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But something being 'obvious' isn't evidence
It's subjective, and therefore completely fallible
Evidence is only good evidence if it provides a small margin of error, and actually suggests a suspect, otherwise it's useless.
And that's from studying forensics, from an actual policing point of view time constraints come into it aswell

I wish more could be done too, but my initial point was anger at the disrespect TS showed the individual officer, from there I've been dragged into arguing every belief I have relating to crime.

That is true. You only mentioned the disrespect part. So my bad on arguing the other stuff. And I agree that he should have been more respectful towards the officer, she was doing her job.
Really in the long run, doesn't matter if it went in as theft, or as if he lost it, he isn't getting it back because there is no way of knowing who did it.
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You should probably have read the whole thread
We've covered this
If they act over such little information, you'd have NO freedom. You wouldn't need to pay tax anymore, instead you'd be in jail, leeching off society yourself for a crime you very possibly didn't commit.

I'd be mad, not at the police but at myself for not keeping my things secure, and at the person who did it. The police can't help that, if you think they're supposed to fly around solving every crime, you're naive and deserve little help from anyone, let alone the police if ever you need them.

There's no proof of theft, therefore they can't call it that, proof needs to be something solid, not 'it happened to other people too', since that proves nothing.

Honestly, walk around your local town, find the patrolling officers, or go into the station even, ask to speak to them, ask what it is like to do their job, ask if they care about the people they help, ask if they'd do what they could to help people if the law allowed them to go on a whim.
If they're not too busy and can afford to talk to you, sit there and listen, you could learn a LOT about how they do their jobs, and how people like you should show more respect to them.

You're 16, you're not even paying taxes yet surely? Does that mean crimes against youths should be ignored? I mean, they're not contributing to the pay packets, so why should we care ey?

You are missing my point I think. I don't think he should have got mad with that police officer. And i said they will probably never catch the guy. I just think there should be a different policy. There is no proof but, his stuff is gone, he looked, its obvious it was stolen.
And i do have respect for police officers. Its not easy becoming one, my cousins husband is a cop, they have to work hard to become police officers. I just wish more could be done when things like this happen.
and yes good point about the taxes thing.
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You're a moron
Even if it seems clear, you actually need EVIDENCE, many people do see the person who pickpocketed them, since many pickpockets snatch and run, once they've got the item they're not so careful about being noticed.

I'm sorry you got robbed (since I do believe you probably were, though I've heard of larger numbers of people dropping things at gigs, gigs are places of lots of movement, you're not necessarily going to notice something fall, and once it's fallen it's lost under a lot of people, some of which may opportunistically take it)
But at the same time, the way you spoke to someone who was doing their job, and was far from responsible for both your loss, and the policy that made her job unsatisfactory to your needs, is frankly a disgrace.

I don't care what people think of the police, they do a damn good job, they work hard (I know plenty, my mum for one, and several of her colleagues through various Police events I've attended), and they don't deserve disrespect from you, it's a tough job as it is.
Obviously there are exceptions, but from what you've transcribed, this woman was far from dismissive or lazy.


a)You're wrong
b)You deserve to be told your wrong...twice
c)You're wrong

They care as much as their job allows in the majority of cases, you can't simply go around searching an entire crowd of people (assuming you could even trace them all to their addresses) for a mystery pickpocket, it's a massive waste of time and there's absolutely no proof he exists, it could be people dropping stuff and other people finding it and keeping it (just as bad, but not as inherently illegal as being a thief)

And no, it's not her fault.
You, however, are the reason many police officers feel disenfranchised, and struggle to care about the people they are there to help.

You can't understand this guy getting mad?
He lost money, cards, license. I'd be pissed to if the cops just told me I lost them. Especially since he was not the only one to lose things. I'm not saying it was that officers fault, but christ, something more needs to be done. I know there is a 99% chance the guy will never get caught, but the least they can do is report it as a theft. I'm not blaming the lady he was talking to on the phone, but I understand him be really pissed off.
There should be a different policy as well. Don't forget we pay the police with our tax money.
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Police let him sober up and interviewed him two days later.
I bet he bought more then food.

