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Loved and lost. After your first love, you're definitely different. For me at least that's how it goes. I was the biggest a-hole you could imagine before I fell in love. Because of it I've changed for the better quite a bit.

Yeah man, the same kind of thing happened for me. It changed me a lot. I used to smoke a lot of dope/cigarettes. Quit them both.
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To make an analogy, you can't develop an immune system if you don't get sick.

I like that.
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I'd say no.

Edit: upon further inspection, I'm not entirely sure how I just answered your poll, it's one of the most confusing things I've ever read. Ever.

Sorry i just realized that. I'll change it.
But i ended for it to be,
yes its better to have loved and lost.....
no its no better to have loved.... sorry.
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If you say so.
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Dude this thread sends the gaydar of teh limits.

Coming from the guy with the Rick Astley avatar
Lol my wrists are fine asshole.
than to never have loved at all?

My experiences say no, you are better off not loving.

Not that I do a lot of either, but i thought this might make an ok thread.

(ohh and I searched too.)

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Desirey or Desiray or how however the hell you spell it. It's a terrible name. Also Jacob is another terrible one. I can't believe it's the most popular name in the country. More terrible ones are Destiny, Hope, or Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards).

My name is Jacob....

Just kidding its Danny. Or do you have a problem with that name too.
Claudio Sanchez's guitar is a little weird. Its different.
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Guitar has to do with my love of music, and is how I express myself. Its also a great hobby.
If I found out that I could never play guitar again, Id be depressed, but I would get on with life, probably take up a different instrument.

Love and affection with another person is a basic human need.
If I knew I could never have any kind of relationship with a woman, I would kill myself.

No it isn't a need. Its a need for the world to go on, but you don't 'need' love to survive.
Don't put EMGs into a squier. Just don't.

^^^^^^ nevermind my post then,

But what does the thing you are talking about do?
Guitars don't yell at me.
They don't cheat on me.
I can make it scream whenever I want to.
Guitars sit on MY lap. When they aren't hanging off you.
All guitars wear G strings.
I don't have to listen to my guitar if i don't want to, and it won't get mad at me.
Guitars don't care if i get drunk a lot.
Guitars don't care what you listen to, or how loud you listen to it.
Guitars > Girls. Unless your girl is amazing.
Where are you playing?
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"To Sheila" Smashing Pumpkins...... a lot of songs off their Adore album might fit in that category.

Maybe some songs off of Foo Fighter's In Your Honor (acoustic disc obviously)

"Spaceship" The Vines ..... has an electric solo at the end but it fits well.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The vines are sick.
(she never loved me why should anyone )
..Like 'The world I know' - Collective soul.

I'm looking for a powerful touching song like that but is really soft as well.

Thanks in advance acoustic forum!
I mean really who has a pencil in their avatar?

To the guy above me 10/10. That is amazing.
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Pepsi is a fizzier Diet Coke. They are icky.

They taste so much better from a cold can.

+a billion.

cans are soo much better then plastic bottles. Coke glass bottles are good too though.
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It would be nicer if it had a maple fretboard.

- a billion and 2. Is it just me or does anyone else hate maple necks?
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idk wtf that **** is. 5/5 very distinct

Cyborg Ninja, Metal gear solid.

7 there are lots of pokemon avatars. BUT not pokemon with Santa hats on, that adds a whole new element of awesomeness.
tympanista prostheos.
This guy only uses big words nobody understands, or cares about.

But wait, what are you going to do?
I told her to stop being lazy and use 'you' instead of just 'u'. She was really stupid anyways.
Well I've been wearing converse for like 3 years now. Not the same pair but i like them a lot.
i shot a man in Rio. Just to watch him die.
Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo hahahahaha that was amazing.
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A blue eyes white dragon?! score.
Snorlax, hence the big mac n fries.
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Oh, guess you are one of those people that think Grand Theft Auto is completely "freeform", 'cause its not. There are missions and tasks and a very interesting plot to these games. They are as time wasting as a lot of games, and a lot more fun.

Amen. Grand theft auto games are amazing. Vice City was my favorite by the way haha.
i think you need a higher respect level, go kill some ballas.
go to to make sure.
Recorder. Beautiful instrument.

The drums in all seriousness.
Whats that? I don't speak retarded. Sorry.
Like the third thread today about snow... I can't wait for global warming.
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i'd get drunk

haha amen, I think if someone told me that i had an hour left I"d go for a quick trip to the liqour store.
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there's nothing wrong with that, we all do
but if for some reason you can't, don't worry about it.


But man, i donno, guitar vs. roof. that isn't as easy as you say!
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The police are all lazy fuckers anyway.

I live virtually opposite a police station and one time i could see a thief climb into the window of my neighbours house, so i called the police. 20 minutes later, an officer walks up to my neighbours door and rings the fucking doorbell!!

The theif had already gone and took a wallet, jewellery and some other valuable stuff!

Not all of them. Wherever you go, you are going to find people that are lazy. That goes with every occupation.
But, it seems that you were dropped on your head as a child, so I won't try and argue with you.
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People who can't spell Bloc Party despite just quoting it, and apparently having such strong thoughts about fans of the band, should be murdered as often as possible.

You should see the response I used to get to 'I'm sorry, we're out of large dough'

haha and it all ends up being your fault because there is no dough. Can't win man, can't win.
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A fair point, I got the same working at Domino's Pizza

However the police normally get it bad because people feel particularly angry and take it out on them, either because they claim they're wrongly suspected, or because they've been victimised and can't comprehend it's not the police's fault

That is true. Usually if you call the cops you're good and angry.
Lol but you'd be surprised how pissed of some old lady gets when you tell her she can't get a refund on that 5 dollar shirt she bought 3 months ago. :P
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That's where I had it... I'm not stupid enough to put stuff in my back pocket.

Well i can't understand how you lost your wallet then especially if you had tight jeans on.

"Trust me they get enough in an hours work to last you a month many days of the week."
That doesn't only go for cops but anybody that has a job where you have to deal with the public. I've dealt some some asshole while working at a retail store.
Side note, at concerts i always put my wallet in my front jeans pocket. You should probably do that next time.

EDIT:"Trust me they get enough in an hours work to last you a month many days of the week."
That doesn't only go for cops but anybody that has a job where you have to deal with the public. I've dealt some some asshole while working at a retail store.
Hammett. I know you don't agree but that is MY opinion.
Hetfield. *see previous line*
John Frusciante. I think this guy is a modern day Hendrix.