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Ah, that's a great touch. Didn't catch that.
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So when Bran identifies Ser Arthur Dayne, who has been mentioned a fair bit in the show, that wouldn't have tipped you off?

Obviously Bran knows the story as it's been told to him. He's never seen Arthur Dayne in his life. I'm not saying that's not Dayne and those aren't KG. I just think it's intentional that they portrayed them so differently. Whether that's significant or not, I don't know.
The kingsguard are called white-cloaks almost interchangeably throughout the books, even in Ned's dream of Lyanna. Every time we've seen kingsguard until now, they've had white cloaks on. Without Brynden's voiceover and knowledge of the books, as a pure TV watcher, I'd assume they were rando Targaryen men.

Don't know where I'm going with this either, but it subtly implied to me that they weren't here in KG capacity, as hinted when Ned asks them why they weren't at the Trident.
Lannister era Kingsguard armour: No Lannister imagery, just the crown.

Targaryen era Kingsguard armour: Just the three-headed dragon. Nothing else.

This can't be unintentional, can it? Swear I'm onto something here.
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Because theyre being used to mop up the blood from the clumsy epesiotomy performed on Lyanna by Dayne.

Didn't enjoy googling that.

But for real, aren't they always supposed to have those on? Made me instantly think they were there in a not-Kingsguard capacity, which is obviously contrary to what a lot of people have come to believe about what happened at ToJ.
Dunno if I'm the only who noticed, but why weren't the kingsguard at ToJ wearing white cloaks?
Beyond upset about this. One of the greatest.
Haven't really watched football in a while (do still track results and standings and news, but don't nearly watch every game like I used to) but so glad I stayed up and tuned in last night. Such a fun game. Hope it's a Sevilla vs LFC final, it'll be great to watch.

also, hi guys how's it going been a while
I guess I got a little closed-minded with the options I had, and it's probably in the best interest of everyone involved that I suck it up and get on with it. Thanks a lot for the help, guys! Possibly could have done something stupid.


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Time doesn't fly, life does. The more time you spend compromising or sacrificing or chasing, the less time you have to spend enjoying all of something. Square pegs can fit in round holes, but why invest the energy?

This, in particular, is great advice. Cheers mate.
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X is now in a serious relationship, dropping your emo-bomb would be a real douche move unless you're absolutely certain she feels the same, in which case the relationship wouldn't be that serious to begin with.

This is what's puzzling me. On the one hand, it could lead to something great, and possibly at least help repair our damaged friendship by just being purely open and honest. The catharsis would possibly help her and I both not be weird around each other. Even if it doesn't lead to a relationship, I hope it might lead her to be back in my life in a normal way like she used to be. On the other hand, it might nuke three separate relationships beyond repair. Tricky. There's no way for me to ascertain anything.
Got myself in a bit of a doozy, lads.

Little bit of background: this situation involves two girls, named X and Y henceforth. Both X and Y are really close friends of mine but in very different ways. X is a real understanding friend who gets me more than anyone else does and has been through a lot like me over the years. Y, who doesn't understand me as well, is nevertheless closer to me and more affectionate as well. Y has in fact had feelings for me for years - a matter that is publicly known and acknowledged by no one. Both X and Y are as close to each other as I am to them as well.

While in my last semester away at Uni, both X and Y came to visit me for a weekend on separate occasions. Y came first, and slept in my bed, and we came to close having sex on a few occasions but stopped short. She confessed her feelings for me while leaving, but I made it clear that I could not see myself in a relationship with her no matter how close emotionally and comfortable physically I was with her.

A couple of months later X came to visit, and it was really intense in a way that's hard to explain. We drank together from morning to night and shared the most personal and heartfelt feelings, feelings I never thought of speaking about to anyone, especially not Y. It was liberating and cathartic, and we both shed plenty tears. On her last night staying with me, we both drank as much as we physically could and went to bed. We ended up kissing and just faded to unconsciousness.

This put me in a very complicated and difficult situation. There's literally nobody I could talk about my feelings to, especially who I'd usually tell - them. Things got twisted when X went back home and entered a serious relationship - something she didn't tell me about but Y did, wondering why I didn't know already. It has now reached a point where X and I do not talk anymore. We make polite conversation around other people but that's it. It's been on my mind everyday since.

What should I do UG? To me it seems like there's only three options:
a) Forego any possibility of a relationship with X (who I felt a real visceral connection with) and never mention those events to anyone.

b) Attempt to reestablish contact with X to confess my thoughts and feelings about how things have gotten since she visited completely honestly - keeping in mind I don't know if she remembers what happened, if she wants to forget it, if she'd rather not think about it and thinks of it as a huge mistake etc., she is already in a presumably happy relationship. Possibly might lead to Y finding out, which would wreck that relationship as well.

c) Tell Y before pursuing any sort of relationship with X - keeping in mind it will change her relationship with both me and Y forever.
Thanks a lot, fair shout on the semicolon, I think I'll change that.

Ludovico is a character from Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain. There's a conversation he has with the protagonist Hans Castorp about the danger of being taken by music's easy beauty without a prior introduction to literature as an art form. He addresses Castorp only as 'Engineer' throughout, because he is a marine engineer by trade. I'm an engineer myself, it's my professional identity, and I wrote this partly using that book/character/dialogue as inspiration.
There are lots of 'out-there' hip hop artists, just not in the droney stoner rock style or camp psychedelic style necessarily.

Check out Shabazz Palaces:

and for instrumental stuff check out Knxwledge:

and Flying Lotus:
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If I either of them flip out and do anything stupid, I don't want to be the dealer the cops track down. I don't want to have anything to do with his drug use/their family problems, especially if there's any possibility of me getting hurt/going to jail.

