Out of both the pre amp and power amp, one is solid state, the other valve.
Thanks for the replies guys. If only it were possible to fix the cable to those few that have said to! The problem isn't the ends that can be easily re-soldered, the problem is the wires itself inside the cable fraying.

I guess I need a cable that can withstand being wound and unwound and chucked about a bit. Not that I go out of my way to abuse it though.
Ah awesome, I just checked the website of a nearby store, and yes, they do have a lifetime warranty. Shame about this current cable though, guess I can keep using it about home for now.
Anyone able to confirm if some brands of cable last longer than others?
Hi all, firstly did a search. The issue at hand: An older guitar cable of mine, when it is moved when everything is connected and on, will make small crackling sounds through the amp. As in, casually moving it will produce a crackle, but it's alright when not being moved. I compared it to another cable (both were plugged in, with a Boss DS-2 inbetween) which is much newer, and higher quality, which when moved, makes no sound out of the ordinary.

So, with this problematic cable, do you guys think/know, from experiences yourselves, if it means that the cable is breaking on the inside, and shouldn't be used anymore, of if it's just something that happens with lesser quality cables, but not a sign it's going to cut out majorly soon?
^ Good to hear you fixed it. I'd just like to say though, that a small bit of acoustic (playing non-amplified) fret buzz on an electric is alright, as it won't come through the amp. It's when you hear it through the amp that you have issues. If you really have to whack the strings hard to hear the fret buzz, well, I'd consider that normal.
You also build up finger strength from bending thicker strings. I use to not be able to bend 10s when I was starting out, now I'm on 11s and loving it It comes down to what you find comfortable though, and if you like the tone. If you get much thicker strings, you may need to file your nut slightly, but it won't be an issue with a normal pack of 10s (If you get one with a low E of 0.52, yes, that may need filing/sanding, but it's fairly simple)
It happened in 2007, that particular photo just surfaced now.

The article itself says it was from '07.

EDIT: And if anyone is knowledgeable about this sort of thing, please tell us, where the hell did all the dirt and matter that was originally there go!? Or was there always a hole of some sort, just under the surface, and it was built over?
I like both, and I'm quite happy liking both. Simple, live in the studio recordings can have some great dynamics, and can capture the essence and energy of a band. It can sound like the band is next to you, playing. That said, layered, heavily produced music, can also make things sound epic, and also like the band is playing in the same room with you. That said, there is also some crappy examples of both out there.

Also, some bands have a certain vibe about them, which definitely comes through in the recording style. Samdroid pretty much summed that up, above.

Final line for me: I'm not going to vote, as there is no option for me.
The main flaw with cheap guitars that you cannot change is the quality of the wood used in the body. Everything else is ultimately replaceable. Upgrading everything else will make it sound better to a certain point, but you need a good base to start with, so to speak.
I don't see Cliff Burton.
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The answer would be 1/(2x+4), but I don't see the point of simplifying it, it would be fine if you leave it as 1/(2(x+2)).

Thanks heaps! That was the answer I'd originally written on my paper (seriously!)

Thanks for clearing that up
What is your favourite country to tour in, and why? I know you'd probably say they're all good, but still, any particular favourites?
Hey, could someone please confirm the answer to a question for me? Our teacher accidentally posted the wrong answers to a prac test on the net, so I'm not sure about this one.

Find dy/dx of y=(1/2)*ln(x+2)

So far I have y'=(1/2)*(1/(x+2))*1, but am not sure on the further simplification. Would the end result become 1/(2x+4) or 1/((x/2)+2)? I get confused with multiplying by fractions! Cheers!
Quite a cool idea, but if you know how you want your guitar wired, you'd just solder it that way to start with...

My main concern is that if you change your mind often with this, you'd have to take your pickguard off and replace it heaps, which sometimes can lead to the threads in the holes for the screws wearing out...
Um, it really depends on what sort of effects you want. A lot of people will tell you that you should of invested in an amp and effects before buying a good guitar, but anyhow... I know you're after opinions, but ultimately the sound you're getting will have to be one you like best, so don't be afraid to walk into a guitar store and try out many different amps, and try to do so with the same model guitar, or similar, so you know exactly how your setup will sound.
Ah, we're going to need a few more details here. Has the neck pickup ever worked, at all? If so, when did it break? Furthermore, there will be more than one wire connected to the pot, so a photo of that would be great if you can get one.

