I am also going to say Alice in Chains. Songs like Bleed the Freak, Get Born Again... most their discography actually.
Sennheiser will have some in that range, I'm using a pair that cost $70 Australian, and am quite happy with them. Of course, the more you spend, the better their specs, and there's also a few other good brands, but I have not had experience with them.
I'm going with the opinion that it will infinitely make more smaller and smaller squares, and mathematically, they will remain tiny squares. First thing I thought when I saw the picture though was analog to digital sampling and resolution... the more small squares, the less quantisation error, and the more the digital output sounds like the analog original. Sorry for slight irrelevancy.
Well, it depends if you want the sound of the pickups to be the same loudness, or one louder than the other... Also remember, they are magnetic, so having them too close to the strings means that they pull on the strings, causing your intonation to go out.
Quite fascinating theory, though it never bothers to say why we don't have "white holes" in our universe right now? As in, if our black holes are taking our matter to their universes, where's the influx of matter into ours from other universes?
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Radiohead - Creep
Alice in Chains - Would?
Green Day - Brain Stew
Slipknot - Sulfur
Aldo Nova - Fantasy
Bon Jovi - Runaway
The Pillows - Ride On Shooting Star (also known as the FLCL ending theme)

I can't really say I don't like The Pillows though. I haven't looked into them and that's just the only song of theirs I've heard. I'm not normally into J-pop though.

If you like Would? I'm sure there's other songs of Alice's that you'd like too

Anyhow, I really like the song Foreign Land by Eskimo Joe, but haven't been able to get into their other songs (some which sound so completely different).
Wow, 20 to 0 poll action going on! Never seen that before on UG. My input to the conversation: Big bands still do covers in their set, and with the people doing open mic nights I've seen locally, they do covers as well. I believe they help some audience members get into the person playing more if they have something familiar to hear.
Learn the difference between tuning a guitar and playing a song. This has happened to me! I just finish tuning acoustic, quote from girl: "Oh, I thought you were playing then!"
-$3000 I'd say... It'll start paying for itself soon.
A friend just recently got me into John Jorgenson, and I find the music to be quite good to listen to. The songs take me to far away countries in my mind... Anyone else listened to this great musician?
Winamp definately. You can easily make it display the filename.
Definately possible, but may take centuries or millennia for some future civilisations of the world to get it sorted. While there is lots of conflict and strife in this current time, remember in the past, it was the norm for massive raids on other people to happen (I'm talking about the history surroung Europe and England, not to mention the Mongols... only a few examples out of many). So overall, most of the world's population today isn't the "hey, let's go start wars type" but the few that want conflict do it in such a way as to affect more people. So, my point is, it seems to me, as the centuries go by, humanity is leaning towards the world peace way.
TS, that was your only post ever, are you a lurker/user of this site, or is this shameless self promotion?
Once it makes you extremely frustrated you'll probably quit it and move on to Minesweeper.
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Hence the hypothesis that the singularity that birthed the current universe was possibly formed from the matter of a previous universe.

Then the issue becomes "where did that previous universe come from, and if there were a whole sequence of universes, how did the first one form?"
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you need that fret leveled. but no you can't just sandpaper or file it.

if you flatten the top of the fret, it'll deaden the note completely.

are you able to bring it back to the shop to have that fret leveled?
or is it absolutely necessary that you do it yourself.

It is possible to take it back to the shop, but my easter break from education is just ending, so time is scarce. I also don't know if he would charge me now to get that one fret done, as it all seemed fine when he demonstrated it to me in the shop... I have seen on UG before people talking about filing and such, so if it's somthing I can do myself then I'm happier with that option. But if it's quite obvious that it's something I shouldn't attempt, I won't do it myself.

EDIT: Decided to record the note I was playing, so I could listen to it without the acoustic fretbuzz. Turns out that while it makes a lot more buzz acoustically (than anything else on the fretboard!) it was only noticeable recorded when I was really hammering the note. So maybe it's not as a big issue as I originally thought, but when playing at low levels, people will definatenly be able to hear it. Sorry for the extra long post too!
Mow lawns? Garden work? Help out with any maintanance for friends, neighbours, family? At your age, you'd be looking at pocket money sort of things, as opposed to actual part time jobs. Nothing wrong with that though, good to hear you're taking the inititive at 13!
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I've tried for about an hour now to set the intonation on the D string. Whenever I get it set up at the 12th fret, the open D string goes out of tune. When I retune it, the intonation is off. Anyone have any advice?

A couple of factors affecting it could be that the neck is slightly bent, also are your strings particularly high, as that can also throw it off. Another thing is, if they're real old strings that need changing, they may be impossible to intonate (I've had that problem before).

And ah yes, I had a question myself: Just had my guitar setup with lower action than it had before, I'm happy with intonation and everything, gets some light acoustic fretbuzz, but nothing that comes through the amp, so I'm fine with that, EXCEPT when playing the second fret B on the A string, it's a horribly loud fretbuzz, definately noticeable. All the other second fret notes are fine. Out of pretty much the whole fretboard, just this note gets massive fretbuzz. Therefore, do I file down the next fret slightly, and if so, with what type of file/sandpaper? Or is there a better solution?

Sorry? Capacitors in parallel combine their capacitance, and in series, decrease it. This is opposite to how resistors work. And uh, he's putting two 50pf in parallel, not possible to get 200 from Ah, I think you've got your 50s and 100s mixed up from the question.
Also a chance that it'll screw up majorly if you have short circuits and make random, loud, unwated noises. Also, if your short your battery directly, well could explode, and if you short your power cable, that's also quite bad... You could die if your amp has a major problem and sends a current through the guitar, but the pedal won't kill you, might just be problematic. Make sure your joints are all secure.
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Quick capacitor question.

