jacksons nice. And I love randy rhodes but no V's.
Thats a nice one pat.
Thoughts on this: ?
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Or that might suit you better, the only difference is the finish and it's in black which is what you wanted anyway.

Thats really good too man. Wasn't fond of the Sea green stuff but it was a great guitar.
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Thanks man. Great suggestion.
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See previous post douche bag.

What do you guys think of this? I'd be willing to pay over a grand for this.
[quote="'xjosheex :['"]why dont you just go to a guitar shop?
find one you like.
and quit being a bitch.

Looking for help, and knowing what I want in a guitar doesn't make me a bitch. Besides there is only one shop around and they only really sell Ibanez and Dean. So I have to drive 2 hours to get any selection. soooo.
Quit being a bitch, bitch.
Ok this summer I'm selling my current guitar and am buying a new one.

The things I want are:
-Fixed Bridge. (or where the strings go through the body. Don't know what its called. Sorry)
-24 frets would be nice. But I can live with 22.
-Jackson, Ibanez, or ESP. As i play Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses. Stuff like that.
-Black, red or white. I know its not important but still.
-2 humbuckers. They don't have to be EMGs. Because I am only spending at 1000 taxes in. Preferably something around 800 so when the taxes go in its about 900. (plan on getting emgs for christmas.)
- Comfortable when sitting down to play. Very important (no V shapes)

well I think that is a pretty good list to narrow it down.

Thanks in advance!
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Oh okay, you really have to see the whole thing, I think Carcillo just took the blame for the Flyers, it wasn't just his hit to the back of the head, it was everything the Flyers did, and he's taking the blame.

And good point, but honestly, it was a 5 on 3, and the Pens weren't going to shoot the puck, and the Pens weren't going to intent to injure someone. IDK, I think you have to have seen the game.

Fair enough man.

I'm sure we'll have another chat here in this thread.
Quote by eltyr18
Yea, HE wasn't trying to injure a guy, but someone pushing Jordan Staal from behind into the boards ON PURPOSE. I really believe Carcillo is just getting the blame cause what he did wasn't a penalty, and it was the last thing the Flyers did that game. When a team has 5 penalty's in the last 20 seconds of the game, something is obviously wrong there, I doubt they were all an accident. Philly was trying to injure, a punch to the back of the head, no, but slashing every second and trying to put someone into the boards face first. Carcillo is just getting the blame, Philly should be happy they aren't doing more hearings for more of their players.

The Pens were actually calm and weren't really touching anyone, besides Guerin cause he was just fed up with what was going on. So how would a Flyer get injured?

I watched the other game man. I'm just talking about what i seen on sportcenter this morning. I'm just saying the hit doesn't warrant a suspension.

Yes the penguins were calm, but lots of things could have happen. Someone could have gotten hit in the face with the puck. Who knows.
Quote by daytripper75
Maybe because he is on the 3rd line, and Stevens didn't see a reason to put in his 1st or 2nd line with less than a minute to go when the team is down 4-1?

Good point. Why risk an injury to a 1st or 2nd line player.
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But that's why they need to stop it now, what happens the next time if he hits him in the face with a butt-end?

I'm not just saying this because I'm a Pens fan, but sending players out to send some kind of message at the end of the game is definitely not right and someone is going to get hurt. You suck it up, take the loss and come back harder the next game, not take petty cheap shots.

I agree with the the sucking it up taking the loss bit. But a little shot like that is harmless. If the other player was hurt. Fair enough give him a suspension. If theirs no injury I don't think it was that bad.
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would be awesome, and i definitely think the penguins are getting through, unless jose theodore uses the de lorean to go back and grab himself from 2002 i don't know if the caps are getting through

i can't really speaks for the philly/pens game last night as i watched the rags/caps game more, i only reallt caught the end where the flyers in the final minute of the game took a slash, an unsportsmanlike, a boarding and a fighting major

that to me screams a lack of discipline, especially considering the score, its a 7 game series, put that one behind you and come out aggressive, not stupid, but aggressive, otherwise the pens are going to kill them in this series

Jose Theodore really needs to play better in order for the capitals to do anything in the playoffs. Remember that year he played sick with Montreal? If he could play like that again...

edit: to sharpshootr55. That obviously wasn't going to hurt the guy. They're wearing helmets. He was just sending a message.
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Orpiks interference was questionable earlier in the game, they both went to hit each other and Orpik just got the better of the hit, and also, Matt Cooke got highsticked and got a bloody nose in front of the Flyers net, and no penalty, thats two penalties the refs screwed up for the Penguins, and one should have been a double minor. So don't just say "refs are out for my team" as an excuse for the loss, the Pens took the Flyers gameplay, and used it against them and put it back at them, Flyers got dominated yesterday, refs aren't to blame.

And yes Hartnell did get pushed by Letang, but it wasn't hard enough for Hartnell to go flying in to Fleury, Hartnell took it for granted and embelished it alot just so he could run into Fleury, and even if he was pushed it still doesn't make up for him putting his knee into Letangs knee, which he did that when the Flyers actually had momentum, it just shows how stupid some players can be.

