I can't say enough about the new album, can't stop listening to it.
Took a long time but it's extremely well worth it, some of the grooviest sheet I've ever heard, and the vocals are fantastic. Seeing these guys at the Palladium in MA pretteh soon.
Quote by Macabre_Turtle
I posted the official tab book tabs here. It was pretty far back there, I could re up if you want. I mean learning by ear is good for you, but you can check your mistakes.

Re-up would be dope.
Love the new album Ataxia is awesome. I really feel like these guys have a unique sound, also glad to see they put out a new album a year after the first, I was itching for some new stuff.
The new songs on their myspace are boding really well for the new album, as much as they can be grating lyrically I think it brings up some cool imagery at times. Really psyched for this now, Devastator would make a killer top spot on a setlist.
The Revitalized EP is really incredible.
But I just heard the bit of Purity on youtube that the guitarist is just playing standalone, and it is so damn tasty. Is there going to be any new material up anytime soon?
Quote by MustangMan311
Yes, it is. They're releasing those three songs as a sampler at some point. It was supposed to be in time for Thrash and Burn, but that didn't happen, obviously.

So sick, I can't wait for the full samplers, these all sounded really really good, I feel like they found a nice middle ground between the two albums, plus more synth is always welcome.
The sampler on their myspace is jawesome, what's the deal, is this stuff off the new album?
Amazing band, Make your own history is a beast of a cd.
Quote by nashawa
Right, I've made 6000+ posts for no other reason than to tell people to close threads.

Haha, you know I'm right, I didn't necessarily say you but there's a ton of people who jump all over these threads and scream about how they hate seeing threads like these instead of just contributing.
Quote by nashawa
No, people like the thread starter don't understand how the rec thread works, and neither do you apparently.

And yes, it's very possible you're searching wrong, like Mag said, or perhaps without enough fields filled in.

Like I said
Rec Thread = Not seen or checked by everyone
Making a new thread = Seen by all

And the only reason I'm even replying is because it seems like an alarming chunk of the members on UG solely post to tell people to stop making threads and it gets super super annoying.
Quote by nashawa
No it's not a pain, you obviously don't know how to use it. You don't fish through hundreds of questions, you post your question at the end and people answer it. What it would look like if people used it properly would be this thread basically tacked on to the end of it.

No one expects you to look through that thread, we expect you to ask for recommendations in a new post in it.

And the search engines aren't really bad at all if you use them properly. There's so much wrong with your post it's giving me a headache.

Yes, in theory that's how the rec thread should work but it doesn't and to my point, people like the thread starter obviously don't go looking there because they've had similar experiences. It's like telling someone to go raise their hand and ask a question in a classroom instead of asking in front of the entire school.

And you're saying I'm searching...wrong. Is that even possible, can anyone not search in this day and age, you're response was basically like saying "Yeah but still".

But anyways, these threads aren't going to stop, ever, so I guess I have nothing to complain about.
Quote by nashawa
You know what's better
than a million threads like this?
The stickied rec thread.

It really isn't though, with a bunch of threads like this one, where they last maybe 2-5 pages, there's no fishing through hundreds of pages to find what you want. It doesn't help that the search engine is really awful too, but the first responses are always REC THREAD. I think most people know that exists, it's just a huge pain.
This Threads Greatest Hits (now available for 9.95 on HSN):

Walking With Strangers
The Faceless
Protest the Hero
Wrath and Rapture
Born of Osiris
Knives Exchanging Hands
The Arusha Accord
Veil of Maya
After the Burial
Within The Ruins

I don't know exactly what you were looking for (thread starter) but I for one love these kinds of threads no matter how frequent they are because links to myspace pages on these forums are like listening to Pandora Radio, if it knew anything about hardcore and didn't play Korn when I want it to find bands like - born of osiris (Yes this happened)
Searched and didn't see anything on these guys
Band is awesome, anyone else dig?
Quote by GodofCheesecake
No, if someone tries to say City of Evil wasn't progressive, they're wrong. It absolutely is.

Totally agree, as bad as A7X are now, City of Evil and Waking the Fallen are fantastic albums, especially city of evil, definitely progressive and super clean from a production standpoint. Wish I was still into that band actually
Quote by saxaxe
I'm kind of upset Inertia didn't make it on the album.
One of my favorite Periphery songs.

