I'm trying to upgrade my tele and I was what are some good tuners that will fit a squier affinity telecaster?
the only reason im wondering is im working on a tele right now and have the body finished and ready to have pickups and hardware installed, and i found somebody selling a set of the gfs and the mexican pickups for $25 a set and figured i can't beat that cheap of a deal at the moment
are they better or worse than mim tele pickups?
anybody used the repro 1950's or 1960's telecaster alnico bridge pickups or the repro vintage alnico neck pickup in a telecaster? i am looking at getting them and i was wondering how they are?
fake, it doesn't even say gibson on the headstock
these aren't about rape at all
what do you have left that you would be willing to trade for it?
still looking for an isp decimator?
I have an Isp Decimator that is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. I am only looking to get rid of it because i don't need it with my current rig. Make me an offer to buy it or if you have anything interesting to trade let me know as well. im open to other pedals, multi-fx processors, guitar pickups, direct boxes and pre-amps. if you have anything else guitar or music related let me know though and i will definitely consider it! thanks!
seymour duncan single coils
what is the best way to shield a strat to reduce extra noise and hum? also what supplies would i need to do the job?
even if the electronics suck i can replace all that and it would be pretty good though
so i have the opportunity to pick up a japanese Lotus brand '52 telecaster copy for $100. i was wondering if you guys knew anything about Lotus guitars? are they any good?
so i have some money from christmas, and i would like to upgrade my stock speaker in my blues jr. what would be the best speaker to get? i want something that is well balanced, and will have good cleans as well as a good sound when i use overdrive or distortion.
they all suck
ok so pretty much my order needs to be

tuner - wah - ds-1 - metal muff - tubescreamer - ns-2 - chorus - delay - eq?
so i recently expanded my pedal board and i was wondering exactly what order i shoudl put my pedals in so that they work the best.

i am playing a fender strat and epi les paul, and my amp is a blues jr

my pedals are
1. planet waves tuner
2. boss ds-1 distortion
3. ibanez ts9-dx
4. electro harmonix metal muff
5. dunlop dimebag darrel wah
6. boss ce-5 shorus ensemble
7. delta lab digital delay
8. boss ns-2 noise suppressor
9. boss ge-7 equalizer
i've been a bit interested in this as well
so i bought an old 1930's acoustic today that has been sitting in a closet forever and the strings had been on there for years. the fretboard cleaned up nice with some lemon oil but what can i use to get all the stuck on dirt off of the body?
its more so that i'm have a habit of strumming pretty hard and it causes some feedback. i have a soundhole cover on my ovation that works well but it won't work on my ibanez acoustic because the it had a metal sheet thats covered in rubber.
so i'm looking to get a soundhole cover for my acoustic to reduce some feedback and such when playing plugged in but the problem i have is that my volume and tone control for my pickup are inside of my soundhole. are there any covers made of all rubber that i could cut a little piece out of or any kind of custom made covers or anything?
pretty happy with my grover locking tuners
yeah i have a fake gibson actually and it looks a lot like this one, also there's no way anyone in there right mind would sell gibson les pauls for cheaper than epiphone les pauls cost
yeah paint markers work pretty well i've used them for a few different projects
white out actually chips off of hard surfaces pretty easily, think about if you get it on your finger nails, it peels off pretty easily when it dries.
saw taking back sunday recently and like you all i thought they would play mainly new stuff but they actually played a **** load of older songs
the actual model appears to be a silvertone 604
i found a vintage parlor sized silvertone acoustic guitar for dirt cheap and was wondering if it was any good at all. it looks very nice but haven't had a chance to go play it for myself and see how it actually sounds and thought i wouldn't waste my time or gas money if they were known to be crap.
any other opionions before i try and order something?
those won't work on my guitar! i need 3 on a side tuners for an acoustic guitar...thanks for the suggestion though!
awesome! they seem to be about $20ish cheaper than the grovers i've been looking at but quality and ability to hold good tune is my main concern. if i have to spend the extra money on something better for it to do the job it would be worth it.
i'm looking at getting a set of 3 on a side wilkinson ez lock tuners for my acoustic guitar. has anybody used these before and are they any good or should i fork out a little more cash and get some grovers?
unc charlotte-us
heck yeah garage band!