lol yes, you're right.
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Most of it? Nearly all of the first wave thrash is in E Standard I think, although the German bands went down to D that early I think.

I'm still weary about calling Sylosis a thrash band, still one hell of a good band though, try some of their stuff.

Yeah, I love the thought of thrash metal, just don't know much about it outside "the big four"
I thought exodus used d standard?