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Hello UG,

My band, Nilfgaard, has published its debut album on the 6th of January. I'd like to share it with you guys, maybe some of you do enjoy this kind of music, and our goal is just to be heard. This is also the reason we decided to publish this album free of charge. No point in selling it, we'll never make back the money put into this, and that would keep people from obtaining the album. You CAN support us on Bandcamp, we're offering the album in a "pay what you want, no minimum price" way (some people actually bought it, yay!).

I'd describe the music as a weird kind of groovy melodic death metal. A lot of people compare us to Amon Amarth, but that's mostly due to the vocals. The rest of the music is (IMO) a bit different. Our lyrics are mostly about works of fictions that inspire us (books, shows, sometimes games)

Track listing:

1. Shadow in the Crowd
2. Torment
3. Battlestar (lyrics about Battlestar Galactica)
4. Defending Dekapolis (lyrics about the first book from the Icewind Dale trilogy)
5. Black Feathers (lyrics about a certain scene from the Witcher saga of books)
6. Arrakis (lyrics about Dune)
7. Conqueror of Dunes (also Dune)
8. Nord
9. Arafel (Dune? Dayum.)
10. The Witcher's Waltz (lyrics about The Witcher)

Links: streaming and free download. We're reaching the free download limit for this month, so if you can, please use the mediafire link. You can support us if you want! full album with cover. Give me a message if it doesn't work, I might re-upload it elsewhere a youtube playlist with the whole album

You can also find the album on various Russian mp3 and torrent sites. Took them less than 24 hours to upload it, sneaky bastards! Not that I mind, the album is free, and it gives us more publicity

There's a lot of different opinions on this album, some positive, some negative, but all are welcome. But I do hope that at least some of you will enjoy it!

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Sorry for taking so long to crit, I've been working

I really like the vocals man, I think they fit the music perfectly. The whole thing is pretty epic, and all the parts fit each other. I'm not a big fan of 20 minute songs, but I guess those are the specifics of the genre you're going for. I think a proghead would have much more to say I'm a little dense for progressive stuff

Overally I'd say this is a very good piece, keep up the good work man!
Thanks for the responses guys.

The lead work will be different in future recordings, the guitarist who recorded these parts is no longer with us. Remember when I said that the first version of this demo god destroyed by criticism? We lost 3 members because of that, one guitar, bass, and one vocals.

I also think this remix is money well spent, because the studio guy did things that I didn't know were possible to make this sound better!

I have made a Facebook page for our band. I'm not a big fan of FB, but I guess its a good platform to promote the band If you guys could give use some likes, that would be great, would help us promoting this material

Cheers from Poland
Thanks for the crit man!

I loved the first part, I love the dark and a bit eerie atmosphere it presents. I could see this as a theme for an army or something like that.

The piano part was pretty cool too, but I would see it as a part of a different song. It reminds me a bit of the soothing parts from Final Fantasy games, but that may be my head playing tricks on me. Less water drippings though

Good job man!
Hey man, thanks for the crit. Took me a while to return the favor, but my internship is taking more time than I would like.

I love your voice dude, it totally fits the song. Do you tell stories while playing the guitar during camping? Because man, with this voice, every story would suck me in.

I like this song, the structure is pretty simple, but the atmposphere and lyrics and the most important here. A really solid piece man
Thanks for the input guys

Arrakis and Black Feathers are our 2 favorite live songs, they are mosh pits generators ^^ Too bad our line up got a little screwed, and we can't play gigs at the moment.

It took a lot of work for the studio guy to remix this, because the guy who recorded us did a terrible job. At one point you could even hear our drummer commenting on how he recorded the kick drums. Sadly, we had to sample the kick drum and snare, because they sounded like total crap. Otherwise the drums are live.
Holy crap this has to be one of the best UGer songs I've ever heard
You mixed power metal with folk metal, and that my good sir is what I love! Sick song man, loved the accoustic stuff and the overall folk feeling. I'd love to hear this with vocals, you need to record this with a band. I DEMAND you notify my when you record this with a band OR you make a new song!

Here's my band's stuff to crit

PS. Remember, I DEMAND to hear more!
I like your playing man, very accurate. This song has a lot of potential, now you need to add some growls to it
What did you use to record the guitars? I like the sound, like an old school death metal band.

Oh, I think the short sweeping part was really cool, you should totally finish this song!

Crit mine?
Reminds me of stuff our ex-bassist liked to play. The riffs and melodies sound awesome, and as everybody mentioned earlier it all fits together. Some progressive bands forget, that a groove is very importnant, and I'm glad that groove is present in your song
Good job mate, good stuff.

Crit mine?
Listening to Distance

I really like the clean stuff, but I'm not a fan of the distorted guitar sound. I like how all the riffs and melodies create an...atmosphere, I guess that's the best word I know for this. I think the drums could use a little more juice in their sound, during some climatic moments (like the part starting at 2:01) they sound a little weak, not worthy of the epicness that the rest of the instruments are making.

Overally I think you did a very good job, I know that recording and mixing all of this takes a lot of time, not to mention the composing process. crit mine?
I really hate GP drums, but I think they do their job here. I think its a neat tune, but I'd rather see this as a song with vocals. I think the part at 2:34 would make a very good chorus.

I like the production, it sounds good with the stuff you are using to record this.

I'd love to see a vocal version of this song, it has lots of potential!

Crit mine?
Hello UG.

A couple months back, me and my band learned the hard way how much is a good mix and master worth. Our first demo got destroyed with critisism for the quality. A few days ago we decided to scrape out some cash, and have it mixed by a pro. I am most pleased with the result.

First link for download, second for streaming.

Arrakis is based on Frank Herbert's "Dune"
Battlestar Galactica is based on the re-imagined BSG series
Black Feathers is based on "The Witcher" saga by Andrzej Sapkowski.

You made a multiple choice poll, so I decided to check all of them. Cheerio!
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Hello UG! My band Nilfgaard has finally finished the first demo, and I am proud to show it to you now

Our music is metal with harsh vocals, with some melodeath and Amon Amarth influences. We are from Bydgoszcz, Poland, so I think not many of you will have the occasion to see us live. But I hope you'll listen to our songs!

If you wish to stream it in 128kbps, visit our ReverbNation site:

If you wish to download the whole thing in higher quality, please go to:

The demo contains four tracks:
Arrakis - based on Frank Herbert's Dune
The Calling
Black Feathers - based on Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher saga
Battlestar Galactica - based on the BSG re-imaginated series
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I loved it man, what do you use to make those synths?
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Does anyone know what the arabic sounding scales are? I know they are not minor scales. Here is a sample of what I mean: The scales I am talking about start at 1:36. If you have never heard the song you should here it, its an amazing piece. I really want to know what type of scales those are.

Great song choice, I love that one

I know that it's name doesn't imply it being arabic, but try the jewish scale (at least that's what its called in Guitar Pro). The song on my myspace is in that scale, and I think it sounds pretty exotic and arabic.
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I liked it

Not a big fan of weird time signatures, but it sounds solid! Greetings from Poland!
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