Honestly, I think Philly is an embarresment to not just hockey, but all sports, just cause your down 4 to 1 with 20 seconds left in GAME 1 of the playoffs doesn't give you all the rights to go out and slash and punch, and shove the other teams players into the boards in order to injure them.

I think its fine what Carcillo did. Definitely a 2 minute minor. But a suspension? God no. Not worth reviewing. That shot was just him getting his message across that this series is far from over.

I want the penguins to win though. A caps and pens round. Imagine that.

Edit: And if you get a chance to throw the goalie off you're crazy not to take it.
I'd love to see a Penguins and Capitals series. Even though Detroit is going to win.
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Exactly, the Wings have this problem of sucking at the wrong times. But when they're good, they're GOOD.


Wings! ftw.

But yes. if they show up we're in for a repeat boys.
the first 4. i can't pick between them.
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More guaranteed first round match-ups:

Carolina vs. New Jersey
Boston vs. Montreal
New York vs. Washington
Philadephia vs. Pittsburgh

This is going to be a good year.
threads like this bring ug together.
Listen to us, we're one big horny family.
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Flames have a long road ahead of them. Hopefully the 3 full days rest will be enough time for Phaneuf to come back and for Bourque to get ready to play again.

Calgary can beat both of them. They've shown it before.

When Detriot shows up to play Calgary can't touch them.
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i don't want to sound like a bigheaded ballbag , but like i've only been playing for 3 and half years-ish , i think im ok , but like everyone i know says im some sort of genius , which is disagree with , but like , i've only been playing for 3 and a half years and i've mastered the song by Metallica i refered to in the title , i just want to get an idea if im as good as my mates say i am , because when ever they say im amazing it annoys be coz i don't think i am.

Again , i don't want to sound like a **** , im trying not to anyway
this thread will probably be closed in like 5 mins anyway , but never mind

Sorry, I don't speak retard.
Dude. We are at EXACTLY the same level. I can play lots of stuff like that but theory i don't know crap. I don't even know what the pentatonic scale is.
So someone save us ?haha.
Jim Dunlop USA Nylon .46 mm
bar with your ring finger and pull down. how i'd do it.
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I'd recommend always warming up for half and hour at least by doing chromatics, there is also some really good warm up exercises in john petrucci's Rock Discipline instructional. When focusing on getting better at a technique, in my opinion, its easier and funner to learn songs that are both a song and an exercise in one, if you know what i mean. For example to better your alternate picking, the Glass Prison arpeggios by Dream Theater would be perfect. For your sweeps look to some Nevermore stuff like the "This Goddless Endeavor" sweeps. And for your economy picking i recommend checking out Frank Gambale's instructional "Monster licks and speed picking." hope i helped

yeah man. I agree with the songs that are exercise bit. that would make it more fun.
thanks for your advice.
Thanks a lot metal society that gives me a great idea of where i need to start!
Hey UG,

I'm trying to find a really good practice routine that can take my playing to the next level. Right now I feel that I am an intermediate guitarist but really want to get to the advanced level.
The long term goal is to be able to play anything I want. I'm not interested in writing my own stuff right now anyways after 3 years.

The things I want to advance are:
-Sweep Picking
-Alternate Picking
And anything else you can think of that would take me to the next level.

I want a routine that will last 2-3 hours.
And I play metal, and classic rock. btw. So bending is an important too I suppose
Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit:I have a metronome.
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Whoa! wearing T-shirts with black metal band logos on them to catholic school is a no no? When the **** did that happen?

this situation is BS, but your friend needs to exercise a little bit of common since

Common since eh?
Metal isn't evil.
It amazing. Dying for the new album. Love the band.
sell your soul you douchebag.
love tom petty. Not so fond the journey. Nobody can not like petty though.
Ketchup Doritios. They were amazing. But i haven't seen them around in years.
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I hereby give you the Deathscyth76 seal of "NOONE GIVES A FuCK about Billy Armstrong" Award!

Have fun!

Really? Cause i'd give him the "you just tried to be funny, but failed miserably." award.
Or maybe the "you are just trying to make up for your own tiny penis" award.
thanks for the suggestions guys.
and to the first guy i already know master of puppets soo. pft.
I'm looking for something nice and clean songs. Like most Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. (soul to squeeze, snow hey oh) Or like santeria by sublime.
if anyone could name a few tunes like those it would be great. Thanks.
Good try.
Billy Talent username?
how much?
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I hope everything works out ok dude! ...

airplane travel is less dangerous. The roads really are not safe

Helicopter went down here last night. A lot of people are dead.
1) Super mario bros. Correct.
2)Metal Gear solid
3)pokemon. (why the hell isn't this on the list)
5) Pong.
6) Grand Theft auto. I mean that series is amazing.
7) THe Sims.
8)Donkey kong (those GB games were soo much fun.)
9)legend of zelda
10)Grand turismo.
Thats what i would have liked to have seen.