Totally agree, love this song, the vocals are especially amazing on this track. They should have cut racecar in half and added this.
I gotta say I'm half with Synester on hearing statements backed by at least an explanation or opinion, but this is also the internet and if you keep taking posts so personally you'll just get infuriated on how rarely you get answers.

I personally think that most of the melodies sound really unique, especially on Buttersnips and Icarus Lives, they don't really step all over the instrumental work like they do in other songs. A lot of Casey's writing seemed to compliment the music rather than take over it, Spencer seems to be kind of the opposite.
Totally digging the new album, buttersnips and icarus lives are definitely the best on the album but there were a few tracks I still hadn't heard in spite of having followed bulb for a long time.

I honestly preferred the self-produced sound demos, everything was much cleaner and panned pretty hard but the album still sounds great. New singer is ok, the best vocals on the album are still the ones where Casey's melodies are used. So glad these guys finally have a full length.
I agree with synester, it really does seem like more people on the thread dislike them or are ambivalent about them. I may be in the minority but I think what Sumerian has done is amazing, most of my favorite bands are off that label and they do all have a very distinct sound but it's something that should be admired, bringing bands that have a similar goal and feel, and in a way creating a new movement whether or not it's all golden.

But anyways, the new album is fantastic, it's not quite what I was expecting but I like that they just tried to improve on their sound while trying a few new things here and there.
I remember seeing an interview where they were asked if they were going to change up their sound a lot on the next album and Marc pretty much said they would do what they do best and just make it better and more complex and I thought that was a refreshing answer. It seems like most bands start work on a new album and try and break their own mold and go in all sorts of directions, not that it's a bad thing at all but it's good to know some bands are ok with writing in the same style but adding a twist here and there to make it feel more dynamic.
Quote by TheJManSays
Once again you prove how much of an idiot you are. They have one guitarist and if you looked into them at all you'd know this. If you really have such a problem with them just stay out of the ****ing thread. And anyway who slams an album after it's been leaked for less than a day? The amount of menstruation you drag into every thread really blows my mind.

This was argument over.
owned in the face so bad

Anyways, I'm going to wait and hold off on the leak, I still have high hopes for this album even though I fear it will be a case of BOO where the 1st album is just too good to top.
Unbreakable doesn't get good until the mid-way point but from then on I like it.
Namaste is totally awesome though, eagerly looking forward to this album.
Recently got into these guys, Make Your Own History is an incredible album.
I definitely got a Rage vibe from them too, good to hear they covered them.
Negative and Violent owns my soul
What's boot daggie boogie, I see no linkidge.
BTBAM - The Great Misdirect
Stray From the Path - Make Your Own History
Fall of Troy - Unlikely Event was ok, easily my least favorite album by them but it has some tasty tracks
Quote by Magero
Except the point isn't a chandelier.

1: I don't hate MK. I think he's a good dude, a decent producer and an awesome song writer.
2. The New Reign does have terrible production. Like. Bone-shatteringly bad. That doesn't mean I dislike the album. In fact, I love it.
C. My point was that the kid was praising djent but was misguided on several points. The idea of that it can involve "experimentation", the idea of scene kids playing and the idea that it's good.

I know, I was just messing with you and using heaping amounts of sarcasm.
It doesn't translate so well via text
Quote by Magero
Worst. Deduction. Ever.

You could not have missed my point if you were swinging a dead cat in a room full of chandeliers.
I was trying to avoid making any sort of contribution to the thread, and instead, poking fun at the fact that you hate the Michael Keene personally and seek to ruin his career by stabbing at his fine workmanship on TNR(The New Raindrop). It's no big whoops, deduction is my strong suit.
Quote by That_Guitar_Man
Yeah, next time just remember that you can play a guitar through a bass amp. But you can't play a bass through a guitar amp.

Yeah, I knew that beforehand, I just figured playing at low volumes wouldn't hurt, I guess I was wrong.
So no one has any affordable mesa suggestions? Maybe I should go with the blues deluxe then?
Quote by AngryGoldfish
And you're right it isn't a production model anymore. I think that maybe those shite 5:50 amps have replaced it. I'm not sure.

