My sister has gotten this virus multiple times.

Go to this website and use method 2. That's the one I always use and it works.
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But I thought we were the descendants of Neanderthals.

Is this why there are rumours of the sasquatch? Essentially what TS has described is one of those.

EDIT: Theoretically, wouldn't it make more sense if us humans were taller and bigger as to reduce our surface area, so we don't get hot as easily, and the neanderthals were smaller as to preserve heat?

The ratio of the limbs and torso is lower to retain heat, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are short.'s_rule
I'm currently studying computer science at the university level. I feel like I must warn you that CS in university is not just straight programming. There is a lot of theory, algorithms and discrete mathematics. You'll probably only have 4-6 programming classes and the rest will be all theory. I'm not trying to discourage you in anyway, some of the theory classes are really interesting (cryptography for example).
1. Misfits
3. AFI
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and to those saying anything past 151 sucked, I present to you Tyranitar

Damn Straight.
Grizzzley - 0173-1019-1439
I watched it while tripping on weed, DXM and diephen. It pissed me off. It was the only thing that could piss me off that night, i was in such a good mood cause i was tripping so hard but that movie just made me want to put pieces of glass under my foreskin. I hated that movie so much.
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Though its clear that you love her (i dont see why else youve given her so many chances), the answer should be fairly obvious. Dump her, its the only way she will ever learn. She might come begging for you to be with her again, but she will probably cheat again. She is only three doors away from the other guy.

EDIT: It might be hard though if you get on so well with her mum, but its still the right decision. It might be a good idea to tell her mum about why you're dumping her (assuming you take that logical decision).

I agree 100%.
Shoot heroin into my toes.
My eyes change colour. They go from blue to green to grey. Does anyone know why this happens?
Treble Charger-Wide Awake Bored
Treble Charger-Maybe It's Me
Treble Charger-Self=Title
Keepin' 6-Uncensored
AFI-Black Sails in the Sunset
3 ounces of weed. Than go get ripped with your buddies and go to a buffet.
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I'd probably spill bleach all over their lawns. That way it kills the grass, making them pay for new grass and wasting a lot of time making their lawns look good again.
Im more of a B man myself. Im normally more focused on the ass/legs anyway.

I really hope its him.
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What Jackson is that?

Pro Series DK2S Dinky
Allow me to introduce you to my miniature schnauzer.

If you don't like this one too much go for a poodle. i have one of those too except i don't have any pictures of her.
I normally skate Alien Workshop boards but for Christmas i got the almost boards with impact support. Seems like a good idea because my boards get massive pressure cracks.
I googled her and look what i found.
I've never biked high but i have skateboarded high. It was hilarious and painful at the exact same time.
30 Pages!
Goodnight Ug!
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I love the pit, you can seriously be as random as ever and not get discrminated against. I think I have ADD. Is that bad? I \m not sure but I dont .like bunnies

I just want to witness this thread go to page 30 and than i can sleep.
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Well, what is your true reason? Hmmmmm? Im wondering, why would start a great thread, and then leave it? Like your baby? You just left it in the bathroom you plopped it out of.

He didn't even sniff it?
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I like my sandwiches in this order

White bread
melted mozzarella
melted mozzarella
White break


I would like mine kind of like this, except change melted mozzarella with some nice Canadian cheddar.
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Itss old man Wilkerson, but why sir? Why?

I guess he just didnt know any better...
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These are just some family friends in the photo and I'm a teenager who likes that chick on my avatar that I googled! Oh, and I'm uncircumsized.

Whats wrong with the volcanoes man? Didn't you see what ladyhellraiser said?
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I'll confess this is a joke with which I experimented and I can gladly say this is THE PIT!!!

I knew it!
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my foreskin flaps in the wind....does yours?

My foreskin slaps my legs when i walk.
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How do men like their dicks sucked?

there. i said it. leave me alone.

Watch a porno and find out.
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ive been here since page one!

suck my proudly circumsized dick!

Well if you insist...*goes on knees and unbuttons xrawrockkillsx pants*
I was here from page 8 do i count?
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wait.. hold on i'm getting confused... which part do they cut of when the circumcise???

The foreskin. Google it.
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Uncirc'd are rougher. Meatier. A better ride.

Tom Araya's uncirc'd. Don't ask me how i know.

See that is what makes me feel good. My volcano will give a girl a better ride than your god damn mushrooms.