YOu could use the example of Neo's "reality" before he learns about the Matrix, or The Truman show with Jim Carey. Real life examples are easy to come by too
Listen to the Misfits
Watch some movies like Evil Dead, Halloween and The Shining
Iwhen my friend left his up at my house, my friends and I became fans of fascism, nazism, hitler, kkk, and joined some groups about taking away womens rights
Evil Dead

You'll **** bricks and laugh your ass off. It's an insanely fun movie to watch with friends.
Yes (Minor threat kicks ass)

The Clash - Complete Control
I had a few good times with morrowind before I got a 360. The animation sucked, but the story was pretty cool. The setting of the dark, swampy land of Morrowind was depressing and gloomy which was interesting. Most of the characters were assholes though. Oblivion is better...
get in the trunk of a friend's car, and hop out and run away at a stoplight.
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Austin Powers
Monty Python
Clockwork Orange
Backdoor Sluts 9

The ending was pretty good too (kinda predictable though...)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Pulp fiction and Reservoir Dogs (Hilarious random conversations)
Lion King
Any Star Wars Movie (For the title sequence alone)
John Lennon
Ian Mackaye
George Harrison
1. I Fought the Law - The Clash
2. My Brain is Hanging Upside Down - The Ramones
3. Fall Back Down - Rancid
4. Brad Logan - Rancid
5. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
Damn, he seemed like a good guy. NFL players die every year, but McNair ....RIP
I was more upset about Billy Mays' passing than anyone else's this week. I've watched hours of Billy Mays parodies on YouTube. He's up in heaven yelling at angels right now!
George Harrison
John Lennon
Keith Moon
Jimi Hendrix
Jim Morrison
Joe Strummer
Joey Ramone
Johnny Ramone
John Bonham
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It's actually just one bass drum.

Ya, but he makes it sound like double bass sometimes and it gets pretty stale after a while.
I overall like NOFX. Sure, some of their songs are repetitive and the overuse of the double bass can be exhausting, but songs like, "Stickin' In My Eye" and "Linoleum" are badass.
I had to do the same project a few years back, cept we had to build the town. My friend and I stuck a buch of dog ****s all over the town
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Too Drunk to ****.


Agreed, first song I thought of when I saw the thread.
Journey to the end of east bay - Rancid
I loved this movie when I was little. Haven't seen it in a while, but I'm sure it still kicks ass.
Let's go Red Sox! Love that dirty water...

Yankees catch fat ones up the ass!
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Poor ripley, RIP.
What is tea? Is it a UK thing?
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Self explanitory-

No country for old men
The big Lebowski
There will be blood
Lost highway
Batman begins
Requiem for a dream
Rules of attraction

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The big Lebowski

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Big Lebowski
Fight Club (Like, really watch it, not just as background noise)
American Psycho
Loads more actually...

You all should rent The Big Lebowski, it's hilarious.

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The Godfather
Die Hard
Lethal Weapon
Mad Max
The Road Warrior
Dawn of the Dead
This is England
Pan's Labyrinth
Hard Candy (I even HAVE this movie. It's right next to me. And I've still never watched it)
Schindler's List
Citizen Kane

Bold movies are awesome. Do you mean Dawn of the Dead '78 or '04?

What are they doing with Joe Satriani?
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I'm tired of self respect
I can't afford a car
I wanna be a prefab superstar

I wanna be a tool
Don't need no soul
Wanna make big money
Playing rock and roll

I'll make my music boring
I'll play my music slow
I ain't no artist, I'm a business man
No ideas of my own

I won't offend
Or rock the boat
Just sex and drugs
And rock and roll

Drool, drool, drool, drool, drool, drool
My Payola!

Dead Kennedys ftw!
I'm very excited for this movie. I really hope they do a good job with Rorschach, I thought he was the most interesting character in the entire story. The movie is nigh...
The Who - Baba O'Riley
The Beatles - While my Guitar Gently Weeps


Iron Maiden - Hallowed be thy name
used pokemon cards. Best $4.50 I've ever spent
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connery and brosnan. I didn't like daniel craig that much, nor did I like casino royale that much either, for that matter. I think it sorta betrayed all the other Bond movies.

I mean, he was against a terrorist organization, not a cool villain with plans destroy or take over the world; he had no cool gadgets, except for a gay one that was supposed to restart his heart and didn't even work, and..


I miss the car fights

Quantum of Solace is even more stripped of fun than Casino was. He didn't even say
"Bond, James Bond"
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Why does almost every video these days have to use the Requiem for a Dream theme song, I get it's a good movie song but it's so overplayed I'm tired of hearing it.

Yeah, I made two versions because I wasn't too hot on it either. Check this one out, I changed some of the music.
My favorite is Connery, then Pierce Brosnan
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Stick around for my friend's band's credits song.
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I could tell you all the things that were wrong/bad/clearly not thought of but it'd take more time to type than watching the thing.

But for a novice's hand with no budget, not bad. The plot was interesting enough and the music choice was excellent. Other than this it pretty much sucked.

Keep on trying and you could do some kick-ass short movies with your buddies some day.

What's something you didn't like? Not everything, I know we messed up a lot, but a little criticism could help our future projects.