Saw it in the store the other day and i wanted to know what you guys thought. Maybe it'll make a good christmas present.
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Demonoid is free.. and if I don't use Demonoid I use torrentscan(great site.)

Really? I thought you had to pay a small fee or something? I never checked into it. I assumed that if it was free why would the TS just sign up instead of asking for someone elses.
I'll give torrentscan a go see if I like it.
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Demonoid is a private torrent site, yeah sure the most public one there is but I have never even gotten an email, just stick with their own torrent stay clear of external. Besides demonoid is a stepping ground for the true private torrent sites which are always by invite only and you must meet a monthly seed ratio.

Well scrapetorrent gives me results from the main torrent sites. I've not yet been unable to download something because of Demonoid. I've never got a single email, or virus. And i download a lot of crap. So why not go use something free?
....In my day we used a free site. Christs sakes.
Not sure if this has anything to do with anything but I was playing MGO online, and i think when it was loading the end of a game I turned if off by mistake, and I said well the hell with it and didn't turn it back on. So i went upstairs and I couldn't get on any websites.
Plugged it straight into the modem and it works fine. Sooo... What the hell have I got done lol?

Oh and I'm computer retarded as well.
Part of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Fake plastic trees is what the title reminded me of.
Actually, i think its pretty good. I don't know what you could play that people wouldn't consider cliche. Do cigarettes and alcohol by oasis, perfect for a bar.
shut your *****s mouths, its all crazy talk.
I guess thats all the practice you get.
I got an ibanez SA 260FM. Cost me about $650 canadian. If i were you i'd get that online. you could easily get it cheaper somewhere. Pretty good guitar.
a nice oasisy sound. Just looking for some ideas where i can get that sound without breaking the bank.
i'm looking to spend no more then 1,100. That sustainiac seems pretty cool too. I could probably get metallica out of it too.
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Hmmm i really like that DK2S
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Hey, you never know until you try. I was like that two or three years ago, and these days music just doesn't come brutal enough for me anymore.

Give Opeth a shot sometime. Their album Watershed has the least growling (except Damnation, but that isn't a metal album) and it's just a very good album in general.

Oh i've listened to a few opeth tunes. Its just not for me lol.
thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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I smelled Savatage and came rushing into this thread.

Halo's post is the best so far. Once you're satisified with all this, maybe you'll want to try some death metal. You're best bet for that, assuming you're put of by growling vocals, is Opeth, because they use both AMAZING cleans and growls. Cynic's album Focus may also be a good album to listen to for learning to like growls, too. Once you get used to growling, if you do, I'd reccommend trying out some old school death metal, like Death or Morbid Angel.

I don't see myself getting into growling lol. But i'll check out hte bands he posted.
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In that case, just look at the entire bottom part of my previous post

thanks man. Gunna download first and if i like the stuff I'll go buy the album.

Forgot to mention i definitely plan on picking up some pantera.
i like judas priest, motorhead, sabbath. those are other bands i like.
but when it comes to underground metal i have no clue.
Hey metal forum. First time poster in this forum i think.
I'm trying to get a good collection of metal albums. So far I have:
-Master of Puppets - Metallica
-Kill 'em All - Metallica
-Ride The Lightening - metallica
-...and justice for all -metallica
-Iron Maiden - You guessed it iron maiden
- Number of the beast - iron maiden
- Rust in peace - Megadeth.

What albums should i buy next. as for musical taste i just want great metal albums.
Jeez you kinda sound like modest mouses singer. can't remember his name for the life of me. Must be a huge influence. I really like your songs!
watched reign over me and i recommend that as well. very very good movie.
What do you guys thinkg of the ibanez s5470?
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I'd go with a jackson... but if you are spending that much money u shouldn't be asking what guitar to get... If you can't figure it out you prolly shouldn't be getting such an expensive guitar.

ok sorry for asking for sugestions.

I have a Cube 15x. Yes i know its ****. for christmas i'm getting a traynor blue tube amp. But the guitar comes first even though i know amps are most important.
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Maybe a custom Carvin with a Pickup swap.

what do you think of your guitar?
Am I the only one that thinks that the Ibanez Prestige guitars are a little ugly?
Seems everyone likes the soloist lol.

^^^^ i don't buy gibson guitars. Overpriced.
I'm planning on buying a new guitar. Was thinking about the Ibanez RGT6EXFX asked around here and people said that if i was willing to spend that much I could get something better.

So i'm open to suggestions. Preferably from Ibanez or Jackson. I don't like Schectors not even C1 Hellraisers.
I play stuff like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron maiden, Guns n roses, Led Zeppelin. I want 24 Jumbo frets. Low action, thin neck, Really good metal pickups. (2 humbuckers.emgs maybe?).
I want. neck through body, no bolt ons. I;m not sure if i want a trem or not. If the guitar has one then it has to be very good not crap thats going to fall out of tune ever time its used. Or thats going to break after a little use.
And thats pretty much it i think. It would be nice if it came in black red or white too :P

Thanks in advance.
Ps i live 2 hours away from a store that carries jacksons. Don't tell me to try what i can't.
Yes i know i'm picky too btw. But i want to make sure I like what i buy. thanks!
Don't they have floating bridges? Thats what mine has. Don't buy one with a floating bridge for christs sakes.
Nah Don't really like Jacksons SLS'.
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Bubbles, what's your max price?

I really don't wannt go over 1500 taxes in. Canadian.
Good point stabyou. I don't want a trem. Really want something neck through body.
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a tiny bit thicker than an Ibanez neck, but not too much, about 19.5mm and similarly shaped. Nice playing guitars, them.

I haven't put a whole lot of thought into trems. But i guess it doesn't get any better then a floyd rose?
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Yep, active EMG's. That being said, I'd look at a Jackson DKMGT at that price, if just to try it.

They aren't huge, they're just not the size of a toothpick. About 21mm thick, so a little thinner than an Epiphone neck and a flat U shape.

Those DKMGT's look prettttty sick. How big are jackson necks really?
Hey lunchbox I've heard that the necks are huge on schecters.
What is UG's thoughts on this guitar.

I want to know what you people think of the bridge mainly. And are those Active EMGs?
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as i lay dying - the sound of truth

She never loved me - the vines.
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Granted but it's 10 times smaller than the first one

I wish I didn't have to sleep

Granted but you are fully paralyzed for 8 hours a night.

I wish i had guitar skillz.
2-0 philly thats what i like to see.