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There should be four screws underneath the wah, take the bottom plate off and see if you're able to adjust the switch upwards so it's more pressable.

Otherwise, rubber feet are replaceable, and when people get second hand wahs they kind of expect them to be roughed up a bit.

With my own wah, I can switch it standing up fine, but sitting down need to press fairly hard... I didn't want the switch too high to avoid accidentally pressing it, and I would be standing up in a stage situation.
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Dislocated my knee when I was younger, most painful thing I ever felt, anyway, every couple of months or so it pops out and back in randomly, hurts like hell and I end up having to limp for about a week, it happened 2 weeks ago, I was literally just standing there and next of all it just goes, I fall check my knee, it's back in place, then lie down for a couple of hours because if I put the slightest bit of weight on it , it will hurt a lot.

Have you ever had physio on your knee? After I did mine as a kid, it went again a few days later... Had to do a lot of physio to build it up so it wouldn't keep happening. Has been good since.

For my own issues, nothing that serious, but seem to have constant neck muscle issues, as well as tendency for acne and stys, which is something no one else I know my age seems to deal with.
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So has anyone ever seen a metal muff? I don't think they even take batteries, as there is no spot to put batteries in it that I can see unless you have to unscrew the whole case off. Its a metal muff with top boost. I bought it because I couldn't fine a metal zone and thought it might sound better. I got the idea to get one because people suggested it on these forums. and now that I have a metal zone I don't need my metal muff. (preparing for people to mock my metal zone too... wanna mock my jsx as well? anyone? I was feeling really good about myself for a second before i came here?)

From memory, you take the whole back panel off with a screwdriver and there's a space amongst the circuitry for the battery.

Also, metal distortion pedals tend to get a lot of unwarranted hate on this site. Yes, they don't sound like a real great amp distortion or expensive setup, but if you're able to bust out a jam on it then it's good in my opinion.
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I've seen "Gorjus" before.

I nearly wept.

(Also, made me think of "gore juice" which is sort of opposite to what the person was trying to say )
I just about cried when I saw Alice in Chains and Jerry dedicated "Nutshell" to Layne... I got into the band long after he'd died, but seeing Jerry talk about him in person just made everything "more real".

Also had a "nooooooooooooooo" moment when I heard about Gary Moore
It'd have to be "what is the question to the answer for the meaning of life?"
Do you like the higher up sound, or just the sound of the different keys in general?

Here's my crazy suggestion for your crazy question: The same tuning, but an octave down?

Yes, it'll be insanely heavy, but doable with thick strings and a long scale length...
I remember reading that it's possible to use super glue to fill in the gaps and then paint over them, but it's probably not quite that simple. Worth looking into though.

Also, I think it looks awesome as is, but that in no way solves your issue... so yeah... research the above!
Not really sure what else you could do? It's a Strat, so I'm guessing you've only got the one pickup to coilsplit... You could reverse the polarity of a pickup with a switch... There's also parallel/series wiring mods... Probs best to ask the wiring thread and search about the net for this stuff, as there's so many different things and ways to do it. You'll work it out

Hmm you'd think it'd still at least be making some scratching noises when you moved it...

I'd want to at least make certain it's not a wire and definitely the pot with a multimeter before changing anything, but then again, if it was super scratchy to start with it'd be on the way out I guess. You can clean them, but that's not a permanent fix...

Up to you whether to get a new one now or later, but if you can't install it until later you'll have some more time to do some research into which one you want and where to buy it cheapest
How old is it? Have you multi-metered the connections while rotating it to see if it still does work, of it it's shorted/open circuited?
Many that were self taught came up with their own styles, but in contrast many that were taught also sound like no one else and are also amazing. Check out the list of quality guitarists that Joe Satriani has taught for a start!
Your intonation is also related to your neck though, so definitely make sure that your neck is fine. If you're unsure or don't want to fiddle about with your truss rod (I always cringe when I do) take it to a tech who should make it great again.
You could have a bent neck and will need to adjust the truss rod to make it better.

From jj1565's Ultimate Guitar setup thread :
"with a balanced bridge...
fret the Low E on the first fret.
then - at the same time,
fret the Low E on the last fret, where the neck and body meet. ~19th fret.

with both places held, look at the middle frets, 7-9th

If the string lays on the fret wire there, you probably do not have enough neck bend.
If the string is more than a credit cards thickness up from the wire there, you probably have too much.

ideally, see if a thin-medium pick fits in the middle gap."

Check out that thread too, and be really careful with your truss rod if you do need to adjust it. You'd probably have to redo the intonation after the truss rod.

Also, yes rusty strings will seriously affect the notes, but sounds like you're having to change them way too often! Do you wipe them down after playing every time, string by string? I also recommend wiping with something like lemon oil occasionally enough to get rid of extra grime.
Thanks for the replies guys, it's good to hear

Just did some more research, and it seems that the TRS and XLR connections are kept separate, so the phantom power won't even be going into the TRS connections. Seems a bit obvious now I guess, but now I'm quite reassured.

Thanks everyone
Hey guys, I recently got a Steinberg CI2, and just now I realised I potential issue: It doesn't seem to be possible to keep an instrument plugged into it while using the phantom power, as it has two combo inputs, and the power can't be sent to just one of them.

Don't have high hopes for this, but is there any way to get round that, as I'm just going to have to be super extra careful and always unplug the guitar before using the mic, and looks like if I want to use both at once would need two mics.

If anyone has any suggestions I'll be eternally grateful though
Also worth checking out the Boss overdrive pedals.... I have an SD-1, the circuit is pretty similar to a tubescreamer, but with a bit more gain.

I'd also recommend trying some pedals out in a store with your kind of amp if possible, or a similar one... once you know what sound you want it's up to you where you buy it.
It's possible to wire effects circuits straight into your guitar, like overdrive and distortion.

I've been thinking for a while that one day it'd be insane to install a wah circuit in the guitar and control it via a pot or a sliding potentiometer. Not too sure about practicality, but it'd at least be good for quickly changing your tone!
^What Keth said, I found when similarly trying to remember intervals between notes, having a well known song with that interval is a good reference point...

With just remembering a note, that can be a tad trickier as you're after something like perfect pitch. Right now I'm imagining a C note in my head, and it sounds right, but I won't know if it is until I play it on the guitar....

Are you trying to remember it for singing purposes? Would there be a certain feel to the note when you sing it?
Sounds like a plan I'll get round to it in a few days, let you know how it goes. Thanks!

EDIT: Finally did it, the Q1 5117 had a hfe of 300, I replaced it with a 2222A I had lying about which had a hfe of 180. It cleaned up the sound a bit, not fully clean but I'm happy with putting my guitar volume on 9. I realised my amp does accentuate the tiny bit of distortion a fair bit, as on a cheap solid state it was hardly coming through. But I'm fine with all this.

I made the sweep cap value 0.15ish... 0.22 didn't quack enough.

Pretty happy with results.

Awesome, thanks Griffin... I'll have to just man up and desolder them! I think low gain is 200ish hfe? I'll test these ones out, I think they may vary a bit in gain, will do some more research into it...
Jimi, it sounds to me like you've disturbed your pot... I know you said you didn't touch it, but can you get anything if you turn the gear all the way around to either side by hand without the treadle attached?

Have you attached the wires to the pot in the correct way? Also looking at your photo, you've got odd wiring on the switch, but I assume that's your hard wiring for troubleshooting?

Ah, I've got my own question now guys: I'm trying to get a clean wah sound out of my modded Crybaby, at the moment it distorts very roughly while wahing clean. Playing harder contributes, but I found that if set somewhere in the middle it'll constantly distort certain frequencies (in a horrible sounding way!) I tried making the 470 ohm resistor 580 (it was on hand and wanted to see how big a difference it would make), and no result really. So I figured I'd get some opinions before mucking about with Rin... I have the 5117 transistors, which I like the tone of and I'm aware that some people do seek after them, but is it possible maybe I've got one or two with a higher gain than usual? I'm not keen on resoldering this too much, hence why I'm asking for some advice. Cheers guys
I'd consider it to be fine if you could easily turn it down. For one thing it's not like you're buying a stack, it's still an easily portable amp. You could mic it up at gigs depending on the stage setup and the size of the gig.

I'd say it'd be a great amp, as it's good for the garage and stageworthy!
Hey guys! I'm currently modding a GCB 95 Rev. D that I got off eBay! Actually didn't know it was a Rev. D until I got it, but got a good price and it's great to work on.

My current problem: Just did the true bypass mod, which worked a treat, except it seems the switch I chose as a replacement is horrible. When pressing the switch there is always a small gap in the sound, as well as sometimes a click, but only if I'm playing guitar at the time.

