Hey guys,
I was wondering if you guys could list out some Thrash Metal bands that use E STANDARD.

I already listen to Metallica (early) and Megadeth but i'm just looking for something new. I'm fine with screaming as long as it isn't death growls.

Thanks in advance!
Anything else?
nah man its not masturbation i'm not that big :P

Hey guys, I'll start by saying that I don't know if this is in the wrong section or not.

Today I was playing guitar and after about 30 minutes I noticed every time I slide a note down my wrist hurts. This isn't the first time I noticed this. When I learned the riff in Sleepwalker by Megadeth where the power chord is slid back and forth my wrist started hurting bad. Today I was playing Kick the Chair and the small slides from 0 to 3 is what flared the pain in my wrist up. Sometimes I have random wrist pains but its always in my fretting hand.

The way ways my hands hurt are:
- if i hold out my arm and rotate from palm up to palm down.
- It i have my out palm up make my hand go on an angle pointing towards the body of the guitar. (i hope that makes sense.)
- If I make a fist then my wrist feels real tense.
-palm down and making my hand point on an angle away from the body of the guitar hurts as well.

And sometimes it just randomly hurts weather i play guitar or not.

Soo.. What does this sound like. Diagnose me :P
Thanks in advance.
Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies. Excellent song.
Find someone else.
I just bar on the b and e 12... It works for me. Just make sure the note on the B don't ring out too much.
I disagree with kirky boy... how often do you downpick on the high e...
Just learn different riffs like the ones in Master Of Puppets or Blackened. Start slow and build up slowly.
Learned... Whats next?
Quote by Lewadra
Well, it would probably be extremely difficult to try and slip the pickup past the strings without cutting any. Afterall, it is fairly large and the space between strings n body rather small.
Eh, who says you have to put the same old strings? Buy a fresh new pack of strings (guitar strings arent expensive) and put them onto your guitar when you get rid of the pickup.
Succesful operation + fresh new strings = double win.

Lol i didn't mean old strings. But wouldn't i have to do something with bridge? I was told not to take them all off at once.
Thanks alot for your help btw. The finnish ARE awesome lol. (Alexi Laiho ftw)
i lowered it as much as possible... Well my dad lowered it for me. (he knows nothing about guitars but he knows lots about handyman type crap lol) He said it wouldn't go any further.

Also would i be able to do it with strings on. If i took all the strings off wouldn't it be difficult to get them back on.
Hey guys i got an Ibanez s470 DXQM When i use the tremolo my low e string sticks to the magnet on the middle pick up. So I lowered it but it still isn't much better.

I figured I might as well remove it because I NEVER use it. I don't know why I bought it because it is a waste. Also sometimes I hit it with my pic with can be annoying. So my question is, how do i remove it?

Thanks in advance.
Hell I i've been trying to sell mine for 200 canadian and its only a year old.
With that trem if you use it, it IS going to go out of tune. Those kind of trems suck. I have an SA 260 FM as well. Thats a really nice finish mine is the pupleish one.

I'd try and get some more money taken off of it too. Thats a lot of money for one used that long. Pm me if you want any more info.
To be honest with you... Just save up more money. I've bought 2 Ibanez guitars for around 650, another about 800. I haven't been completely satisfied with either of them. Get a prestige Ibanez and you'll never have to buy another guitar.
Alright so i tried the pliers. and i just couldn't turn the screw. I have no idea what to do.
I'll PM you a picture tomorrow. Maybe you'll know. Its pretty minor it just won't accept the allen wrench. It almost looked like i could get pliers and use those but I don't wanna mess it. And to be honest I'm from a small town. Only one person I know could do anything with it but in a way he'd only be taking a shot in the dark just like me.

Yeah i'm pretty sure it was the posts because they were on both sides of the trem.
Hey UG.

I hope this is the right place to ask this so here it goes. I got an ibanez s470 for christmas. It is the first guitar I've owned with a tremolo system so I'm a trem noob. Don't know much about them. But i searched how to lower the action and figured it didn't seem to hard so I tried. This is where it went wrong however, I turned it left and where the allen wrench went in cracked off a little bit.

Its very hard to explain. Its not really the screw that broke its just the half of the head of the screw that allows the allen wrench do its job. So my question is... what the hell do i do with it now lol. The other screw worked perfect however. Sorry if I didn't do a good job explaining my problem

Thanks for any help/tips.
Welcome to UG!

