Sock em boppers

They are nowher to be found where i live
A good man doesn't drink

And I've been drinking alone

So what does that make me?

My hands they always shake

And no one's calling my phone

So what does that make me?

And I know the kid with his guitar

So drunk and anxious

Has been done to death

So tell me what hasn't

I'll try it

Because I'm selfish enough to wanna get better

But I'm backwards enough not to take any steps to get there

And when you realize it's a pattern

And not a phase

It's what you've become and it's what you will say

That's ballgame

'Cause I don't got room in my life for anyone else

And I've driven away all the people that could help

And I still don't even know what I need to do to fix myself

There's a clamp around my chest

That tightens every time I lapse into

Another sorry story

About my miserable collapse

A bronze box I keep encased in glass

And dust off whenever I want pity

Because I've had to come to grips with scope and figure

How my problems stack up in a world this close to ruin

(Or maybe it's rapture)

Well, either way, I realize that my ****'s about as small as it could be

But that makes me feel worse for even feeling this bad in the first place

'Cause there's a war starting soon, and all the flags'll be waving

And Daniel's 20-year-old friend will be ready, and willing, and waiting

He's a Marine and he told me

And that makes me sad

Really, really ****ing sad

But at least he'll act

I'll just bite my tongue and then tell Daniel to wish him luck

And pray that he comes back

For his mother's sake, and then I'll drink those thoughts away

I've gotten good at that

And when you realize it's a pattern

And not a phase

It's what you've become and it's what you will stay

That's ballgame

Remember this in the morning

These guys
i know of someone who was a flutist, and someone broke into their house and stole all of their electronics and such, but left behind sterling silver flute, which was worth hugely greater amounts
play you dont know me by ben folds/ regina spektor.
Emily Haines =)
He can play his part perfectly when not being recorded, but once we start recording him he just messes up uncontrollably. He isnt that shy of a person so I really dont know
In the next few months my band will be recording at a studio completely out of our own pocket. However, in the past when we have done home recordings and such one of our guitarist can't handle having what he plays recorded. Whenever we start recording he just messes up his part, it becomes a very difficult task to record. Does anyone have any tips on how to get our guitarist to loosen up? At this point anything will be helpful, we need to save all the money we can.
My band Young Man Carbuncular just put up a new home demo. Its called Blacklisted at the Apollo. Noted influences are Minus the bear, Cold War Kids, and Manchester Orchestra.

Any comments appreciated

Crit for Crit?
depends on the essay?
I cant believe no one else has said it.

Broken Social Scene

Not only do they sound better, they put on a hell of a show, and leave you feeling complete

Bah, i want to see them again =(
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By the way, I ****ing hate Goldfrapp

This is exactly how i feel about rush
If this was a last one, it would have been a great ending. But since how they decided to make 7, it is not.

This movie felt like a commercial in comparison to all the other ones. It just gave a blurb to what could have been an extensive puzzle.

plus the whole work together as a whole underlying theme destroyed part of the film for me
Sure its a good idea, but how long is it before kids find out its a gay school, and crowd around to cream the fags?
If it were 616 i'd be impressed
After a gig once, these two kids were trying to smoke me out. I politely declined and then one of the guys says, what kind of rocker doesnt party eh? I just lost it laughed and for a good 3 minutes.
im actually bookmarking this thread for the sole purpose of rickrolling others later, thank you for creating a database for my torture
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Outside the Surface-dwellers and you
God damn you White Servant!
Light Disturbance

The middle ones god speed you black emperor
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I was on a coach last week, and there was this girl in front of me who was thick as horse shit.

She had a box of pringles, and she at some point in her conversation said she was vegitarian, and I said pringles were made out of cows, not potatoes like usual crisps. I chucked in a load of long words to back it up, and managed to completely convince her.

I then finished off my little bit of sadistic fun by going 'nah, they're made out of potatoes, you daft cow'.

pringles come in boxes?
if only balzac didnt already did exist
Saw them at the masquerade last night with CoB and Black Dahlia Murder. one of the most amazing shows i've ever been to, they can completely replicate whats on cd live. which most bands fail to do.
If you want protest music get state radio
it seemed a bit too much for a first episode, and doesnt seem coherent. but JJ abrams has yet to fail us. So it may get good
My vote goes to squirrels simply because a bear cant kill squirrels more than one or two at a time. and with 300. the bear would go down.
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Yes I do, but some bands actually feel the way they right like a lot of emoish bands(three days grace, etc...). I don't really like that music though.

i didnt understand a single word you posted
try protesting against republicans
Thanks for the crits, we may do a final mixing or two, but this is the near finished product.
This is all really high quality, was this done in a studio? I went on there only to listen to one song and got sucked into all 3. Goodbye to bellingham is my favorite, the piano in it, just fits perfectly. I'll be sure to check back when you have the rest of the ep up
I enjoy this a lot, i actually get a feel for the title with the song, maybe since its only guitar the transition doesnt set right, but it almost splits into two different songs at the middle. Still, keep up the good work!

also, check this out if you get a chance

i hate robots,

i need somewhere to stash it over night. So that it wont try any shit
Really digging the stuff, it keeps throwing me hints of elliott smith, keep it up.

also, if you get a chance
Besides the production, this is a seriously shredding song. I'm actually listening to the rest of the songs you have up now =)
Check it out if you get a chance
My friend took his robosapien to my house, which if you dont know is like a childrens toyish robot.

Anyhow, i really hate robots and dont trust it

Where do i hide it?
i like the song overall, maybe since i dont play WoW personally then noises dont make sense to me, but still great job!
I liked it, other than mess up around 2 15 it sounds great. Keep up the good work!
at least once a year, i pretend i broke my leg and wear crutches. The same people fall for it every time.

make up some story about being in a mosh pit.

and then be like if you think i look bad

you should see the other guy
A very solid sounding song but the singing's just sounds like someone recorded over an instrumental, it doesnt sound like a part of the song
I didnt hear much John lennon in that, but i have to say i really enjoyed listening.