it's like Epiphone and Gibson. all the guitars are based off the same thing, but the Gibson versions are much better.
have you seen pictures of it?
sure for sure?
corey, i love your avatar. i have no idea what you guys are talking about, but i thought i would point that out.
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I'll make you a nice guitar one day

Ugmung better not have stitched this guy

yeah... i didn't stitch that guy. just a really really bad mixup... on my part. i'll get it situated soon enough though.
who cares about you, they were asking about me. jk

i've been around. never told you about my seven string. my mom cracked my neck, now i have to put like...duct tape on the back of it so it doesn't cut me while i play it.
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Says the man who posts a stream of almost entirely grammar-free posts.

why thank you, i try.
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Haha, thats wierd, you should sue his ass!

And you're myspace is set to private

it's 'your' you illiterate homo.
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"Genre: Metal | Heavy Metal"


forgot to change it
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It should be nice as long as it's in good condition and you like RG7s in general.
And is the best guitar related forum I've used, bar none.

i agree. fo sho
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Im exacty the same as that. Or I would be if i wasnt a dick. I used to have a folder with around 500-600 songs and bits and bobs and ideas and I deleted it by accident. Then without thinking about it, I ran C-Cleaner and deleted it forever Bad times.

However Ive started over again and have about 100 ideas so far. One day Ill put them all together and there'll be about 2 songs

REALLL smooth suave.

i have my moments where i'll rip out some really amazing licks and riffs, but they're a one time deal. so that never helps.
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Holy f**king guitar rape batman!

I hope you are claiming damages of USP?

How are you finding the 27"?

i don't know how to do that...

it's pretty ****ing sweet, it makes my other guitars seem inferior.

okay, i just called the guy and told him about it, he was pretty horrified. he was like "what the ****..." so he's hooking me up with all the shipment information so i can file a damaged package claim to UPS.
way to ruin a guitar...

i'm going to go take pictures of my f*cked up baritone.
i'd have to say orange, avatar or vader.
i like how nobody cares what i got, thanks guys. lol

i still don't know what you got Neil.
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i was kidding.

i have a ****ed up story.

i got my VB-300 today and i was carrying the box and i was like "this is surprisingly light, i hope it's not in a million pieces when i open it."

so i tear it open and it's a nice Road Runner bag, and i was like "sweet, he never mentioned shipping it in this."

and then i open the gig bag and i see a strap, and then some strap locks. i was a happy man.


i pick up the guitar and there's this HUGE F*CKING CHIP IN THE SIDE OF THE GUITAR.

i was not a happy camper.

so i went ahead and plugged it in and tuned it, and it plays and sounds alot better than i thought it would. after an hour of just playing it, i totally forgot about the chip, until i went to go put it back in the bag. i definitely need to fix that.
run an OD, and an EQ through your amp and you'll be fine.

are you using loose strings? tighten your strings and you can get a tighter tone...
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The glass prison would be epic

no reason. :

possibly... i'd actually participate.
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Friday I shall be in, with my EMG loaded S7320 from Mr McGrath, of a small band you may have heard of....... Unearth.

GTFO, this is my thread.

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the JB is a really nice pup. I have that in my ravelle. i didn't know dean made 7s. which model is it?

so i've heard. Dean Evo Special 7.

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I do want to get recording set up though, its a shame the legion TGE cover never came through as now I can actually contribute

you selfish bastard....
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I just got my shipment of gear from the USA yesterday! and in it were a Dimario D sonic, and an Air norton. 7 string versions! i put them in my Epi custom shop LP 7 string, and it now sounds amazing. I've been sick of those stock pups for a long time.

hey, can i join the Legion?

i feel bad because everyone ignored you, but not me, because i'm the NICE one.

nice score, i've always wanted that pickup pair. but i'm putting a JB and '59 in my Dean.
that mayone thing was nice, i have to admit.

^ and if that is the Omen extreme, that looks WAY too much like a C-1
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Right now I'm going to save it. TECHNICALLY, it's supposed to be covering some of what I spent on the 7621. I was going to sell the damien first and then get something using that money and just pay out the difference for whatever it was that I wanted but I couldn't let an MIJ ibanez with a lundgren M7 get away from me so I went ahead and jumped on it before I could find a buyer.

yeah, that was a good idea. just bank it. it's what you need to do especially because you're in college, you really don't need to spending money right now. my sister is in her first year away from home and at a university, after spending two years at a community college, and 8 months in, just got a job 2-3 months ago. already has $2800 in credit card debt. women...
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Matt, I've got to love that long and full of information now = spam.

"Stupid spam ass encyclopedia piece of crap. Damn you. I hate fucking spam ass novels..."

You see Matt, the difference between you and me is: I have a lot to say whereas you say a lot.

I should hopefully be selling my Damien to someone in the next month or so. There are two guys that are wanting to buy it and whoever gets the cash together first wins as far as I'm concerned.

yeah, this thread is full of haters.

what are you going to do with the money?

i can SPAM about alot of things i would love to have actually.
i listened to some of their stuff a couple of days ago, it beats the hell out of that OMNOM (Of Man Not Of Machine) **** Bulb was doing, that was just terrible. i'll give them a 10 on name creatively, but a 2 on the music.
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You DO spam a lot, most of what he says is at least useful.

i honestly never read half of what he posts. if it's longer than a short paragraph i get distracted. so... i started to skim through his posts.
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^ You do have a track record

Is the LTD baritone a 7 string? Cos if not I got you beat

yeah yeah, whatever.

nah, it's a six string.
it seems like me and bjoern left and same back around the same time. you guys lost two team players.

thanks for the compliments on the Dean, i like it too.
it's not that best sounding of guitars at the moment, it needs beefier strings and i'm trying to get someone to sell me their JB 7, but i guess nobody has one. once i get that straightened out, i'll hook you guys up.

i have a LTD baritone on the way as well, should be here tomorrow or the next day...
27 inches of win. scored it for $150. i'll post clips and pics when i get it.

i realized all my guitars are mahogany + maple neck + maple top. pretty odd, but i love it.

i can't believe you guys say i spam alot, look at all the quadruple posts Kent posts all the time. blame it on the asian.
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^ Where have you been?!?

i died. but i came back.

the "spam"master is back.
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I wanted MOAR of the Cynic I also demand epic jammage!

i agree.

yeah, that's right, i'm here, this is real.

sup, bitches?

your master is back.

Kent, you disappoint me. i've been gone for god knows how long, and you still are 30 posts behind me.

i find it most amusing actually.
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Does anyone know where I can get a users manual for an rp80

you can find one on the Digitech site.