This Night- Black Lab
Farewell Ride- Beck *a slide is needed
i love mine. very versatile, can get sweet Creedence Tone and it does great hard rock too.
^last year i got a 20% off in the mail. im hoping for one by friday lol
dam. by looking at your main pic, you look like a ****ing nut. you remind me of the virginia tech kid, minus the asian.
its ok once the messiah reincarnated *obama* comes into power, the terrorists will love us again.. wait, whats that??? a new terrorist video that called obama a house negro????? you dont say!!!
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I live in Connecticut.

i know. so go get married to your boyfriend.
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I give you, ladies and gentleman, a prime example of why the world as a whole has a vastly lower opinion of America than it did 8 years ago.

why because i side with my country just like you side with yours???/ ahh how dare i not side with islamic extremists.
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Lol are you going to start chanting USA! at some point and declare us the best nation in the world?

if it is needed i will.
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Sorry to hear that. I always enjoy myself when I'm there.

im with you there.
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so your going to side with a terrorist in which they use civilians as human shields and bomb innocents in markets over a nation?
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that's wonderful, except the closest guitar center to me is about 100 miles away, and guitar center sucks anyway.

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why do you call them terrorists? maybe we are the terrorists since we invaded their country.

we invaded afghanistan before september 11th???? news to me
guitar center has a flyer in there for 15% off coupon for black friday, and 10% off coupon that lasts until december 24
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Kaybee::so ryan why havent we had sex yet?
Ryan::wait, what?
Kaybee::why havent we had sex yet???
Ryan:: um that was random......
Kaybee:: are you gonna answer?
Ryan:: well i didnt know it was an option. when you wanna hook up then;]
Kaybee::i was kidding you perv.
Ryan:: oh.....
Kaybee::UG ftw huh?
Ryan:: dammit. i knew something was up. you better not post this.
Kaybee::sure thing.

bahaha. must really suck for the guy.
Swat Man: so honest why havent we had sex yet
Rummy: dont want aids
i believe britain could not have won. Stalin was begging for america to open a front because they were getting slaughtered.

one can argue however, that without the Lend-lease policy, britain would be north west germany today
kill him. its only a jail sentence.
im selling a Fulltone Octafuzz. check it out in my topic theres a pic.
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how do lesbians have sex?

do they like scissor.... or something?

10 e-cookies to whoever gets the reference

pineapple express
ive been running through a city while all you cry for a doctor. i found 200 .357 rounds with no 357 magnum
ive seen this logo before....

but the price when i bought the guitar was not raised. it was the price it usually was plus 20% off so i fail to see your logic. the guitar was the same price before the deal started and was the same after the deal ended. that picture looks fake also
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they raise the prices, then lower them, making you think you get a good deal, but really, you get it at normal press, haha

not true. i bought a guitar last year which was 20% off of the price it was listed as. which it was listed as the same price as the guitar still is. they do not raise them
does anyone know about anything they are doing yet? i know last year i was sent a 20% off coupon for it in which i used.
Bump Final PRice drop. 115$ shipped. i really need to move this pedal out
bump. fuzz is still for sale!.
what did you do that made your parents feel that ytou needed to go?
you must be rich as hell because these programs cost about 10k or more.
who took you to this place? i know people that do this for a living

my reverb has totally stopped working when i twist the nob. i have read that this has happened to others so i was wondering how to fix it?
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Guess what the soldiers are living off of? Taxes. Biden addressed every single point directly and was the only person out of all four of the candidates to specifically name the promises that he wouldn't keep due to the bailout package being a priority.

Bill Clinton was a former Attorney General and was governor for over 12 years by the time of his first debate, in addition to having a running mate who had over 15 years of House and Senate experience. You cannot, in good conscience, compare that to Palin's 2 years of gubernatorial experience.

umm no. bill clinton was never an attorney general and was only a governor
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How can anyone, to any degree, claim that Palin won that debate? From the very beginning she stated that she would not answer the moderator's questions(1), ignored the debate questions to read talking points, didn't once engage an issue at a substantive, learned level, and actually blatantly contradicted herself, like when she said that McCain is all about pushing for government regulation and then immediately backing off and saying that government wasn't the answer(2). She did not, at any time, win a single point and only earned respect by the simple fact that she didn't run away crying after the first question. If Sarah Palin were anyone else, saying the same things that she did, she would have been trounced. It was obvious from the onset that she was heavily prepped for specific expected questions during the debate and was not able to even address points that she did not expect at the debate.


1- "And I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear"
2- "Now, as for John McCain's adherence to rules and regulations and pushing for even harder and tougher regulations, that is another thing that he is known for though." and "Patriotic is saying, government, you know, you're not always the solution."

and joe biden called paying taxes a patriotic thing. he failed harder.

and so what if she was heavily prepped???? bill clinton was just as heavily prepped in the 92 election because he was a know nothing governor from arkansas with as much experience as palin, and look where he got for it
your ignorance is no excuse for a line 6 spider II.......
topic maker tried to make a topic which owns but instead, he became the owned. you shall never show your face to the pit again