Pour guy though 15 years is harsh.
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DOn't know about the other amps. but i bought the roland cube, and it gives you a pretty good metal distortion when the gain is turned up high. and it can give you a nice crunchy bluesy sound. great practice amp and it has a 'power squeezer feature' and that makes your output go to 2 watts no matter how high the amp is turned up. Cool thing about that is you get the same sustain from the amp. So that is kinda cool for when your at home.
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Most language teachers and learners don't know about speaking proficiency level. Once, I encountered a student who was very upset because I gave him mid intermediate level in speaking. Most of his language teachers considered his speaking level as advanced. I felt guilty at the same time felt sorry for the student; he seemed very disappointed.
I just don't know how teachers based their speaking proficiency level. I think, some language teachers or tutors are not just aware of the standard definition of proficiency level. I came across with this ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency Level Guidelines when I was studying English Language Teaching. Its set of standard is continuously studied, researched, re-evaluated and improved since 1986.
Below ar ACTFL generic speaking descriptions. Thus, if ever students ask about their speaking level just check on which level he/she falls.
Low Beginners-Can't produce a sentence. However, if guided by questions, they can produce common words, tell name or exchange greeting.
Mid Beginners-It takes time for them to produce a simple sentence. They are out of words, and still commit grammatical errors. Moreover, they still can't respond correctly to question.
High Beginners-They can talk about topics that are familiar to them. However, their sentences are short and erroneous.
Lower Intermediates-They can ask and answer questions about activities and family. They also know how to use languages in ordering foods and making purchases.
Mid Intermediates-They can talk about basic topics and could talk about topics beyond their basic needs. They can make longer sentences; however, their sentences are still erroneous. There is till long pauses between sentences and pronunciation is still influenced by first language.
High Intermediates. They can initiate simple conversations. Their interlocutor could understand them better. But still, they have limited vocabulary.
Advanced- They can participate meaningfully in a conversation. They can make paragraph-length utterances. They can also narrate and describe events. Native speaker can understand them well.

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On-topic, sweating bullets by megadeth is a good intermediate song. I think its intermediate anyways. It isn't that hard but it sounds sweet
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I remember a Youtube comment on the performance of Mayer and Clapton (Today Show or something, was Crossroads) that said "That guy with John Mayer sux". Pure gold!

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nice man, that was pretty cool, thanks.
Wow... I just seen this video
and it has to be one of the most bitchin' things i have ever heard. I don't know much about acoustic blues and poked around a bit and found out it was called driftin' blues. there is a tab on ug but not that great.

Anyways, can anyone tell me so songs or artists similar to this? I have got to start playing this stuff.
James Hetfield is a pretty big guy.
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Placebo, Megadeth, Iron Maiden.
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Just oblongs?

Yea, i learned a bit of moon on the water, slip out, and face. I thought they were some pretty good songs.
Anyone else really like this show? I love it. Pretty cool tunes too.
Too bad the series ends with only 26 episodes. I'd love for them to make more.
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LMFAO. He wasn't even tapping at the right speed that it is on the album and the way Kirk plays it. And he dropped his pick too, but he wasn't bad.

I'm pretty sure he played it an octive lower then kirk. He didn't play it exactly like kirk on purpose either way.
yea i know, which is pretty hard for me. Not such a great picker.
And to i'm freaking bad i think i'm going to play it like that, it just sounds better imo. Thanks for hte help guys

well that video proves it. Nice find man.
oh well the lazy way is the right way hah.
Picking every note would be crazy lol.
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the way i do it... i just hit 11h12h15 twice on each string running from the low e to the high e string- so i only pick each string twice on the way up- good luck with the rest of the solo

Yea i've seen that too.

sorry if this is a double post. i think it might be.