i've seen some people play it

G Ecetera
A -----------------------11 12 15 11 12 15
E 11 12 15 11 12 15

And i've seen
G And so on.
A ------------------------------11 12 15 11h12h15
E -11 12 15 11h12h15

whats the 'right' way?
the 11 12 15 run in the beginning, how is that played.
Is every string pick 6 times on the way down, cause i see some pluck each string four times, aka picking 11,12,15 then 11h12h15.

If i'm not being clear enough tell me. and i'll try and explain in another way.
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I'm assuming the circuitry is to blame, if you're handy with a soldering iron you could check for loose connections. But really it just sounds like it's died.

yea. Maybe. Probably just buy a new pedal. Any suggestions.
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do you get sound when the guitar is connected directly to the amp without the pedal at all?

Yes when its cord from amp to guitar it works.
I've tried both cords both work.
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do you get your normal sound when the pedal is off?

have you tried both outputs?

Yes i've put the cord in both outputs. I don't get any sound when the pedal is off either

To AVA_Plus44_182, its a digitech grunge pedal.
Yea i know its a pretty crappy pedal, its just its all i got right now.

There is no battery in it. The cables are connected the same way as always. Don't know what the bypass signal is.... Lol but the LED light is on saying that yes its getting power. Actually i just tried to get it to work and the LED light wasn't working. Only every so often.

Edit : Thanks for the suggestions.
This thing has never been dropped. I haven't miss used it. I thought that these things were basically unbreakable. I used it one day, the next day i cleaned my room and then set it all up again and it doesn't work. Both cables are working, my guitar is fine, my amp is fine, the adaptor is fine. It just doesn't work.

Anyone know whats going on? Or what i could do, (i've had it for 3 years.)
you've only been playing 3-4 months, don't expect to be ripping out solos.
Step in, its your mom.
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i guess i will be in the future. since i got engaged, its kinda set it stone...

NOTHING is ever set in stone.
call your grandmother. that will be enough.
Man i said carrot. that scares me.
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So...who remembers good old '04?

I do, pit lurker since 04. didn't sign up till 06 though. pft.
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Is Mechanix basically the four horsemen by Metallica? All the guitar parts are exactly the same as the metallica version. And I've also noticed that the chord progression in the beginning of hanger 18 is the same as the call of ktulu by metallica. I know dave mustaine wrote both of those songs, but I think it's stupid that only metallica became famous over the songs that dave wrote and megadeth is always in the shadows.

Mustaine didn't write call of ktulu


Mustaine wrote the riff, hammet wrote the solos though. Its says in Guitarlegends, He talks about writing the solo.
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What?!?!!? A whole 10 minutes....**** me you must be tired now.....

If you look on youtube for 10 minutes and you can't find it easily chances are your not going to find it. asshole.
You are an asshole.
Get out the hero cookies, you did your homework.
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This thread needs 10ccs of grow the **** up you immature little jackasses.

Ok you need 10ccs of grow the **** down, bloody elitist.
Lol i live for this show. BUBBLES is my hero hence my username.
Vincent 457 Enough said. Btw i've been lurking in the pit since 04 didn't sign up till 06.
ladyhellraiser shes super hot!
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Bring his dad back to life.

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Ok Long time reader at the gaming thread first time poster :P

I was wondering if you guys could recommend me a PS3 game.
I'm getting one for xmas and already have the obvious ones bought. (MGS4 and GTA4)
What are some other games i should look into? I'll play basically anything I'd just like something with a lot of replay value. Lots of fun you know.
Not too concerned about online either.

Thanks in advance.
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"A user messaged OMG in horror"

What the bloody **** has this world come to? Oooh it's so cool to watch other people kill themselves on the internet. Get a ****ing lives you pieces of utter ****. It's pretty bad you're connected to a computer 24/7 but watching someone kill themselves to make yourselves feel better about it is ****ing disgusting. This is one ****ed up story and shows how some people are totally ****ed in the head.

If someone says they are going to kill themselves online is your first reaction to believe them? And what would you suggest they say instead of omg.
You 18. Grow up.
If I came home and my CD's were in the garbage my mother wouldn't leave her kitchen for a month. Then i'd sell her on the streets to make up for what i lost.
And I'm only 16.
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Yeah, memes are really ****ing funny when you nearly got the **** kicked out of you.

Whats up your ass, You talk like you've been attacked.
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Keith actually wrote the chorus about his daughter as well as all the music, Mick then wrote the verses and stole the song's story.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea was written by Jeff Mangum because he fell in love with Anne Frank.

didn't know, my bad.
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It's not really a happy song, but if it wasn't for Sinead O'Connor the world wouldn't have the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "I Could Have Lied".

I could have lied i forgot about that class tune.
There has been some great songs wrote because of girls.
like. Wild horses was written for Marianne Faithfull has an attempt to make her stay with mick.

There has been some great beatles songs written because of certain girls. like Something was written by George for Patti (last name?)

What are some other great love songs pit and who were they wrote for.
Is there a way to turn off the music notes on top of the screen for when i print tabs from guitar pro?
Pit, last night i got my first kiss. I thought that it was overrated. I was wrong. It was amazing. wow.
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Wow, thats extremely amazing, hot and guitar-educated?

!!! Didn't know there was such thing.... Now if only there was more of that here.
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Theres no solution to this im afraid, common complaint among users

Ok thanks buddy.
stairway to heaven. almost got the solo down.
There is none.
My my hey hey. is the original title i'm pretty sure. Hey hey my my, is just when he reverses it in one of the verses.
OK, When i sign into msn, and i have a new email, i wanna click the email thingy and have it open up in a firefox window. Instead it opens up in an internet explorer window. Firefox is set as my default too. I've played around with the options but can't find anything
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open firefox -> type in

not what i mean dumbass
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Well to fix this... post your question in the "COMPUTER HELP" Thread


Didn't know there was a computer help thread. I'll close this.
Ok when i open up my email with hotmail, it opens with internet explorer. and i want it to open in a firefox window. What do I do? Thanks in advance.