So, I'm having a bit of a problem with my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. There was a broken transistor in my amp last week that was diagnosed and fixed, but it was causing the amp to basically cut all the volume completely. There would be a little fizzle, and then the sound was gone. The light for the drive channel would switch off and everything. Then, in a varied allotted time, everything would come back in. And the process would just repeat itself.

But, now it's having a similar problem. The volume wont cut out all the way, but it will get to a VERY low volume, and then come back. I'm hoping it's just a tube that got loose from moving the amp around, but I haven't done that since the practice before last where it sounded absolutely fine. This is all happening before some gigs I'm playing on Friday and Saturday.

This is almost the 10th time this amp has given me problems. I'm thinking the local music shop isn't where I should bring it this next time. There's a guy in my town who fixes anything that has tubes, but I'm pretty sure he's more experienced with radios and old vintage stereo amps versus guitar amps.
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You need to post this in it's own thread to maximize your chances at getting help.

Then delete the two you've posted elsewhere...

Oh okay. Sorry.
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Probably John Dyer Baizley.

I was gonna say the same thing. The guy is a beast when it comes to making album covers.
Made some new purchases today from Easy Street Records in Seattle.

Left to right:
Baroness- Yellow/Green
Kurt Vile- Waking on a Pretty Daze
Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of the City (White vinyl)
Daft Punk- Random Access Memories
Bon Iver- Calgary Single

White Vinyl is absolutely awesome btw.
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I'm gonna be real with you, both of you are rebounding, so don't try and force anything. If she knows any of your friends you are camping with, then invite her. Else, wait until the 12th.

oh yeah, I completely understand were rebounding. Ill just wait until the 12th. I guess im in that relationship mindset with her at the moment, which is the wrong way to go about this. Either way, im so stoked for Seattle.
So, im feeling a lot better since a month ago. Its still difficult but things are suddenly looking up. So, story time...

I met this girl in Seattle at a fleet foxes show about 2 years ago. My friends, i and her bandmate were all standing outside the venue after the show waiting for the band to come outside so we could meet them. Anyways, they both ended up missing their bus ride home, and we had to head in the same direction to get over the pass, so we brought them home. The next day she added me on Facebook and we began talking a bit. She was always inviting me to come over and visit, but i never ended up doing it. So, a few days ago i noticed that it was her birthday, so i messages her, and wished her a nice birthday. The next message she asked when i was going to come to Seattle next. I told her very soon as my gf broke up with me and i needed to get out of there for a few days. Turns out her bf just broke up with her 2 weeks ago. So, now i realized i need to jump on this opportunity right away. Basically, im going to Seattle on the 12th and were both going to get drunk downtown and have a great time.

But this is where i need a bit of help. A bunch of friends and i are going camping for the 4th and i thought i might invite her. But, would it be a bit weird and uncomfortable for her? I really don't want to screw this up.
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You just need to keep practicing your approaches. Start off easy: go to the mall, and ask 10 different girls what time it is. Next, trying going up to 10 different girls and give them a meaningful compliment. Just keep doing something bigger and better until you've gotten to be more comfortable with them.


But seriously... I've been going to different bars now that I'm single, and there's a really cute girl who tends at one I've been going to lately. Now, I just need to start trying to get her attention. She knows who I am because she's friends with one of my best friends, and we kind of talk a bit, but I need to know what to do to stand out from the rest of the patrons who come in and hit on her.
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As for ladies, go with a wingman. Don't focus on any PUA stuff, just talk to them and try to have fun. If you play a natural, confident self, they'll be naturally receptive of it. Really, it comes down to simply doing it. Approach them and try to have a good time.

DON'T bring up your ex.

