Myself and Blackholesun seem to be having trouble being on at the same time due to time zone differences, and I'm expecting to be out or busy at the time he wanted to play for the next couple of nights. What can we do? Should we swap with other people who we can play at convenient times?
^ Action is really about what's comfortable to you and your playing style, raising a bit will be fine, I did so to mine on one side last week for a persistent buzz which was coming through the amp. Remember, guitars can buzz a bit when unplugged, but if it doesn't come through the amp that's fine. Also remember to check your intonation after adjusting.
The guitar might have thin strings on it, like 9s for example. You could try thicker strings, or raise the action for the side of the bridge slightly. Unless your guitar neck has a hump in it, in which case you need to adjust the truss rod.
Hey guys, Fuzz Face is done, if it can still be called that, after continuously having mods done. I had to replace the volume pot after stupidly breaking the old one. Anyhow, I am plagued with yet another issue This started when I was testing it with the tone pot put in, but thought it might be interference due to having pieces everywhere outside of the case. With the gain on max, I get lots of static-y sounds, and once the string vibrating has died off a bit the distortion seems to swiftly die, leaving a quiet, clean sound. In place of the 8.2K resistor, I have two resistors giving me a value of 5.1K, as I liked the sound, and it gave me no issues at the time. I guess what I'm asking is, any ideas as to where I should be looking for this issue, if anyone has had this happen before? Could it be a dodgy capacitor on the fuzz pot, or could my tone control at the start of the circuit be somehow screwing things up? I have tried different transistors, so it is not a physical problem with them.
Try another test, to see if it gives you a definitive result. I'm sure it's possible to get a dodgy test.
I'm finding this time difference situation sorta tricky, but I think myself and my opponent might have it sort of worked out as to when we can play.
Aren't airhorns just one tone, and a deep one usually?
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That sounds pretty good.

I'm online now! Let's go!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Ok you've gone, but if you can manage the same time tomorrow or day after, that'd be cool, if that's a bad time for you, I can do a lot earlier (my time) in four days.
Maybe you're just not use to the feel of them? I've also found that even when trying out great guitars, if there are ones that seem better around it makes the one you're trying not seem so good.
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I'm not so good at chess...but my username is Blackholesun99.

I'm the guy you're playing! We may have some time zone issues.

EDIT: While I'm going out soon, I'll be online 7 hours from now and for a while, I think. Though seeing that you were online earlier, I could do that time as well in four days from now. Or something.
Alrighty I've signed up,

So now I add everyone as a friend yeah? Is it also possible to form a group on the Chess site, as that would be mighty helpful.

Another question: Can you save the live games that are happening between people, or do we have to get it all over and done with at once? Otherwise whoever has to leave first will lose.
Alrighty, well I'm definitely in, so hopefully I won't have to resign from a match due to being too busy.
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Someone in the other thread linked the site
It could work we just need to make a scheduale and set a time for everyone.

Due to time differences, work and education schedules, it'll be hard to set everything up... Some of these games will go for a while I'm guessing!

If you had two people set up a game at the same time (somehow), then they could continue at their own pace until finished I'm guessing.
What internet site would this be over? And time permitting, yes I'm definitely interested.
1. Different pedals have different voltages, I'm not sure if there's a set "maximum", but remember, the voltage from the output will not be higher than the power supply to the pedal.

3. Yep. The bigger the waveform from higher voltage means that more will be clipped by the tubes.

Can't help much with 2, sorry!
I also think it's high pitched feedback, but if you don't want to crank your amp loud enough to get that, you could get a similar sound - though not quite the same - with a pinch harmonic.
I'm also going to say Suicide and Redemption.
Hey guys, got a 100K tone pot, with the suggested circuit, and yes it's working! It goes from softer distortion with lots of treble, to very fuzzy with lots of bass!

However, I have another question! How much does the tone depend on the volume pot? I read that a 100K instead of a 500K in a fuzz face would make it sound brighter, but how? Is it just the resistance of the output pot in relevance to the capacitance of the circuit or output cap, or the guitar circuits even?

Pickups aren't something that need to be replaced like strings do, they should be permanent, unless of course you want to change them for a different sound.
I don't see why it wouldn't be fine, it's 20W of breathing space. If you have your amp on max volume all the time, it could possibly blow a speaker, but then again, you'd also be deaf.
^ The headphone socket would be wired somehow to disconnect the speakers when headphones are inserted. There may be a better explanation of that somewhere in the net. Or you could try asking in the UG Electronics Thread, they'd probably know more than the pedal building thread on this!

With my situation, I've wired it as per that schematic, except I only had a 10K pot. Also, how sure are you of the direction of the 10uF electrolytic capacitor? I thought it would be the other way around, and did mine so. However my tone control is doing nothing, so I may be in the wrong!

Would it be because I'm using a 10K pot instead? As the frequencies let through/boosted would follow an equation based on capacitance and resistance? I know if the cap is the wrong way around, I need to change it ASAP...
I'd go Universe 1, and hope that the intelligent beings become smart enough to not cause each other pain and suffering.
forsaknazrael and ECistheBest, you have both been extremely helpful! Thank you for all this great information! I'll give your ideas a shot, and report back later.

