I've just signed up to learn Spanish and Swedish, although I'm a bit confused about how to do Swedish on busuu... it seems to want me to add friends?
This is nothing new. Captcha's have been used for this purpose for ages. There was one time a few years back where 4chan found out and decided to always enter 'nígger' as the second word.

Try that and quit your whining about people not helping you.
Dude, marmalade is amazing. Just thinking of thick-cut orange marmalade on toast, with butter is making me salivate.
It's from the camera on my phone. So it's shite in the dark along with being a shite camera anyways XD
Representing my pumpkin >.<

It's meant to be Carl from UP btw.
It's not a great photo, cos it's from my phone, but this is my entry

I'm pretty happy, considering I've never used a pumpkin before.
Sure, it's pretty inspiring, but it's old as hell.
The Ciiiiiiiiircle Of Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!
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Thougt this said Whedon as in Joss Whedon.

It's still tragic, none the less.


You can't force yourself to do it if you're not truly enjoying it. Give it a couple of days and no doubt you'll pick it up and start jamming and enjoying it all over again.
It's a "fúck it, so long as I can get a reasonable priced pumpkin I'm in"

Also, you didn't post a pic.
Man, I should totally enter this. I did jack-o'-potatoes last year cos I was too late to get a pumpkin


Obligatory evil face
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I find Jurassic Park to have great special effects even by today's standards.

This is probably one of the only films that really holds up. And it's from pre-millenium too, which is damn impressive.
Well jeez, I laughed. Although I did have to do a double take
When I cry, I make sure it's hardcore shit
Oh hai necro-thread. I finally added the poll.

Can't wait for Idiot Abroad 2, the leaked message from the Norway trip is hilarious and horrible simultaneously.
Copious amounts of drugs.

But seriously, I've always found talking through things that make me depressed have helped, so get them drunk and free-flowing in a heart-to-heart with you.
In 6 there's a button to display the current time in the song
It makes me rage when people assume any guy working as a teacher for young kids is a paedo. Mostly because I want to be a teacher, and I get shit about being a paedo, having not even entered teacher-training yet.
I've met Mike and Mendez from Opeth, back when they were my favourite band.
I've also had chats with Christian and Mario from Gojira, Paul from Cynic and Bill from Mastodon.
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I do.

My arguments are:

1) A good way to control population

2) You don't have to live in Texas if you don't want to

3) It's cheaper to kill people I suspect than to keep them in prison for lifetime

Just wow...
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How many people in this thread were cheering when Osama bin Laden was killed?

I thought that too was pretty fúcked up, not gonna lie.
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There are those in Texas and other places that agree with the death penalty. Get over it

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How is this bad?

Death penalty is there for a reason.

So does that make it right to applaud it? I respect that it's a democratic choice to have the death penalty, but I don't see how you could justify applauding the statistic that says you're more blood-thirsty than any previous governor. It's pretty sick.
So in last night's GOP debate, Governor Rick Perry was asking whether he could sleep at night, knowing his state has put 234 people to death by the death penalty; more than any previous Governor. Before he could answer though, the audience applauded at the figure of 234 people having been killed... wat?! What is wrong with these people?


EDIT: Apologies for the title, it appears it's not exclusively Texans applauding.
That's so cool
Pretty sure there's some law or something against having children that you can kill in games. That's why things like GTA never have children in.
Although, some games, like Bioshock, get away with it by making them not quite child-like.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure the same law counts for films too.
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global warming is the biggest money scam ever....... its just climate change, we are speeding it up with are pollution don't get me wrong. we wont burn to death, we will just bring in a new ice age sooner than its supposed come. who can benefit from global warming?? gee boss i dont know maybe the entire more expensive going green shit that we buy.

taken from a youtube commit
Kilmeade is an idiot for saying all the data is corrupt, but Cenk is a fool for treating global warming like a cold, hard fact. All the World Climate indicators he presents are accurate, but it's important not to take that data out of context.  As an ecologist (or any other earth science expert, for that matter), it is important to remember that this data has not even been collected by man for 200 years. Natural geological and climate cycles last much longer, meaning data is inconclusive on GW

Seriously, most of that didn't make sense...
So this has just become a thread where people break the rules?


not doing it
Picked 4, but would have preferred 1 in all honesty.
4 I guess, from your gauge.
Some guy's created this 'Where's Wally/Waldo' influenced Where's Wall-E, using robots from a load of different films, TV shows etc.

But, instead of just finding Wall-E, how many robots can you name, and where are they from?
There's a numbered version here, so you can easily identify which one you're revealing: link

I'll put up a list of all the already identified ones once there are some replies (not including the few I've already done).
My first concert was Rodrigo y Gabriella in London. We got right to the middle at the front and Rodrigo singled out my brother and gave him his pick.
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That's actually a pretty good idea! the driver wouldn't have to keep looking down at the speedometer.

another idea i had was some kind of an echolocation system to warn the driver about, like, deer, or pedestrians. it'd prevent road accidents.

Sure, but how can you distinguish between a deer and other traffic?