I can't do it! I'm 99% and I can't seem to get that last 1%.

I never thought I would make it this far, but I got my bands original today and it jumped up a crap load when I uploaded it to where it was needed.

The part that is missing is:
My Band Profiles 86%:
2. Fill basic info, description, influences, shows No

I have filled out all our shows and influences. But where can you fill out Basic Info and Description?
This is about the third time this has happened.

There are some people out there that REALLY think that their 24th tab of Iron Man or something else is the greatest when they submit it.

Regardless of the reason, (being bad quality, wrong name, etc.) of a tab rejection, some people think it is unfair and they act on revenge. They take the person who had rejected their tabs and vote all of their tabs 1 star.

Now this upsets me. This has happened to about 4 or 5 of my tabs. I have to admit, some of them deserved it. (For example my Little Room GP5 tab.)

But some of them are definitely quality material only now they will never be seen because some asshole tried to get revenge and voted on an unrated tab and made it one star.

An example of this is my Dune GP5 tab from Bob Evans. This is as close to 100% as it's going to get. But someone voted 1 star on it.

Well, this would have never happened had the user tab approval/rejection system had been anonymous. They looked at their tab, saw that their tab was being rejected by me, and acted solely on revenge.

Two 1-star rating onto If I Could Be Like that.
One 1-star rating onto Little Room
One 1-star rating onto Curious Coincidence
One 1-star rating onto Final Fantasy 7 - Boss Battle
One 1-star rating onto Dune

I think that to protect quality tabs from ignorant people, the Tab Approval/Rejection queue page should be anonymous.
Hey guys I recently got Guitar Pro 5.2. I love the RSE and stuff. I had 5.0 before and upgraded because I couldn't open a few things on the site.

Anyways I'm having a problem with the RSE. I love how you were given a few more effects to choose from and such, and I love it, except the drums.

I had the 5.0 RSE and it worked great. Everything ran smooth. But now, in 5.2, when I run the RSE, everything works great, except the drums.

It occasionally DOES NOT PLAY on beats.

Example: I had made a drum line where to start off I gave the drums at 140 bpm. The first bar is just open high hat 4 times so I could get a feel of the rhythm and so I had time to push spacebar and play.
1 2 3 4
all "46" or open high-hat
This is what happens, the first time I play, the thin green bar scrolls over the number, but only sounds. Here is what sounds:
1 2 4
1 2 3 4
2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1 2 4
1 2

So obviously it appears to be doing it at random, meaning it does not repeat the same pattern. There would be some order to it if, say had stopped playing every 3rd note. It works sometimes the beat will not sound. This kind of pisses me off. The RSE is supposed to work.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but nothing happens. It works fine for every other instrument, but it doesn't on the drums.

Additionally, when I switch it to MIDI, everything is played. So it obviously has to be a part of the RSE.

Also, it did not do this in 5.0. So this points some fingers to the differences in 5.2.

Why would the RSE stop working on random notes?
Use the meat of your index finger to stop it from ringing while holding down the 7th fret.

Stop at this point and play the D-string. If it rings, you need to move your finger more over to stop it. If it makes a click sound for a dead note, congratulations.
There's a two and three fingered grip. One's more common than the other.

I use three, but that's because I lost the pick when playing with two.
No Stairway!

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
That was my first song. It should be easy.
Quote by Kevin Saale
Try different brands and gauges and see what you like. Strings are 100% preference if you ask me.


But MY preference is:
Name of Strings: Elixirs
Gauge of Strings: 10, thinking about 9's
Reason They Are Your Fav: Ridiculously long-lasting, and preserves tone.
How often they need to be replaced:
e - 3 months (excessive playing)
b - 6 months
G - 6 months
D - almost never
A - almost never
E - almost never
Sound when you put them on and after some time has gone by: really no difference
Any other comments: Thinking about changing to Cleartones. Treated strings IMO are the best. They are worth the extra money.
This happens to me a lot on difficult songs. It's always because I'm pressing my thumb too hard into the back of the neck. Maybe if you stretched or took breaks it would help.
Quote by Arkinazz
I have an Epiphone LP Special II.

Raise the bridge? Someone once dropped a trashcan on my Epiphone Les Paul and it started buzzing, but that was because the strings were too close to the neck after being hit.

Raising the bridge helped, try changing your strings it might be a dead string.
Quote by Hydra26
Ultimately though, YOU have to decide, not us. Go into a store (yeah, I know EVERYONE says that) and play a bunch of instruments. When you find "the one" you just know. It's not something that's in the specs. Try lots of stuff. Heck, "the one" might not even be an Epiphone. It could be a Jackson, or a Guild, or a Fender or anything. Be open minded and go with the one that makes an impression on you.

You know I tried this once, and it TOTALLY worked.
It shouldn't be your equipment as much as the settings on your amp. Try changing the setting to around 9 bass, 2 middle, 8 treble. Tell me if this works.
You actually can't tell.

If they had played an F or F# you would be able to tell if it was in E or A. (Minor of course.)

in A:
in E:
A B C D E F# G

So because they don't play in either, you can't really tell. But because the first note of the song is E, my best guess would be to say it is in E minor.
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Personal lessons.

Quoted For Truth.
I would say it's kind of hard to practice sweep picking by starting slow. If you go two slow, you may end up individually picking notes, which would beat the point of trying to sweep.
It is so worth it. You have no idea.

I personally favor Guitar Pro over Power Tab (I haven't tried any of the other ones you guys mentioned) because the interface is much more easy to use.

Besides that after listening to the Realistic Sound Engine in GP5, compared the ear-grating MIDI sound. They didn't do it to ALL the sounds, but they did do pianos, guitar, bass, and drums.

Power Tab's colors make it seem pretty gloomy in my opinion. Kind of depressing. GP is a little more colorful to me.

I'm pretty sure PowerTabs has it too, but GP has a keyboard shortcut for every effect on the guitar, except whammy dives and such. Which for people who are fast at typing, can write music a little faster. It uses the numpad for most of the notes, effects are the letters.
I find it difficult to do pinch harmonics on my Ibanez as well. (It's an S-series but an Ibanez nonetheless.) But when I play on my friends Stratocaster it's insanely easy for me.

The seems to be some "sweet spots" on the guitar for different pitches as well.

And: practice.
I've heard stories of a bass guitar blowing out a guitar amp. If you play bass I suggest getting a bass amp.

I have not heard stories of a guitar blowing out a bass amp though. Maybe bass amps are higher quality.

Just what I've heard.