I'll have to get a bigger value pot.... sucks living so far away from a proper electronics store! Thanks, I'll see what I can do!
Hey guys, I've built a silicon Fuzz Face, going by the GGG schematic, and changing some resistor values around after experimenting. That's all going great, the issue is: I want to add a tone control, either a bass cut/treble boost, as it's a bassy pedal, and it'd give me room to get cool different tones. I found this treble boost here (second circuit).

My R1 is a 10K pot, due to using it for a different function before now, and C1 is my current output cap, which I'd made 4.7n after finding the original cap too bassy - Though I'd be happy with bassier if I can boost the treble. My volume is 100K.

Problem: I get sound through it - how the circuit should sound - but adjusting the pot does nothing! Am I just using bad values, or have I put this in the wrong spot of the circuit? As in, am I meant to put in another cap, instead of using the original output cap?

Thanks guys!

Question: Does it get in the way of the pickup selector, or tone controls?
Was it a boss power pack, or just a random one you bought? For that pedal, you'd need a 9V DC pack, with negative pin in the middle, as said.

In relation to the pedal, you'll have to open it up to see if you have blown many components. If you can find the ones that are blown, they should be replaceable. You could do it yourself if you know about electronics, or if not, a good guitar tech should be in the know about it.
The guitar would be tuned to C#,F#,B,E,G#,C# right? So then the bass should be tuned the same? Unless you find it easier to play along and to do chords in the other tuning.
My first worthy guitar was also an Epi Les Paul Standard. In my case, I'd been browsing a website, and the guitar seemed to be what I was after, so I went and gave it a shot. I liked it, but admittedly, I didn't try anything else. I shopped around for a while to find the best priced store, then got the original store to match that price, but with the colour I wanted (blue!).

So yes, maybe I should of shopped around more for different guitars, but then again, I can't think of anything else I'd want for that price at that time. I'm getting a Danelectro next, but I wasn't shopping for a guitar, it sort of just instantly hooked me.
Probably already been said, but I want to join in on the support! I frequently go to a small music store, with brands that aren't Fender and Gibson. Why? The guy there is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and stocks some killer guitars by smaller brands, like Maton and Danelectro.

So even if you don't have the big name stuff, there is definitely a market for other brand guitars, and if you're friendly and helpful, people will come back to your store, even if just to buy accessories!
Saying some really spiteful/hurtful things without thinking at all, and then being disgusted by my self, and then other times thinking about what to say heaps, and then still screwing up the situation majorly.

You know, the stuff you do in your teenage years that somehow comes back to haunt you unexpectedly.
^ Tube amps are better for instruments, but for perfect audio reproduction of the original source, then solid state is the way to go. But I won't dispute that tube amplifiers for music have a desirable sound to them.

With the main argument at hand, I can tell the difference between 128kb mp3s and CD Audio. With better mp3 settings, only at certain points can I tell it's slightly different. I'd prefer my music as uncompressed as possible, but I use mp3s anyhow (as well as owning many CDs).
Was playing a "gig" at a very small shindig with a mate at someone's house while the 6 or so of us were getting drunk. Well I wasn't. Anyhow, my cheap as Samick was in a bag, where I thought it was out of the way. A drunk girl, who may of been wearing heels, not sure, managed to step right on it, so I immediately ran over to see how it was. The low E string had somehow gone up to G#, and there's a small dint near the bottom strap holder. Same night, after moving the guitar, someone else knocked it over. Was pretty devastating at the time, now it's funny.

Moral of the story: There is no safe place for your gear around drunk people!
Do you wipe thoroughly with a cloth after playing, to remove dirt?
Looking at the datasheet that you linked, the hfe, or DC current gain is the lowest I've seen in a transistor. That said, not every circuit for guitar related things needs super high gain, low gain is quite good for some things.
^ I also hear no difference in tone. It's more of a comfort thing. Also, lowering the strings would make them closer to the pickups, making the signal stronger!

Moving the pickups would change the tone though.

I believe that everyone perceives different forms of art differently. As in, lots of people may get great feelings out of music, but not enjoy visual art, or dance.

Also, it's not just the people that perceive the art, but the artists themselves. To the artist, he/she would have a certain type of art that to them, is the highest form, that affects them most, gives them the best way of displaying their emotions.

I am so glad we live in a world with such diverse and wonderful artforms.
I have an RP150 that I'm trying to get rid of, I found that the RPs make everything sound like them, even with no settings turned on. As in, it won't sound like your guitar straight through your amp, it'll always sound like the RP. You can get heaps of combinations of effects and all, and a positive note is that it was great for messing about with different effects, to decide which ones I'd actually use, but my opinion is that they're best for mucking around in the bedroom. You have to sort through all your presets in order, so unless you only have two sounds setup, you'll be going back and forth through many different sounds, which isn't good on stage.

But just to reinforce the positives: It's great for at home, and also for recording through a computer.

Also, I said I have the RP150, which has one foot button less, and no pedal, so yours would be a bit better to use I reckon.
If you're looking into the Tiny Terror, it's also worth looking into the Vox Night Train. I don't want to start an argument of one over the other, just putting it out there, as it's along the lines of what you're looking for, I think.