Wow. Does this need a thread.
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Im pretty sure those things aren't available in the UK.

Ive never seen them.

here in canada we have the same package only they are called 'Rockets' and not smarties. This is weird.
there is no tapping in that solo lol.
if you can play the rest of the song you can master that solo in two weeks.
Larrivee-11 HURT
C.F. Martin-54 HEAL
Omg this is STILL going on
Blackhorse if you are from Newfoundland.
sorry to hear that man, it just might be a connection thing, tomorrow it might work. That happened to me.

Youtube is my life so i know how crappy you feel right now
Alvarez- 36
Blueridge- 13
Breedlove- 38
Larrivee- 16
C.F. Martin- 34 Heal
Takamine- 15 hurt
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All of them.

But seriously, Self titled, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Somewhere in Time, Powerslave, Number of the Beast, Killers, Fear of the Dark

Thanks man
Just getting into Maiden, what albums do i get?
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What im saying is that Cliff played a big role in the band and influenced the guys quite a bit. I didn't mean that they would have taken the same road they took when he died if he was still alive. But I think they would have changed no matter what. And all this stuff about selling out with the black album is retarded. They wanted to change their style because they were bored playing the same old stuff. Its been said numerous times in interviews and stuff like that.

Too bad they got bored. Cause their old music is a billion times better then their new stuff. With exceptions of course.
EDIT. Their old music was a billion times better then most music.
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the walk riff is by far the heaviest **** ever, but is tuned down a full step and sounds like a yappy dog taking a crap in standard. therefore, any song off of Master Of Puppets by Metallica. the whole album theyre tuned standard, which is ****ing amazing. im not going to be the only person to say this, but its THE heavy metal riff in master of puppets which goes solo at about
if youre going to Pantera, then i've got to say the cowboys from hell riff, the lower one, ****ing CRANKED!! jesus christ that is so fun to play when you nail it

The thing that should not be, is in drop d.

And, Cemetery gates have some nice heavy riffs.
Ibanez guitars are just comfortable. They just work perfectly. (minus the edge three thing that was terrible.)

You can't say Ibanez just sponsor shredders.
kick the chair is amazing. love that song, and holy wars too.
Sgrocker, i love floods man that solo sounds amazing.
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Where do we go, where do we go now.

Sweet Child, anyone else think of it when they saw the title?

Lol i was soo tempted to put that as the title. I was thinking it when i made the title.

And to James, i know some of that song, but that solo is just wayyy to hard.

Ok three cheers for whoever said cemetery gates. That song is way more bad ass then i thought it was at first.
Oh i already know for whom the bell tolls. I didn't list all the songs i know. But those are the hardest ones i know.

I'm not to keen on slayer. It just never clicked for me but i'll check that song out. And cemetary gates too.
I know master of puppets, seek and destroy, sweating bullets. What do i learn next.
I'm looking for something like Iron Maiden, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth. Standard E tuning.
Thanks in advance.

(oh and i don't want to learn she wolf by megadeth. that one comes up a lot)
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Bubbles posted twice in the same day, +1 to Yamaha, -1 to Taylor

It didn't say I couldn't post twice in the same day. In fact many people posted twice in the same day in the beginning. But anyways. Its a new day lol
Alvarez - 22
Blueridge - 11
Breedlove - 23
Guild - 8
Larrivee - 14
C.F. Martin - 21
Seagull - 11
Takamine - 21
Taylor - 12 Heal
Yamaha - 7 Hurt
Alvarez - 22
Blueridge - 10
Breedlove - 23
Guild - 9
Larrivee - 13
C.F. Martin - 21
Seagull - 11
Takamine - 20
Taylor - 12 Heal
Yamaha - 8 Hurt

I would have liked to have seen crafter here. I love that brand.
I really like Ernie Ball light-medium. Elixers are up there too for me.
Alvarez - 23
Blueridge - 10
Breedlove - 20
Guild - 11
Larrivee - 12
C.F. Martin - 19
Seagull - 11
Takamine - 20
Taylor - 13 Heal
Yamaha - 10 hurt
These are some great ideas, thanks guys.
I think i might give better together a try.
Me and my teacher are doing a little acoustic set for the end of school assembly thingy.

So far we have:
Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
Maybe The world I know by collective soul
And an original song he wrote (about living your life how you want to. for the record. Really good song.)

There can be solos. We are both decent guitarists. ( no really hard fingerpicking. You know what i mean right)

Trying to find a few similar songs to the ones i've listed.
Thanks in advance .
i use Dunlop Jazz 3 tortex picks and they are incredible. The red ones are my favorite but after playing for a day or two the pick is gone. The green one lasts forever though.
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We're going to get into an argument about pointless shít again.

Everything is in the ear of the beholder.

End of.

Says the 09er. You've only been here a month. Unless you are a dweller. I've been dwelling since 04 or 05. Can't remember.
Negative Creep by nirvana would be a cool song. Or something like that.
You guys should name my crafter acoustic for me.
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I got that after coming back from a 2nd ban.

What have you been banned for?

Lmao goes to show that ug mods have no favorites
Now i'm interested.
Burn baby burn.
sweating bullets - Megadeth
back in black - ACDC isn't bad.
I have the same problem to be honest.
Mike Dirnt does it and he gets a really punchy sound.
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I appreciate you telling us this, but as a Christian, I personally think God created marijuana to be used medically and recreationally (in moderation). Marijuana can become addictive, but if done in moderation, it's very easy to prevent it.

no its not addictive.
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I took like 3min trying to understand the poll. Well I'd say yes, it's better to love and lose than nothing for exprience and you get that love while it lasts

On the other hand if you had nothing, you'll just feel like a loser never been in love and well, you probably will love&lose later in your life anyway.

I feel like a loser..

Yea i was going to change the poll but i couldn't figure out how. But yes was intended to be love and no was intended to be not to love lol
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i only made 2 of them
here is another that i just made

GmacD, you can have the internet, my mother, grandmother,sister, girlfriend and my next unemployment check because that was most incredible thing i have ever seen.
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I didn't even bring it up.
This annoys me to no end
YOU targeted me, not the other way.
Don't make me responsible for your idiocy

And in case you missed it
I was agreeing with you, so what exactly was your point?

Sorry man, my friend left that comment, he stayed at my house all night. I left the other comment about the water, which he doesn't agree with and i went to the bathroom, came back and he left that comment to pick a fight with you for me to deal with.
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How? I've not even been argued against here, someone posted something which I disagreed with
As is often the case
THEY then won't admit they're wrong, I won't walk away from someone discussing something with me, so where exactly is your point?

lol just let it go.
tushmeister has a problem admitting he is wrong. At least that's what i gather from threads he posts in.
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A lot of people will tell you that weed isn't addictive. That's BS. It may not be a physical addiction like heroine. But it's a mental addiction.

Yeah but that isn't just drugs. If you wake up every day and drink 2 liters or more of water every day for 2 or 3 months, then you'll mentally you will want water. You know what i mean?
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Personally, I think its better to have loved and lost, simply because I think that looking towards the future and dreaming about the past are stupid. You're here now, if love is good now, screw tomorrow, go with it. it sucks when you get burned, but think about how fun it was while it lasted right?

But then you have to think about how that fun isn't there anymore.
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Recommend a song?

Interstate love song - stone temple pilots.

Rocommend a band