Circuit calls for 100pF cap however I don't have one. Can I use two 50pF caps in parrarellel instead?


Yep, providing you have room for both of them.
Ah ok. Sounds like you took advantage of the current situation, and came out on top of it

And I'm one of those people that don't hate MGs because everyone else does

Personally, I don't know if I'd be too keen on sawing through a combo, but it seems to of worked out fine for you!
Awesome job! So you had the head connected just straight to the PA, and not through a guitar speaker?
Hey all, I'm back in this thread again, this time looking at modding a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion. After doing some research, I'm aware that it is no way as easy to mod as a standard DS-1, and the circuit is much more complicated. I'm interested in experimenting with the gain I can get out of it, as well as changing the tone. I do have time to experiment with it, and being an electronics student, you'd think I'd know what I'm doing. But I've never been faced with this many transistors in one audio circuit before, especially of the MOSFET type.

In short, before messing about with the circuit, I'm asking if anyone can offer some advice as to what parts to focus on; and if anyone is knowledgable and feeling generous, a short guide through the circuit would be well appreciated And because it's on the internet, lots of people searching about would benefit too.

(Sorry, but I won't be able to reply til tomorrow night)
Are you going to get the car checked out by qualified personel to see if there is a serious problem, or are you just going to hope it doesn't happen again?
God is in the Radio - Queens of the Stone Age
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Has anyone mentionned Tenacious D yet??

I feel ashamed for not thinking of them sooner!

On topic, it's all personal taste, and as shown in this thread, some people are extremely picky about their musical comedians, and others like their music and comedy seperate. That said, not every comedian appeals to every person, so whatever your endeavour is, it will appeal to someone.

In all seriousness, could it of been some kind of electro-magnetic pulse? I know they're meant to wipe out electronics, but a weaker one could of somehow done this. It might explain the lights being on?

Question: Could you turn the lights off? As in, turning the switch to "on" and then "off", did that turn them off, or are they stuck permanently on?
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psh... my ears have been ringing for almost a year now

but really, I have permanent tinnitus and it's a bitch, use ear protection kids

He speaks the truth, like you all do.

I wore earplugs to a concert for the first time the other night (Machine Head), and am so glad I did. Apart from not being deafened, and only getting mild ringing in my right ear (from me stupidly taking the plug out for a second to see how loud it actually was), I could hear all the dynamics of the songs brilliantly, due to my ears not being raped by sound.

I was suprised and saddened to not see anyone else with earplugs to be honest.
I normally see local blues and roots muso's play at the bar, and hang with everyone there. I'm pretty much a regular, so there's always someone to talk to, though I don't often drink. So I voted "other".
The holes in the tuners will be fine, it's the nut you have to watch out for. I put 11s on my Epi, and the low E and D strings are too tight within the nut, causing them to get stuck, which creates tuning problems sometimes. For strings of the thickness you want, I'd recomend getting the nut filed properly for them, if you're always going to have strings that thick. Also, watch out for your intonation changing.
Are you able to move the front passenger seat back to wedge it in to minimise the amp's movement?
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Buying an MG is the worst mistake you can make... Almost anyone here, and DEFINATELY anyone with any sense of anything at all, will tell you that they're terrible amps for terrible value. They're just... awful.

That's not the question he was asking, and chances are you've never played one and have jumped on the bandwagon.

Yes, some combos can be linked to cabs, but will not make it louder. I suggest to have an idea of the exact loudness you need out of the amp you're going to get, and see if you can get that. Don't be afraid to try different amps of varying wattages.
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If aliens destroyed everything but people were still alive we would still have the same knowledge and culture. We would just have to rebuild.

With only a handful of people left on the planet, those few would not be able to retain the whole knowledge of everything we have achieved, and however hard they try to pass on ideas to their children, lots will be lost, and the past will gradually become legend and myth. So lots will have to be reinvented, maybe differently, maybe eerily similar.

You need certain population levels to support a certain level of technological advancement, in short.
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Mike Hunt

I've heard that one before, normally following the line "send it to..."
Metallica got me into metal (cliched, I know). Then after searching about increasingly heavier metal bands, I realised I didn't like all the more modern, heavier stuff, and then discovered Hendrix, got into blues. Then Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails opened me up to pretty much everything else inbetween metal and blues. Local artists I see nearby also showed me the beauty of acoustic slide guitar.
There are lots of extra harmonics and frequencies that we can't audibly percieve, but still add a richness to the sound. Mp3s tend to cut all these out. It's the reason audiophiles like equipment that has a range of up to 200KHz even.
Look here. It's not a Floyd Rose, but it's an Epi Les Paul with a tremelo, so that's most of what you want

Here's some more inspiration Still, your idea is different, and it's not bad.
We had this discussion when reading Romeo and Juliet too. Teenagers can feel love, but it's quite obvious that some aren't in love, they're actually just all lust. It's also easy to mistake being in love at that age, but once you have been for real, you know what was real and what wasn't for sure.

In relation to Romeo and Juliet, I believe that they had an extreme infaturation, having not experienced something like that before, they felt like they were both completely in love, though in the real world, well, love seems to take a tad longer to develop. As in, knowing the person helps. Just my opinion, and they're fictional characters, so yeah, up for educational debate.