To be honest, you don't need to get very much of your thumb over the E string. Its a pretty easy string to fret. Maybe you could try and position your hand differently. I'm just taking a shot in the dark so hopefully it helped.
Newfoundland Canada. That is a joke to us lol. :P .
I got a drop b question too... Why use it?
Just kidding.
I can play master of puppets. but i can't play one. So go with that. fun solo too!
I hate to do this. But i need more opinions.
yeah i'm not that fond oh the color. The blue moon burst is sickkk. I wish i was getting that.
Hey UG i was looking for some opinions on this guitar, i think it would make a cute little Christmas present.

the specs are:

neck type 3pc Wizard II Maple neck
body Quilted Maple top/Mahogany body
fret Jumbo frets
bridge ZR bridge w/ZPS2
neck pu INF1 (H) neck pu
middle pu INFS1 (S) mid pu
bridge pu INF2 (H) bridge pu
hardware color Cosmo Black

Neck Dimension

Scale 648mm/25.5"
a : Width at Nut 43mm
b : Width at Last Fret 56mm (at 21 F)
c: Thickness at 1st 19mm
d : Thickness at 12th 21mm
Radius 400mmR
A dean les paul copy. It was like led.
Quote by music_mike
I second the Flextone. I don't agree with the Spider Valve because to me it doesnt sound that great. I have played them and am not bandwagon-ing and I just dont like their general tone.

On top of the Flextone you could also look at the Bugera V-22/V-55, if you can wait a little bit the new 6505+ 112 combo will be out, or a B-52 At-112.

But I would honestly say wait until the end of this month then try out the 6505 112... I think that might be right up your alley and its right at $600, so...

Great because I'm not buying anything for maybe 4 or 5 months.
Hey UG.

I'm looking to buy a new amp in the near future and I plan on putting a lot of thought into whatever amp I decide on.

I don't know a whole lot about amps. But I want something better then the Roland Cube 15x I have right now. I play mostly metal like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. On the odd occasion I'll play some All That Remains or Children of Bodom but nowhere near as often as I play the other bands mentions. I'd also like an amp that could do Bands like Led Zeppelin or Guns n' Roses. But ofcourse the first bands mentioned are most important.

I don't want to spend more then 500 or 600 dollars. I don't want to buy a used one either.
When it comes to solid state vs. tube, I don't care, as long as it sounds good.
Also I wouldn't say I'd be doing any gigging but it would be nice to have something powerful enough to play a small show miced or whatever.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have a Ibanez s470 dxqm if it helps any.
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Hey pit, I'm looking for the weird picture of Dave Mustaine where he is frowning and his eyes seem spread out and he looks stupid.

Impossible! Dave Mustaine has never looked stupid before.
I have a D7. I love it, but the sound is very mellow.
I'll go with the over suggested but still awesome Classical gas. Preferably claptons version
Did anyone tab this after?
Quote by Aditya_ram
Thanks, you can check out my other covers (Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth) if you want to. I have tried out a 15Watt Roland Cube and it wasn't heavy enough. Then again, I was playing it on a Squire.

My Roland 15x is actually really good for thrash metal.
Quote by konfyouzd
no i mean to stop the notes all at once roll it all the way off really fast. this will give you time to completely stop the strings from vibrating, roll it back up, and do what you need to do. or you could mute it w/ both hands. depending on how much gain you use it's going to be quite difficult to completely stop the vibration the the string IMMEDIATELY w/o making some kind of noise. volume knob, volume pedal or killswitch. these are the things that will achieve what you're asking.

In this song you would have to be sick with the volume knob. I'm going to try using both hands, i'm having trouble coordinating it.

Irishman that seems to be working. Thanks man. I have Irish blood in me to by the way.
Keep suggesting though.
I had it on ten but just then i turned it down some. The ring wasn't as loud but it was still there. Thanks for the advice.
I'm learning Leper Messiah, and you know that little bit before the verse where he plays F#5 and then stops the note. Well everytime I play that and stop i get this harmonic ring from the E string.

I stop the note but letting my fret hand relax and in other places when i do the same it works fine. So could someone tell me how to fix this, maybe with a new technique for stopping the notes.
I have an Ibanez 260 FM if that helps any.
its a great thread great organization. But it needs more songs.
Now thats the main thing thats drawing me to it to be honest. Love the black. I played it and I don't know what sounds good and what doesn't to be honest. I thought it was pretty good.