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People should be able to consent to engage in dangerous activities so long as it doesn't bring harm to anyone who is non-consenting.

So boxing passersby on the street would be a no-no but two consenting adults should be able to beat each other retarded for money should they choose.

This guy's got it right.
We can celebrate join dates? I'll drink to that!
Thanks to both of you guys, and I'll be checking out your guys' stuff asap! Jready - Vocals will be added soon, but lyrics are still being worked on. Also, I'm not terribly worried about the mix since the final recording and mixing will be done in a studio by a professional, just trying to get the ideas across.

ThoriumEx - the synth stuff was all done in guitar pro, exported to midi then imported into FLStudio where I replaced the instruments. I used the Oatmeal VST plugin to get that keyboard sound and the strings are from the EWQL Colossus package.
Sounds pretty good man, the only real thing I can say needs work is the mix, but nothing really wrong composition-wise. Care to have a listen to my latest?
Agreed, not my dream amp, but I do love my 6505+. If I could afford a Bogner or Krank, I'd have it, but the 6505's are not bad at all.
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Hire an escort and have her blow you on stage.
This. Works for me every time
Just trying to get the word spread. Have a listen, drop me a line, like my facebook profile, etc. Not many songs with vocals... yet. - DRAGONSBANE
It's really too bad these Loomis sigs are so spendy, even second hand they're expensive. So worth it though!
Nope, not this band, however, I have a side project called Tamriel.
Ah, that Morrigan. I've been replaying Origins this week.
Morrigan? ...As in Dragon Age?
Are you recording in stereo or mono? If stereo, that's the likely cause.
Band's name is DragonsBane, on a bit of a hiatus until I get back to Oregon, but add us on ReverbNation if you guys are on there, maybe we can set up some shows if you're in the area. Rock on!
That could be, but ultimately, if it sounds good to you, make the other instruments work with your guitar tone. I'd probably cut a little off the treble, raise the bass a bit, then play with mids until its sparkling.
Interesting. That's one approach, I've got some samples of my technique on my profile here and you can maybe see for yourself. I always pan harmonies, especially. But the tone you have would work, I would think. Once you have the bass and drums in there, with some EQing and some light compression, it'll rock.
I would at least double track each part, pan one left around 60-80%, one right around the same. Fiddle with the EQ on each separate track to get a fatter sound out of your guitars.
I haven't had them made personally but a friend who has gave me some. InTuneGP makes great picks and the art transfer is pretty good actually. Maybe give them a look.
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Moon, no. Mars, Yes. If Earth goes boom then the moon goes with it I believe.

Pretty much what I was thinking. Anyone else seen the craters on the moon?
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Habanero Jack
Extra Sharp New York Cheddar
Bulgarian Feta

In that order

You said it brother
For $350? Don't think I want them that bad...
I usually like, slowly unbend while sliding up the neck to mute the string easier, but I'm not sure how others would do it. I think Gary's right, just practice and see what works best for you.
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Remember when I said something like this would happen? Remember?

Alex Jones, is that you?
I'm so glad that this isn't the same ol' shit you usually hear with an 8 string. Really cool feel to the song man, keep doing what you're doing.
Sounds great!
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Have you ever played through a tube amp? Because I have a feeling it has what you're looking for. I've always found that the MG series lacks something, too. No, they aren't as bad as people give them credit for, but they're definitely not the last amp you'll ever need. Trust me, go try a tube amp. You won't regret it.
He's got the right idea, OP. BTW Kaos, I'm adding you guys on ReverbNation, we aren't far from you, we should organize a show together in the future!
You're probably looking for a high gain sound and as a former MG user, I can tell you, you aren't going to get it out of a vanilla MG amp. You should look into getting a tube screamer and an EQ peddle to really wrangle a decent tone out of it.

I got rid of my MG a long time ago and got a 6505+, never looked back. Today's lesson: never trust Zakk Wylde
I usually re-record a bit of the previous take then drag the start of the new take to a place with similar waveforms, then do a slight fade-in.
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never tried that, but i had this last weekend and it was the shita

Yes! I was about to post this!
Blackguard, old Elvenking, Kivimetsan Druidi, Turisas, Wolfchant...can't think of any others right now.
Equilibrium, Finntroll, Eluveitie, Wintersun, Spellblast, Running Wild