how is garage inc? thats their only album i dont have.
my old singer we kicked out that still showed up to practices.
metallica, megadeth, slayer, warbringer.
Angry - slayer
Suicidal - hollow - pantera
Happy - Master of Puppets
Partying - iron maiden
Lonely - my gf singing
Driving - metallica or COB
Playing your air guitar - thrash metal in general
In love - i am in love so my music =)
i would say meshuggah probably is carnivorous
i highly recomend a dean V-X, it looks awesome and you can get pretty much any sound out of it. its $200
the origin of rap: someone made up a joke song that was really crappy to make everybody laugh. the name of that song was crap. they put the original paper in the copy machine but accidentally, the c in crap was cut off. the writers just said: "oh well" and submitted the copies to everyone. people actually liked this "rap music" and started making more. in other words im saying that rap originally had a "C" in front of it.
anybody like metallica. wait. i know the answer. OF COURSE! THEY"RE AWESOME! (well.....their old stuff at least, not so much of a fan of the newer stuff)

Rammstein. its a german band that plays a type of metal with loud guitar and in performances use A LOT of pyrotechnics. i suggest the song asche zu asche (it means ashes to ashes).