I'm thinking it could be a faulty pot, possibly bad wiring, but a photo will greatly help.
It won't blow anything up, but it'd probably sound a lot better if you use a bass wah - unless of course, you're liking the sound you get with the electric wah. The electric wah won't be made to handle the lower bass frequencies though. You can always check out the Wah customising thread on this site, as it's fairly simple to turn it into a bass wah if you want
Had Schoolies in '08, was pretty fun... that said, summers in Australia go on the end of year and the start of the next, so it was the end of '08.
So far waking up to hangovers have been pretty bad.

Waking up to my mum having a go at me straight away is also quite bad, possibly worse than hangovers.

"You got home so late, you only got 5 hours sleep last night!"

"Ugh, I know..."
Really depends on the amp. For example, I don't think I'd stand on the cabinet of mine, as it's a 1x12, but if you are going stand on it, have your feet apart a bit, to spread the weight to the sides of the amp, where the support is.
Paint parallel stripes of the same colour as your guitar on it to give it a weird visual effect?
No worries, and I have to thank other members of UG for showing me the site in the first place
Old school hard rockin' metal. As in, Iron Maiden, Metallica. Metal has changed so much and has so many sub genres, I don't even know what IS to be called "metal" these days (especially with everyone being offended over genres being mixed up)
Check out these two different links, from the same site:

It's a very useful and interesting site, and the mods are mainly focussed on strats too.
Yes, I'm also all for a third option, of "education can help you be more creative, but you don't necessarily need it to be creative".

Like learning music theory, some people aren't educated in it, but just know how to play and be creative, whereas others (like myself) have found music theory to help me with my creativity, as it's given me a focus and a way to use the creativity.
That's pretty awesome, but it doesn't mention how they're detecting gravity waves with the lasers, it only says what result they'll get that shows they exist
Personality flaw, or physical flaw? I have a combination of like every flaw, but in a small way, so that could add up to a big one?
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. So aliens/future people know that we have awesome music with class.
With your homemade thing, maybe one guitar had a higher output. Lots of amps have more than one input, some have 2 or more inputs a channel. My old amp had 2 inputs, and they could both be used at once. The catch was, one was designed for higher output active pickups, and therefore had a slightly lower output, meaning one guitar had to be turned down slightly. I don't know about devices, but 2 guitars in one input may not come out of the amp too well.
Hi all, probably the most random thread I've made, and I don't have high hopes for it, but you never know. Well, if you're in this thread, you'd know what Wincupl is. My issue is, I have to program simulations of 4 different ICs into one Atf2500 chip, and most of the connections between them happen internally. However, the manual is not very helpful, and no one has ever shown me how to internally connect up things. It'd be a hell of a lot more handy than having to run wires from inputs and outputs everywhere outside the IC.

So does anyone know how to introduce values that aren't an actual Pin on the IC being programmed, and get them to connect up with the program?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Possibly. Do you really need more gain, is the wah too quiet when you turn it on?
Did you test the wah after doing each separate upgrade, or just do the whole thing? With the gain mod, what value did you make the resistor? That's the resistor that is normally 390ohm. That'd be the first thing to check, I think.
I love a good bassline, love songs where the bass is audible and really adds to the groove, and when I find a dedicated bassist that knows their stuff, and jam with them, hell, I am going to appreciate the shit out of that person.

I've only jammed with other guitarists, that's why I'm craving variety. I'd even jam with cello or banjo players, I'm in that much need of a change...
People are creeped out by my long skinny fingers, and I find they do help with stretches... but that said, long stretches aren't exactly a necessary technique. I'd choose my long skinny fingers over short and stubby any day though
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Agreed, people seem to use the term for pretty much everything.

  • Your job earns money? Sellout!
  • You changed direction anywhere during your lifetime? Sellout!
  • Your latest album had something the previous albums didn't? Sellout!
  • Someone was seen with someone famous (that you didn't like)? Sellout!

Not to mention: Releasing an album for the first time, and going from "underground band" to "well known locally". Sellout!

I too, hate the term, and how it is so ridiculously thrown around for whatever stupid reason.

Back to Johnny Depp: He's still doing something creative, he's still performing, he's still partaking in an artform, and he still plays music anyhow. So, good on him.
Remember people, it said "your favourite" not "what is widely considered to be their best, by most people".

I'm a Ride the Lightning person
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The cops paying $8000?

Well, yeah, later on in the article it says "Victoria Police" but the paper made a big deal about it in the headline, to try and get people outraged I guess... Now that Carl is dead, no idea how this will affect things.
Wasn't the headlines this morning about the taxpayers forking out to pay for his daughter's education? It wasn't something I thought headline worthy, or anything to get worked up about... But this, well it shows that security in the prison was sort of lax...
Depends, all the spiky guitars would have to be guys.... or occasionally one might be a goth girl. More standard looking guitars could be either I guess...