Year 7, my class made the new teacher cry. She changed job at the end of the year. Anyhow, was very, very awkward...
Definitely charge for materials, and if the work takes a fair amount of you time then it'd be reasonable to ask for payment.

Make sure he knows exactly what you're doing to the guitar and what price he'd be looking at before doing anything, so you both agree and don't have any messy situations later.
My opinion is that if you're planning on doing more mods in the future, mod this one as it's relatively cheaper than other guitars you may work on at some point, so less stress if your stuff it up. It's all a learning experience.

Unless you're going to modify it so much you spend more than the guitar's worth on it! Reworking the inner electronics would be a cheap but educational mod, for example.
Apparently I beat Max-182 as his time limit to make a move ran out, but it was he that set the time limit, and we were halfway through a game, so really I don't feel like I've won at all. I'd like to replay him, but am unsure what is going on...
Could be the sound echoing in the cavity because of the springs, like said above...

So it's not a good echo, like a "I don't need to invest in a reverb unit as my guitar does it for me!" type echo?
Putting material or whatever inside your hollow body could drastically change its tone. Well, I'm not sure how much it will, but that's the point of the hollow body, the resonance inside of it giving it its tone. Maybe you could get a big bit of material that can be threaded through a hole, and leave a bit of the end poking out so you can take it out if you're not happy with the results.
^ I'm not sure if they exist. I've seen concentric pots and I've seen push-pull pots, but I've never seen or heard of both together... I looked up a guitar parts site, it only had one or the other.

After a bit of searching through other forums I found this:

Apparently it has a "double-potentiometer bass/treble with active/passive switch". So that's a proof of concept then!

Good luck with your search and let us know if you find them available for consumers
Try a credit card or similar to lever it off. It gives you a wide edge of leverage, and as it's also flexible shouldn't damage the knobs. I've damaged knobs while using a screwdriver, had to buy replacements, so be careful.
What is your reason for wanting one if you're not sure if it can do the music you want?

It's not a typical punk rock amp, but that doesn't mean it can't be.
I'm slowly playing through my second round game... Even if the tournament is off (no idea if it is) I'm at least happy to of been shown that chess site, it's rather addictive sometimes.
I use to just listen to one genre, as to me it seemed like the only "good one".

Several years later I've learnt to break down the walls of genres and just listen to something if I like it, or explore things I hadn't heard before. It's not good when people judge stuff just by what genre it gets called. There's many amazing things you can miss out on if you don't respect all forms of the art in question. That said, I don't believe there is any one person in the world that would like, say, every band in a particular genre.

I'd agree that genres are useful for giving someone a rough idea of what they could be seeing/hearing, but to completely archetype something by it....just no.

All this said, I don't know what to vote for.
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The pot used in those radios is actually an encoder switch. there are special ICs produced that are stereo volume controls. it's all onbard an IC.

the tuner uses the same kind of "pot" but uses a component called a Varicap. it is a type of diode whose junction capacitance changes based on the voltage applied to it.

Ah cool, nice info as usual Jim

I found this link on it, which perfectly explains why if you turn the volume knob real fast, your volume hardly goes up, whereas if you turn it moderately you can raise the volume faster (due to the issue of debouncing).

Gone a bit off topic, but interesting nonetheless.

So in response to the question about car radios before, unless you were making something with lots of IC chip circuitry and wanted this sort of control, go with good old fashioned pots
Hey all, I figured that we needed a thread dedicated to these wonderfully humorous online offerings. They're one of the main things I look at on the net (for me, anyhow). Here can be a place for people to share their favourite strips, discuss the merits of various artists, discover new and exciting webcomics and, best of all, have a good time doing so.

When posting comics, it'd be helpful to explain why you think that they're great, or how they appeal to you personally.

Here's a strip to start us off, from Antics:

I love Antics, as the artist manages to put so much expression and humour into simply drawn characters. There's only two main characters, but they have been in so many situations taken from daily life as well as absurd imaginings.

I'm also a fan of Explosm, xkcd, Gunshow and some others which I'll post some comics from later.

Get to it, guys and girls
"The Common Folk"

EDIT: Or to add a pun to it: "Come On Folk"
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Just a wick related question, would something like a car stereo that has a volume knob have a pot that would be usable in a guitar/amp?

It depends, I think. Older stereos with the analogue volume adjust, then yes.

In modern stereos, the volume is adjusted digitally, and incremented by a knob which can be turned any amount of times either way - so that wouldn't be a pot I'd say. I don't actually know the trick behind it though.

You can find pots in most music equipment though, it seems.
You could definitely salvage some components, though you won't immediately have a use for all of them. You could open it up just for a look to see if there is many components.

Also, to salvage you would need a solder sucker and a soldering iron, as well as pliers and maybe cutters.

With the last point about the fuzz pedal, there's a good chance that there will be a few usable components for say, a standard fuzz face, but probably not the exact value for the whole thing. Still, it's definitely good to have a stockpile of components lying around as you're recycling them and saves you money and trips to the store!
Something to remember about ground is that - according to conventional current flow - the current always flows from the positive voltage to the ground or negative voltage. That's why when you get a short circuit, meaning your positive and ground are directly connected, stuff stops working as all the power is flowing just between the two points: It's the path of least resistance between where the current is and where it wants to go.

You mentioned designing your own stuff your first post; what are you thinking of designing and how good are you with electronics?

