I am dating one now. But, she's in love with me, which is huge for her, so I don't really have to worry about any girls (or guys) coming in to take her away. It's no big deal.
"Would?" off Alice In Chains' release "Dirt".
Pearl Jam, I think. Gossard is good, but he doesn't do all the awkward yet wonderful licks that McCready pulls out of his ass. I mean, playing the rhythm part for Black in comparison to the lead part is a completely different story. Same with Alive, Jeremy, and all that.
Let me use two girls as examples as to why they're simply confusing.

My girlfriend enjoys Cradle of Filth, Nine Inch Nails, and Epica. She also enjoys Blaqk Audio, The Medic Droid, and Lady Gaga. Eeeeeeh. It's a trade-off I have to deal with.

Another girl who is a friend of mine enjoys Neutral Milk Hotel and ZZ Top. She also enjoys Katy Perry and, again, Lady Gaga.

So, if nothing else, girls have confusing taste in music. They can like something amazing, then turn right around and like something detestable. I voted yes because I'm a jackass, but that's my real verdict there.
Went 14 points in one round as a heavy in TF2. Went through all my minigun ammo, all my shotgun ammo, then proceeded to punch out everyone at the control point, then single handedly captured it with nothing but my fists out. That was definitely a HELL YEAH moment.

Five starred Jordan on expert in Guitar Hero 2.

Four starred Through the Fire and the Flames on expert in Guitar Hero 3.

Five starred Won't Get Fooled Again on drums on expert.

Basically just a lot of rhythm game stuff. There's a reason I'm forcing myself to play more Starcraft and whatnot. Love my music games, but they're getting old.
My girlfriend's older cousin who raped her at a young age.

Noah Jones, a damn good guy.

Yeah, kinda opposites there.

Micro Cuts by Muse

Time and a Word by Yes
I've literally carried my dearest across town in my arms when she hurt her leg. Whenever I can be there for her, I am. In return, she's also always there for me. I dunno. We just look out for each other. I write her songs, she makes me jewelry...It's a pretty beautiful relationship.
Twice a week, more like.
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A solid 7/10 couple there
You probably hear this a lot from parents and adults but I think you'd look better with shorter hair, that's just me though

Actually, people tell me that if I cut my hair, they'd probably punch me in the face. Everyone loves it long. Thanks, though. I'll give you a 7/10 as well. I love this thread, because it's not in the slightest bit gay and people can still admire each others strong suits.

(R.I.P) Tide by Satanicpornocultshop
>Implying /mu/ enjoys music
Industrial Alkaline
Owens Corning
6.8/10, but since you're Scottish, I'll raise it up to 7.2/10, as that's how I roll.

Feel free to rate me and my galfriend, next up.
Queens of the Stone Age - Millionaire from Songs from the Deaf.
Say When from Fair to Midland's "Fables From the Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True".
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"Gay" does not mean "lame" or "stupid". It means liking someone of the same sex. Please stop using it that way.

That's a gay definition.
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I could care less.

There's another one. Technically, you COULDN'T care less. If you COULD care less, then you still care.
Cell Phone
University Diploma
Bottle of Orange Crush
Tank Top

I dunno. This is stupid.
>Implying self-help books aren't a waste of time and money
What ever happened to the sky being the limit, guys? Even now, we're shattering that limit slowly anyway. No maximum wage, says I.
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Was he the guy that killed some lady/people and claimed some beatles song told him to do it, or something?

Specifically Helter Skelter.


Also, he did not so much kill as many people as he did make members of his "family" (lackeys) do it for him.

Welcome to Warroad. Kinda sucks here. All we make is windows and pro hockey players.
I was chewing my index finger as I clicked this. I often chew until they bleed.
Nooo, open with Cochise and end with Highway to Hell. Trust me on this. If you can pull any of them off half-decently, it would be epic.
General Dickweed
Full Anal Power
So Seeps the Sourdoe
Missy Slaggoth and Her Two-Time Twat Terrors
Men of Class
Men of Shame
Not Men At All
Kill All the Women and Children
Save All the Women and Children
Save Only the Women
Women Women Women
Girls Girls Girls
Pedophilia Rage
The Italics
Piss Bukkit
I voted no. Granted, I really have no valid opinion, but that no button looked lovely, and with so few supporters.
"All I can say is that my life is pretty plain."

If that's all you can perceive life as, that is.
Waylon in Mushroomhead. Jmann was awesome and all, but Waylon is way more diverse, and he can pull off Jmann's stuff pretty well.

Also, Corey Taylor replacing Anders in Slipknot. Trust me on this, if you haven't heard the old Anders demos, it's complete crap.
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I think I read somewhere that it will also have a normal mode where you can play with the five button controller. Or maybe that just said something about the other controller with a shitload of buttons.

I'm completely sure they'll still have the original five-button mode. It'd be like taking out the cars in Grand Theft Auto if they didn't--The original 5-button plastar is borderline nostalgic for some. Including myself. They wouldn't alienate their fans by not including it.
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Don't really think anyone would expect someone to get that first try. It's gonna be an acquired skill to read those flying numbers and you'll still have to practice. I don't see anything wrong with a system that encourages people to practice.

THIIIISSS. As a generalization, people are only against this because they can't get past the fact that it's "dat fayke game fer posers." Really, that's more an inaccuracy than should have ever been perceived. Ho well! I'm personally for this. The world needs more musicians--Particularly in secluded rural areas like where I live. In a town of not even 2,000 people, it's extremely hard to find people to jam with. This might help a little. I'm not saying it's a cureall, but it may still help.
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I try not to do things I normally wouldn't do in front of people I know on here. I'm willing to bet that if a lot of your friends saw those dick flags and what not they would call you a ****** and weird as shit.

CORRECTION. My friends would laugh and do the exact same thing. Even people I hardly know would roll their eyes because they know me -just enough- to realize, "Hey, it's him, we expect it".
HOLY CRAP. That looks insanely hard. To be honest though, since I'm such a Rock Band nerd, I'd more than likely rather do that, even though it is way less efficient. I'm counter-productive that way--But at least it forces more precision on me.
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um, sheet music is sheet music, they don't make different sheets for the guitar (aside from tab, which is generally considered much much easier than sheet music)

There is, however, the ability to distinguish a note on the guitar and match it up to the note on the music. Even if you DO know where to find middle C on the piano, it doesn't guarantee you'll know where to find it on a guitar. (That is, if you've never bothered to really learn guitar.) It's STILL different.

I can read sheet music perfectly fine for bass, flute, and both treble and bass clef for singing. However, for guitar, I'm completely off.
5/10. Not a huge fan.

Apologies for huge picture here, but it's a picture thread, what can you expect?!

24. Pull off a passable Smells Like Teen Spirit full band cover.

King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel