you know what? youre right, i think we're going to change the entire direction of our band now.
This one is called Salmonella

And this one is called Dad

For those of you who like Tera Melos/any really technical math rock.

This show was one of of the greatest nights of my life, and we're going on tour in the south over the winter, we were sloppy on these videos, but nonetheless, im proud.
We're from Louisville, Kentucky. I play bass.

Our Facebook
thanks dude! we're actually getting a bass player/vocalist soon, we were really into the two piece idea, but decided we need more of a backbone to our shows, but really, thanks dude, it means a lot, and ill post here again when we re-record with vocals and bass.
Facebook, please like us!

Bandcamp, everything is available for download!

I actually dont play guitar for this band, I play drums, even though im better at guitar than i am drums,
but yeah, we're a two piece from louisville, ky, and we'd really like to get our music out there, it was recorded in my basement.

and also if youd like to book some shows with us, we've really only played in the louisville area, at parties, and stuff, so if youd like to book us, then please do!
2 friends with benefits,

i dont like to start relationships that dont eventually involve sex, im not saying that sex itself is important, although it is nice, its the idea of the intimacy behind it, intercourse is basically the best way to know someone else entirely, and to actually have something between the two that isnt shared with anyone else

edit: unless you do a threesome, then your life is awesome
its for bass drum durability, it muffles the sound a little bit, although thats not really a reason to buy them,

the main reasons are the durability, and how it transfers the sound of the beater to the bass drum, instead of going from straight beater to straight plastic, it controls the sound to that specific spot so the whole head doesnt vibrate and make it sound shitty
work dem streetz
If I buy one of these, is this pretty much all I need to start basic recording?

I have mics, cables, and a laptop with sony acid pro, is this all I need?
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Scalloped talent.

Scalloped law firm.
My favorite band in the world.

I don't care, I'm an anthony green ass kisser.
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That's made of fail.

Your avatar is made of fail.

I'd like to hear some vocal range and something other than drumming that pretty much follows a recipe of STRAIGHT DOUBLE BASS > DRUM FILL > BLAST BEATS, REPEAT X24

Sure, a lot of death metal bands are good, Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Origin, Deicide, etc.

But overall, Deathcore is where its at. Don't just straight up diss what type of music I like, provide some explanation.
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There really is no rule, but a breakdown always adds to a good metal song.

A breakdown is pretty much the line between deathcore and death metal.

Deathcore > death metal though, so add in a good breakdown.

Edit: But definitely DO NOT force a breakdown into a song if it doesnt feel right.
What do you think is the most versatile object ever?

I mean what thing in the world has the most different uses?

Right now I'm either thinking water, or mighty putty.
Anthony Green, of Circa Survive.
I say they just had a cheap guitar and used it to break.

Cause retard or not, the first reaction would not be to break the guitar.

I ,too, call BS

Edit: But I still think its funny as balls, this kid is good, hahaha.
Only do it if you're house isnt too nice, and if theres doors right next to where theyre playing so that your guests dont have to go through your house to get wherever the bands playing, to reduce chances of someone messing up or stealing things, in your house.
Just play the F chord, then move your fingers up to the fourth fret, and do pretty much the same thing, and you'll hear the difference
Look up some Gojira, Meshuggah, Oceano, Emmure, Born of Osiris, definitely Despised Icon, We Speak Texan, Pig Vomit, Veil of Maya, Winds of Plague, Into the Moat, Within the Ruins, Between the Buried and Me, Beneath the Massacre, Abysmal Dawn, Belay my Last, etc.

If you want real hardcore, look up the obvious Black Flag, but also theres Dead Kennedys, Bad Mouth, Bad Brains, The New Mexico, Have Heart, Mountain Asleep, etc.
You may be able to contact Gibson, or Epiphone about it?
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A boyfriend who knows more about her Tell us more about her. It'll help.

Yeah, like address, and if her bras unbutton from the front or back.
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She's famous we should be really torn up about this.


Now that she's dead we can pretend we've always huge fans this whole time.

But really, my sympathy goes out to her family and friends.


I just hope some big fashion brand like Prada's president doesnt drop dead.

Dead isn't a good look.
I do everything better on thinner strings I don't play metal, but I still play some fast paced "Tera Melos" style music, and thin strings cater to my technique.
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I dont like Living Alone, I do like Living Together though.

mini e-cookie for what band sings that song.

My favorite band ever, Circa Survive =]

But yeah, I'm 15, live with my mom.
My Iron Cobra double bass pedal.
I like to comment on videos of infants playing instruments, and telling them how horrible it is, and how I can play so much better.

They dont like that.
1. Metallica
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Pantera
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musicians friend=bad idea

How bad of an idea?

And where else should I go?
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By The End Of Tonight
This Will Destroy You
In Alcatraz 1962

This guy, this is the guy.
So I was planning to buy this drum set:

In natural lacquer, and I had just one question, how do they send the drums?

Are all the heads already on the drums?

And along with the drums, im ordering some hardware and drum heads, will the hardware be in seperate boxes?
1. Tera Melos
2. Thin Hymns
3. Hayworth
I guess its the correct way to do it,

Playing near the fret allows you to have no string buzz by pushing on the string lighter, making less string bending happen, so you get more of a perfect pitch.