You'd need one if you want to play through an amp or PA, for example if you were playing live in a noisy environment. For home use though, it'd be useful for you to EQ your sound, which is great if you're going to be doing percussive playing and really want a specific sound.

Generally, for just friends, family, bedroom, camping out, usual mucking about there's no need for a pickup.
Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother, love the song, but at 4.00 at the end of the middle instrumental section where he does the lead lick and it ends with what sounds like really shoddy hammer-ons. I understand that he must like it there as it's on the track, and it's meant to be a rough rock song but that one part just sounds like it was done purposely bad...
Are they old strings, and do you clean them often? Dirty/old strings lose their intonation. It might be that the lower tuning means that the whammy bar is in a different position to normal, causing wrong intonation. Another possibility is that the neck has ever so slightly bent due to reduced tension. If you want to keep it in C, you may need to adjust that, if not it should be fine when back in standard. First thing to check is strings though!
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keep this thread and tournament alive.

Hey dude, I just moved, we can finish the game or start a live one if you're sticking around!
I've seen someone playing reggae on an Explorer, and only some people in the guitarist community would be like "hey that's normally a metal guitar." But really, it's a guitar, play what you want on it

Q2. That is quite versatile! However with the pickups you will have to search out some guitars with them to try. The website's sound samples are good, but you have to see if you can get the sound that you want out of it.
I think people become accustomed to playing certain chords in standard style tunings, so instead of playing in a different key and making it sound different that way, they play it in a different tuning to make it sound different.

I reckon it sounds "better" if you've become used to standard, but once you've become used to Eb and then go back to standard, it's like a breath of fresh air all over again.

Pretty much I just change the key I'm playing in if I think it sounds better that way, I don't change tunings unless I'm playing along to a track.
Assuming the DC in jack on the pedal is the same, which I don't see why it wouldn't be, then yes it'll work. The supplies will both put out 9V. It's just the power from the wall and shape of plug which is different. Make sure to check the polarity of the DC jack and your power supply though.
Yep, a few doublestops would go down nicely. handlerb brings up a good point too, look into phrasing. Try Youtubing BB King and some other blues artists for ideas.
When I do lead blues, I normally play in a minor scale, throw in chromatic notes, a few bends and don't rush it too much. It doesn't have to be precise like, say, metal solos.

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Sounds like some sort of malware/virus/spyware bro.

Download spybot search and destroy, malwarebytes and grabs yourself a good AV program. I suggest avast.

Providing you use all those programs you should be ok.

I did a couple of scans, didn't solve the problem, so then I tried some more internet searches (made difficult by the fact that web pages wouldn't load properly!) Anyhow, turns out that in Firefox occasionally you get an Add-on with ulterior motives which causes this. I deleted a few which I'd added recently but didn't use. Problem solved!

Hey guys, quite often when clicking on a link from google when the page I want is loading it then suddenly loads a different page, called "pixelstatservice" which is then blocked by Trend Micro. The only way to get into the page I want is to manually type in the URL. Is this happening to a lot of people on the net, or is it some malicious software on my pc?
I'd say that you'd need to amplify the signal from the device a lot more before it can go to a speaker. I've seen mp3 players power small speakers by themselves, but massive drain on the battery and all.

Through the amp and into the cab, yes definitely.
Yes! I love it! Some of the best sandwiches I've ever had were chicken, cheese, onion and avocado sandwiches!
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Sorry, but that is technically not a Maiden song. It was a cover by the Australian band The Skyhooks.

Just what I was about to say! Love the Skyhooks.

Anyhow, I think most Iron Maiden songs have been covered by bands, some of them multiple times by different bands, so don't be afraid to play something that has already been done.

Also, just for sheer awesomeness, and the fun as bassline (and guitar and drums!) I suggest: Rime of the Ancient Mariner!
Hmm, it could be anything like the switch, the input jack, a faulty capacitor. Best to take it to someone who does electronics.
Unless you have some sort of electronics experience then it's probably best to take it to an expert. Anyhow, still we might be able to help a bit.

Does it make the popping noises regardless of the pedal being on or off? Is it still making its usual sound as well as the popping noises?
Ok myself and Max are both online on chess, but not sure where he's gotten too, as he's not responding. Hoping he sees this. So hopefully we'll get the game done today!

EDIT: Ok haven't seen him since
Ah, they're in shelves. I like the idea of having a few different shelves with free spaces to minimise moving of CDs. Thankyou.
Quote by MattMez
You've been given a ton of suggestions and you've found a fault with all of them so I guess the only thing you can do is stop buying CD's. You think organising 60 is bad, I've got around 200 and they're all in order it only takes like 30 seconds to put a new CD in the rack.

Hey I haven't found a fault with all of them, there's some really good ideas out there. Could you please tell me how you arrange your 200 so it's only 30 seconds to put a new one in, as that sounds like great efficiency.

There's some cool ways of sorting in here that I'd never thought of, and hopefully it's given other people ideas too.
Whoa, the thread is going again. How many people can help with the main issue, as outlined in OP, of how to put new CDs into a collection with minimum amount of fuss?
Good as! Did you work out that "distortion effect" thing?
I've already opened it up, though I guess they don't have to know that. The only issue I have with warranty is the amount of time it'll take for it to get sent to places to get fixed, but you're right, no point me stuffing it up trying to rush it.