I love the ongoing bit about Hammond getting his teeth whitened. I have to catch up on a few of the series on Netflix.
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If only the dualshock controller wasn't complete shit.

What exactly is wrong with the DS3?
I'm not sure how I feel about tonight's episode, I think they could have a lot of good plot points come from it in the future but that was a really depressing ending.
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Just read the benchmarks - stop looking at crap posted by Android fanboys who write fiction.

Consumer Reports tested it and found that it DID lose signal if you held it a certain way and you could fix it with duct tape:

Also, why would Apple give away free cases and bumpers if there wasn't a problem?
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do fat kids ever see their dicks?

Only if they attach a mirror to the toilet lid so they can still see it when they piss.
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since its been written in string format, it must be solved in string format.

Off topic, but how did you get that sweet Windows 7 theme?
Honeycrisp are the greatest.
To those of you who have women tell you how good you smell: I'm sorry but if the best thing they can compliment you on is how good you smell, you aren't getting laid.
Really anything is better than Axe/Lynx if you're an adult.
I've been using it since beta 4 or 5, I like the tabs on top and it does seem to perform better.
1.75" longer than the average person in the US? Awww yeah!!!
I can't wait until this is mine!
Edit: ^

ITT: TS bragging about how much money he has spent.
Oblivion or Red Dead Redemption.
It got closed because the rules were constantly broken.
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how does minnesota get all the tornadoes? i think ive heard of llike 3 or 4 in 2010.....

I don't know, according to this: we aren't in the top 10 for anything regarding tornadoes.
Shaving cream/soap lathered and applied with a badger shaving brush then I shave with a double-edge safety razor.
So what's that line chart about in the middle?
Steak sauce is wonderful as long as it doesn't overpower the steak like A1 does, A1 should be reserved for crappy, old, freezer-burned steak.
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have to agree about Materia. It was my favourite system and it was a big part of FF, particularly the Materia/Mako/Lifestream link.

I loved that aspect of the game, how Shinra was using mako energy and damaging the planet, where you were using the power you gained from materia to fight for the planet and in the end it's lifestream that saves it.

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It would be nice but I'd rather they make a new one that's actually good first

I don't know, I would stand in line (which would be a first for me) for a remake of 7-9 but I wouldn't wait in line for the new one.
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To be honest I'm not too bothered about an original system, I just want something like the ones I enjoyed from the older games; if I wanted anything but a turn based system I'd play a different RPG series, all I want out of FF is some strong characters, a well realised world and a good story.

Agreed, the previous systems were good enough for me and I would rather have them focus on a good story rather than "find the crystals to save the planet" in the early games. That said I would love to have them remake the Playstation era games (7-9).
I think it's going to be difficult to keep the combat systems interesting and original but I don't think they're out of ideas for plot lines and characters. I would personally love to see them use materia again, that was by far my favorite system.
Before this gets closed, you should have your uncle look into a more professional photographer and not include himself in the pictures. The guitars look very nice but the marketing needs work.
I liked the cast in X overall but listening to Tidus started to get annoying towards the end.

Does anybody else love how melodramatic FF games can get? I'm a sucker for their stories.
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What if they're intelligent enough to have ritual burial? Or maybe even using the bodies of their dead for resources?

Then we still would have found evidence for them. How could a large ape, and in your case a social ape, possibly go without finding burial remains, tools, etc. What niche would a large ape fill that humans can't?
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I love how half the people who don't believe in bigfoot feel the need to insult those of us who do.

I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but you believers don't have any REAL evidence. By real evidence I mean archeological evidence or a live animal, not a bunch of footprints and people claiming to have seen it.
I've always loved all three Playstation startup screens. The first one is just perfect for the 90s, the second one has the cool animation with the simple sound and the third has a nice simple visual with classy audio. Excellent work Sony, you have given me a lifetime of nostalgia with simple audio and visuals.

A classic from The Onion, originally about the presidential election between Obama and McCain, but it still applies to the election today. Be sure to watch the captions at the bottom.
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No. They're "quality headphones" for the iPod generation. They're more of a fashion statement than anything.

This. Beats are overpriced headphones in general, you can do much better for your money.
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Read through the thread or go to the crying thread. There's plenty of funny in the 2,000+ posts, and if that's not good enough then GTFO

I'm an atheist (raised Catholic) and got 15/15.
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Buy a Mac. Problem solved.

"I need a webcam so I guess I'll just spend hundreds/thousands on a computer to get one."
Did you seriously delete the old thread and make a new one? Are you just going to continue to be a jerk towards people because they are going to college (and god forbid) have to take out a loan?
I have one and love it, especially Zune Pass.
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what the hell, why does everyone think I'm using the speaker from the ipod, I'm talking about listening to the music through headphones.

Because you said this:
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no, I'm using the Ipod touch, not the headphones.

What kind of headphones are you using?
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no, I'm using the Ipod touch, not the headphones. I'm seriously considering selling this and getting a Zune. Though I will still try to play with the settings and see what the best results are.

You won't notice a difference in audio quality through the speaker on the iTouch, if you try it though a good set of headphones or speakers you should.

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Don't get a Zune, they're pieces of shit.

They're actually pretty awesome, I'll take my Zune HD over my sisters iTouch any day.
Obviously the only answer to this thread is Hallelujah in Watchmen.