Does anyone know of any high quality DPDT or 3PDT that don't have this issue, with no noticeable change in the sound? Thanks all

EDIT: did some research, discovered that Carling seems to be the way to go with switches, as well as some other sites that have their own special wah footswitch. But they're all so expensive and I'm in Australia, so postage is a hassle on everything I've found so far. Am going to try a guitar shop that I know has many spare parts on Sat...
Throw some chromatic notes into the mix to liven it up a bit
My SD-1 gets me a great rock tone, but for hard rock and metal you'd need something with a bit more gain I think. It'd also depend on the amp I guess. Maybe get a distortion pedal, and put the overdrive before it to boost it even more when needed?
You'll need a cab that matches the ohms and watts of your head. Well with the watts, it's best if the cab has a bit higher to be on the safe side.

Have you made a good choice? You have if you like the sound!
Hmm if you can sweep pick and alternate pick well, you should be able to economy pick well?

When you're sweeping, that's equivalent to economy picking, as you're picking in the same direction as you're moving across strings.

Maybe you need some simple scale exercises that can be picked in different ways to get your head around things.

It's well worth the effort of strengthening your index finger to do the barre chord the usual way, as that way you can play around with it, change between different shapes on the same fret easy, or throw in a quick lick with it.
Amps specially made for an electric-acoustic are meant to sound better for them. That said, if you fiddle about enough on some normal electric guitar amps they'll also sound great. I haven't had any experience in the area with electric-acoustic amps though, so can't give you any recommendations there...

Another thing for you to consider is that lots of people with electric-acoustics don't have amps for them, they simply plug it into the PA system of the place that they're playing at, or even buy their own PA.
Well you can also check the transistor voltages with the multimeter, if you know about that stuff...

But yeah, just a wire will pass the audio signal through it, and just touch it to different parts along the signal chain to see if it's coming through!

EDIT: Also, check out the Wah modding thread for info on changing components for different sounds!
Is there anything under the circuit board stopping it from shorting against the wah enclosure? I've had that happen before when I made a wah circuit - a real dodgy one - to muck about with.

If that's not the issue, a method of troubleshooting I use is to attach a wire or crocodile clip to the output - with everything plugged in, and with a guitar, or even easier an mp3 player, playing into the pedal - and then touch the other end of the wire to the input, effectively bypassing the circuit. You should hear the signal clean as per usual. From there, follow the circuit with your wire, and you should always hear the signal in some way, and not distorted or messed up if it's ok. You'll be able to hear where the problem is! I normally do that through a cheap practice amp, and not through a good one, just to be on the safe side!

Oh whoa, I cringed while looking at the photos, but I imagine it'd still sound amazing, and that neck would definitely be fast.

I think I was cringing as I'm thinking of my Epi Les Paul with its shiny blue flame maple top and how great I think it looks... but there's something primal and aggressive about your guitar which mine doesn't have!
Have you looked into overdrive pedals? Or is the distortion you want too over the top for them to do?

Also, distortion and overdrive pedals can sound fairly different through different amps, so you really have to try the pedals with your own amp when testing them out.
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Also, I have snapped a fair few strings, before realising that its much wiser to custom build a set. I think something like .008, .010, .017 .026, .042, .054 would work well. What gauge do you use?

Oh nice. I've been meaning to get a custom gauge made, as standard strings aren't great for this.... I moved the B over to make the new A string, then moved the E over to where it is now, and then got another E and (carefully!!!!) tuned it up to G :/ Not the best way, as one side of the fretboard is sloppy and the other is tight! I'll get something similar to the gauges you're using, might even try a .0.56 and .0.46 for the low C and G. Thanks
Karnivool tuning is pretty insane, I've seen a friend play with it and he liked it.

I'm still getting used to the scales on NST, they're not quite as easy at the moment, and chords work best if you keep it to three notes, though some it's possible to play 5 notes.
EDIT: Just realised how misleading the title is :/ Oh well

Hey all, wondering if anyone else uses this crazy tuning.

For the uninitiated it is: C G D A E G

Yep, that's 4 perfect 5th intervals, and the highest string is a minor third above.

Was made up by Robert Fripp of King Crimson it seems.

I think it's pretty cool, takes a bit of getting use to. Had a bit of fun working out chords, and then to save time looked up some cello chords, as the lower four strings are exactly the same as on a cello!

Wiki link.

Right now I've been jamming to songs, working out where all the chords are, what's easiest to play, and trying to do solos. Once I'm more comfortable with it then it'll be easier to get creative and start songwriting. My other guitar is still in normal standard though (and my acoustic in DADGAD, variety!)

Now that I've got that all out there, anyone else ever tried this tuning, or are perhaps going to try it now? Thoughts, suggestions, yes, no?

You could also buy separate parts and chuck them all together to make some custom cool stuff. That's something I've been thinking about doing for a while now, but haven't quite gotten round to. If you can do this as a serious job now, then it'd be great for you if you ever want to work as a full time professional guitar tech!