Hmm, ok so one option is to go the used mesa route.
But do you have any suggestions on Mesa models in production now that are quality and in that price range?
Quote by ext1jdh
style? will you be gigging with it or practicing with a drummer?

Errr, you edited your post, ok so I have an electronic drum set as well (Roland V-drum) that I typically practice with, but I'd also be practicing with another drummer (Pearl set)

Is that ebay item yours haha? Or are you suggesting something like that, I don't think that's a production model anymore
Hey, so I've been using a small 25 watt fender practice amp (solid state) and I've been happy with it for the most part as I'm not playing all that loud in an apartment but I recently bought a 6-string bass and was stupidly playing through the 25 watt guitar amp (too lazy to pick up a bass amp yet) and I have some crackling now.

So anyways, I was looking at the Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue which I was pretty impressed with and I also tried a Mesa amp that ran about $1100 but I don't remember the model and was super impressed, I'd love to find a lower model that still does the trick.
Looking for any suggestions for a new amp, I play everything but my main steeze is Metal/Hardcore. I'd like to have good cleans as well though.

Budget - $200-$700, possibly more but I'd like to stay around there.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Quote by Magero
You could not have missed the point better if you were aiming in the other direction and the point was in a different country altogether.

Magero just hates good production, that's my 2 cents
::Evades Point::
New Song off of id is supposed to be posted on and their myspace today at 1, but it's not there yet. I'm dying to hear it
Quote by Magero
Polyrhythms, chugga chugga, low tunings.
Sounds like Meshuggah to me.

That group of characteristics describes so many other bands and they too are not like Meshuggah. It really feels like a desperate attempt to compare one thing to another(like most people do with bands), but Periphery sounds truly unique and to say they are "just like Meshuggah" I feel like that's grasping at straws, they sound nothing like each other imo.
Also, I think Peripherys production, whether you think it's good or bad definitely sets them apart from other bands with any hint of djent in them.
All New Materials is amazing, I've been learning the first 40-50 seconds and it's really difficult, my fingers needed some stretching.
Also, I don't see the Meshuggah correlation apart from the 7-string bit, to me, they were muddy as hell and not so much prog as they were experimental but periphery is pure prog djenty mettle
Quote by GodofCheesecake
They don't change setlists haha.

Which is forgivable when you think about the fact that they have to remember multiple 10+ minute songs. They probably don't even know how to even play any of their other songs right now.

Yeah, I actually asked Paul after the show if he ever feels compelled to change any of their older songs when they play them live (because they played more of myself to kill) and he said no, there's something about playing a song you wrote at a certain point in your life, then went on to say they forget stuff off of silent circus, the self titled, and even alaska all the time, so when they add an older song to the setlist, they have to practice it a bunch to get it all back.
Quote by J-Smack
I don't know, they had a good run back in their day, but I think it's time maybe they try to think about inviting Goodyear back in and Falk back in. I don't know, it seems they were more creative with their music back then. Nowadays it's seems like: riff, shred, breakdown, and scream through some of it. I mean, yeah, that's pretty much the extent of any metal band's creativity, but I liked them a few years ago. Now, it's just another group that's lost my interest.

Gah, that's like saying you liked Opeth on orchid and morningrise (not saying those are bad records) but you just lost interest ever since blackwater park and ghost reveries came out. They came into their own and formed an identity, one that changes and evolves with every record. The old stuff is great for what it is but I don't think most people shun the change they made, it was all for good and they are a beast of a band that won't be stopping anytime soon.
Quote by Lt.DustyBanana
I wanted to go to that show sooooo badly... only problem was that I had an 8am class that Friday after and school is in Orono, which is 5.5 hours away. Damn being so far up north

Chyeah, it was great, wicked cold out though, but luckily they opened doors early because of it. And it ended at like 11, really wasn't a very late concert, the set up times were super quick. boo to school
Quote by MustangMan311
Maybe I heard wrong, but I thought Keene did the production for The New Reign. Which wasn't very good at all.

Keene self-produces all of The Faceless albums as well, but I thought the new reign had really great production.
I absolutely love the sound of that album, it's all subjective.

What albums do you think have amazing production? Just so I can get a comparison
Quote by Magero
Wonder if they've got a decent production job this time, maybe I won't hate them quite as much this year.

What was wrong with the production?
And Michael Keene is producing, which means it'll be top notch