Fair enough. God, I wish all the hot college girls wouldn't have left for the summer... The bars are really empty and depressing now.
It's been two weeks, and I'm not doing too bad. I've mainly been working, and drinking and with friends. Occasionally the feels come back, and it hurts, but I'm getting better. But I'm at that point now where I am ready to just ready to start ****ing chicks again. Unfortunately, I don't really have the best social skills when it comes to talking to women, unless I know them. I just get really awkward (my ex said it was in a very endearing way), and I feel like not all ladies would really want to get down with that. Anyways, any tips for picking up ladies?
I saw her last night. We were at the bars and she happened to be there, and all those feels came rushing back. Hell, just seeing her car there last night ****ed with me. Then we left and went to a party, where she eventually ended up at. I had to just stay outside most of the time. I couldn't ****ing handle it. We didn't say a single word all night, until she left, and we hugged and she just mouthed to me a few times, "i'm so sorry." After that I just had to go outside with a couple other people and I just started bawling.

I feel like I've been doing fine all week. I was day drinking the entire with my other friend who had recently gotten dumped too, and my ex's sister was there too. We were having so much, drinking beers, finishing off two bottles of vodka, having water balloon fights and shit. I was sure I was over her, but I'm totally not.

I'm just waiting for her to text me and say she wants to get back together, even though thats probably the worst thing I should do.

Goddammit guys. I hate everything right now. And now I have to work in an hour and a half until 11 o'clock. **** EVERYTHING
You done ****ed up.
"OP's Mom in the Flesh" by Every Guy in the Neighborhood
One thing I've found to help me out with my whole situation is to make a music playlist. Starting off with some sappy break up songs and shit, and then slowly have them get more and more positive until it ends with one of the happiest songs you can imagine. You go from both extremes. First, sadness to bring about some self reflection and stuff. Then the most happy and upbeat shit to put you in a great mood. I feel like it kind of reflects the break up process in a way. You're ****ing miserable at first, but overtime things get better and better until they culminate into complete happiness.

Or maybe I'm full of shit.
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Delete your fb. Trust me it really helps. If you need a way to make sure you can't log back on for a set period of time, ask, because I have a good one.

I wish I could. My band communicates via Facebook, that's how we set up shows, etc. I've just hid her newsfeed right now. That seems to be working better than before.
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How do you forget someone?

I know that feel. Like 8 times a day I always have to check my ex-girlfriends wall on FB. I feel like I'm over her, but deep down I know I'm not. So, basically at the moment I'm just getting drunk all the time with friends to help myself forget about her, but in the end it doesn't make things permanent for me. She only broke up with me on Friday night, so I mean I realize that it's still gonna take some time, but **** this hurts pretty bad deep down.
So, my girlfriend just broke up with me the other night, and I've decided to start writing some songs. This is definitely a break up sort of song, which is pretty sappy. I'm just wondering if I should just scrap it though. I don't have much at all at the moment, but I just want to see what you think. Here's what I have so far...

No matter what I do, you're still there all the time
In my dreams, in my eyes, in the back of my mind
I can drink away the pain until I'm blind
These cigarettes and whiskey are my best friends tonight

By the way, I'm pretty terrible at writing lyrics, so I feel like with all this free time I might as well work on something.
Now I just want to go get rebound sex for the next month or so. It's so nice not having to use condoms though when you are in a relationship where she's on birth control. I've actually never used condoms. :/
Alright. I was just saying cause I almost got some last night. This girl at the bar was hanging out with one of her friends and they kind of joined our group. Then she found out i got dumped and she didn't leave my side the entire night, and it felt awesome to have another girl showing compassion for me.

but anyways, we all go back to their place and she invites me to go smoke a bowl with her on the patio and the two of us were just out there smoking together and she was pointing constellations out in thr sky. I felt like something was going to start between us, and then my friend walks out on the patio and he's like, hey what's up? And then from that point on ge cockblocked me the rest of the night. I was so pissed. And then when we left he was like "did you get her number? She seemed pretty interested in you."

****. She was so cute too
So, if you remember a few days ago my girlfriend had broken up with me. Id just like to report that im actually pretty decent right now. There's no doubt that I miss her a lot, and if she ever did come back to me id totally go back to her like a dumb idiot. But other than that im doing pretty good. I've just got a question though.

Is rebound sex an okay thing to do? I enjoy having sex just like everyone else, everyone and id kind of like to continue doing that. But i feel like it might be a disrespectful thing to do, and it might just make things worse for me in the end.
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Ask if your bros would mind if they took the next couple of nights to really just be around you, because the last thing you need is to be alone. Camaraderie is an essential ingredient to getting over sad times. If your friends are good friends, they will understand and won't mind.

Yeah, were doing something tonight. Hopefully getting some pitchers and maybe a man-hottub-party. I dont get (really)drunk too often, and ill probably feel worse about things in the morning, but I've got to try and have some fun tonight.
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This is why we love you SED, for beautiful pieces like this.

Yes, it is normal to feel like that afterwards. However, only you can decide for how long it lasts. This quote usually helps me, as it was said by a friend's father:

"Your first love will feel like your last, but I can tell you now, your last love will feel like the first."

And it still rings true after each breakup I've ever had, and it helps me to get through it that much faster. You have to believe in yourself that you have learned a lot in your past relationship, and it'll only make the next one you have that much better. Keep striving to improve your life and self-esteem in whichever way possible, whether it be hanging out with friends more, working out, or just focusing on your studies, as long as you maintain a stead increase in willpower and understanding, things will start to look up sooner than you think, I can promise you that.

That really means a lot to me right now. Thanks.
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It does feel like that, and it sucks. But it's a normal and rational feeling.
Talk to your friends about it, go and have some drinks or just do something you generally find enjoyable to take your mind off it.
If you don't have many friends, then make some new ons by going out to social stuff and whatnot.
I mean, you can talk to us about it, but I'm sure that won't have the same impact as talking to a living, breathing person whom you can make a close connection with.

I would say though, don't let this eat you up.

yeah im going to go out tonight with some friends, it just sucks because all of my best friends are also some of ger best friends. I know after all of this has cooled down it'll all be fine between the two of us but at the same time i just can believe myself when i say that's

Also, it does help talking to someone on here. Maybe not as much as being face to face with someone, but it does help.
My girlfriend broke up with me last night. We dated 1 year and 5 months. Im absolutely helpless at the moment. Is it normal to feel like Ill never love another woman again? I feel like i have to look at the big picture though. Im still only 22. She was my first real girlfriend that wasn't some high school bullshit. Im just so numb right now that it's difficult for me to even cry. Console me pit.

EDIT: both of us are still planning on remaining friends. She was one of my best friends in high school and we both decided we aren't going to lose that. Were planning on trying to keep our distance from each other for a while though, until things have been able to settle down.

This is just so difficult. I woke up three times in the middle of the night because I was having dreams about her, as though we were still together. I hate everything right now.
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which pink floyd records were limited? also, there is much more to original pressings than just when they were pressed. label, country, etc are all important factors when determining the value/desirability

Yeah. It was pressed in the US. It's not a really valuable one. Its just kinda cool.
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guys I'm super pumped. my mom brought this coffee table up from the basement that has speakers in it! you keep your records and the record player inside of it.
I can't wait to get it set up!!

Sounds awesome. Take pics when you get a chance.
Just picked these up today.
Every Day and Every Night- Bright Eyes
Blunderbuss- Jack White
and Sgt Peppers, which appears to be an original pressing.
here's all of mine. Almost all of them were given to me from my Dad. Any new ones, and the Neil Diamond albums, are what I've bought.

Anyone ever convert your records into mp3s?

Also, what are your favorite albums to listen to on vinyl?
No. I broadcasted movies and television shows on there one time and watched it with people (who weren't jacking off).

Edit: They were probably messing with you.
I'm not sure yet, but it doesn't make any difference to me. Weed doesn't do much for me anymore. I'd rather have a glass of nice whiskey and a pipe. Or a beer and a cigarette.

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Weed is not a lifestyle, people.

This. Once it consumes your life, you're a ****ing loser.
I'm in a cover band and it's a whole lot of fun. We make sure we can play the songs really ****in' well, but we don't take ourselves seriously at all. We're planning on changing the band name every show.

So far the set list is:
Sgt Peppers- The Beatles
Take on Me- Aha
No One Else- Weezer
Girls Just Want to Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
Cherry Bomb- Joan Jett
Blitzkrieg Bop, Ring of Fire, I Fought the Law Mash Up
.... and this.

If you can make enough to pay for beer the rest of the night, then why not do it?
Driving, gaming, internet surfing, homework (depends on what kind), and occasionally during sex. I dont really like Muse, but it was in the background when I lost my virginity and it made everything 10 times more awesome.
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So: You're so ****ING ******ed that the grey matter between my ears is turning stale. YOU PUT YOUR HAND IN THE ****ING CLOGGED TOILET THAT YOU JUST TOOK A SHIT IN. How ****ing stupid are you. I wouldn't even do that if I was piss drunk. What the **** man? Or are you just one of those people with really low standards when it comes to basic sanitation/cleanliness standards. Like for ****'s sake man, at the very worst if you're ****ed without a plunger, get a ****ing coathanger, or a long screwdriver or something, that thought never crossed your mind? No clearly it didn't, instead you proceeded to shove one of your bodily extremities into a ****ing early form of what could have been a full blown cesspool. Or hey, here's a little ****ing lightbulb to put over your empty ****ing skull: turn off the water valve on the toilet so the toilet doesn't overflow, then take all the ****ing time you need to go buy a plunger, come back and use that plunger.

I'm sorry for blowing a fuse on this, but disgusting shit like this, I just find ****ing revolting and I find can speak volumes about a person's level of basic knowledge and intelligence concerning hygiene and normal everyday things like workings of a toilet. I've had to deal with ******s like this so many times I think I may have PTSD... The amount of times some ****** took a shit in our barracks, didn't know how to turn off the water valve (seriously, how this not the first thing you would do) and grab the plunger to clear it out, I can't even count how many times. I can't count how many times I had to walk on my heels in the washroom to the urinals to take a piss because the ****ing toilet water was all over the god damn floor in the barracks washroom because some ****** didn't quite master the fine prowess on how to operate a standard issue toilet plunger. This shit is making me gag just thinking about it.

Wow, TS, you seriously have made me blow that fuse. This is assuming this isn't a ****ing fake ass stupid story. Actually no, **** it, even if it is fake, I'm still pissed, because if people that disgusting and ******ed actually co-exist in the same planet where I live, I just might go ape shit for good.

You sound kinda pissed.
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Should've just broken up with her and walked away.

This one time I flooded my girlfriends apartment bathroom at like 12 a.m. because the toilet overflowed. The whole floor was covered with poop/urine-ridden water. I had to clean it all up, and it took like 2.5 hours. After I soaked up most of it with towels, I had to squeegee the rest of it into a dust pan and put it down the shower drain. Then I covered the whole bathroom with bleach, and literally showered with bleach afterwards. It was one of top ten worst things I've ever had to do.

Jealous of my $1.00 find at Goodwill?

Pointless fact: I'm pretty sure I was naked when I took this photo.
Brooklyn? So a bunch of hipsters are causing all of this. It'll stop being cool in a couple days and it'll be over.
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seriously? I could have sworn I sent you one before. oh well, new one incoming.

What is this about a tumblr?

Also, this is a bit weird, but I've been wanting to know the source of Johnny Ibanez's avatar for the longest time.
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Who does ''get lost in the woods with a map and compass'' type shit here?

Honest opinion, don't have to be embarrassed if you answer degrees, but: degrees or mils?

Mils gets my vote.

/random comment

I'm talking a Hiking and Orienteering class this next quarter, so I might learn how to do some of that shit.