And really, thanks a lot everyone for your advice. Really helped me feel better about the decisions I've made so far, it's been heavy on my chest.
not you, man seen this meme all over the place from four pins and accounts of that nature but this is probably the first one i can't get with at all

love his silly walk though


where is everyone in this thread
I've been smoking for 4-5 years now and it really blows. As much as I love one after a good meal or while drinking, its just not worth the loss of stamina and being down with a terrible sore throat/cold literally every alternate month. 10/10 would go back and stop myself from starting if I could.

As for bothering other people, I don't know anyone who smokes so much as to physically reek of it to the point of making someone else uncomfortable. As far as I know, unless you're consistently breathing in second-hand smoke for long periods (eg: you live with a smoker) it doesn't have any health ramifications over and above say traffic fumes. If anyone I didn't even know walked up and told me its disgusting and shameful I'd get pretty pissed off. Either a) ask me to smoke somewhere else politely, which I will gladly do, or b) go somewhere else and I will probably notice and not do it again.
He's been a friend for about 13 years now, and barring the unbearable last few months, a very close one. I can't help but feel guilty that I care more about my peace of mind than his suffering by staying away from him.

I had honestly considered telling his dad, but he too has been going through a horrible time with some medical issues, his split from his wife and obvious worry for his son. He's an ex gangster (for real, very very scarily real) and the last time I spoke to him was when he called me frantically on the phone to somehow get him some pot within the hour to calm his son down cause he was tweaking out. That was the last straw for me.
Hey guys, need a little help.

I have a friend who went to uni in a country far away from our home, and failed a ton of subjects and got held back a year. He proceeded to completely go off the rails when his parents split up at around the same time. He told me that he hadn't told them (they were financing him) that he had gotten kicked out and spent all the money they sent him for tuition on a Playstation, hoverboards, rent and cocaine.

Now, I have no way of knowing how much cocaine he was on, or how often he was on it, but I literally could not have a conversation with him when he eventually came home to visit. He told me he had quit cocaine cold turkey after a brief phase of use, but he just was really odd and a completely different person. He talked about the strangest of things, had all kinds of weird new ambitions (ridiculous ones, like running for state legistlature and selling hoverboards to become a millionaire) and was more aggressive and prone to violence than I'd ever known him to be. He told me he suffered from anxiety, but I have know way of knowing if he'd seen a doctor or just self-diagnosed (he has a history of rationalizing his own faults).

So basically what I want to ask is, can regular/heavy cocaine use make you lose it a little like this? I have never known anyone else personally who was into coke. If not, can it exacerbate existing mental illness (like anxiety) to the point where it gets like this? I really want to help him, but regardless of how selfish it is I find him very stressful to be around at this point.
Excuse me but do you have the time?
I see it race by in the white parts of your eye
this is a great start, especially to a song
Outside the scenery shrinks to the distance
Pixeled technicolor, no longer black and white
stumbles here. i know you really want this last line, but this kind of verbal gymnastics is hard to pull off, especially to close a verse.

Wayward girl, who dabbles as a heartstring marionettist
like JustRooster, I love this line but it sets up such a storm of syllables you'll be hard pressed to find any way to complement this line. I personally would keep it to just "wayward girl, heartstring marionettist" to not take away too much but keep a sense of metre

Through the amour week its always Friday when I'm in Love
A better version of me telling me things I don't already know
Through whispers that are carried long into the dusk
Inked myself into pages that are left to rest in places untouched
the lines are good, but the metre is all over the place. if you want this to be a song, you'll want some uniformity here. probably rephrase this.


You hide behind your masquerade
Because the show is about to begin
But couldn't seperate the world from the stage
That you leave behind in your crusade
solid bridge, wouldn't change anything here
All the empty promises that never meant much
They pale to the excitement of the new memory
And is whisked away in a suitcase without a sound
She's gone with her whims but is naively idealized bad!


Would love to see the final draft. Keep writing!

My work:
ludovico told me it's dangerous,
i'm afraid he was right.

a man's acceptance,
of his own domestication,
will roll him into an idiocy,
that has no past.

no one can hear your radio;
everyone has their own thoughts,
and CDs,
but they're all fumes on the gravel,
under the engines and the horns.

you should have never come home,
they took down the lanterns years ago,
nobody strolled underneath them,
everybody drove.
I haven't been on these forums in years, but I did spend a lot of time in here back in the day. I haven't read anything by an amateur writer that's moved me/wanted me to write better as much as this thing. It's been 8 years since I read it, but it's still the first thing I thought of when I came back to this forum today. It's what I thought of when I heard that Sun Kil Moon Benji record too. Slightly rambling now, but if OP is reading this, this piece is so good some dude who read it 8 years earlier still remembers it. Hope you're still writing.
From the very beginning until...

e asks if I'm ok and
I lie and say yes

...this really had me. I had a girlfriend who was extremely scared of dying, to the point of paranoia, and often she would describe having thoughts like these. I've felt creeping anxiety so many times when overtaking huge vehicles, and getting in strange water - having seen my own share of accidents, and having known people who've died in both highway collisions and by drowning - that I feel your choice of incidents isn't just incidental, and really is something a lot of people can relate to lucidly. Extremely well written.

The last stanza kinda lost me a little though. It thoroughly peaked the ascending creepiness, but it seemed a little bit of a different sort of paranoia (or sense of doom) than the rest of the piece describes. It's still creeping me out a little thinking about it (excellent creepypasta, which is a skill in itself) but I don't personally feel it gels with the rest of it very well. Looking forward to reading more from you! This was great, I'll check out your previous work when I have the time.
I really enjoyed the refrain. Very well phrased, very economical. However, the words 'everything' and 'prevail' just seem out of place and a little clunky to me, when read out loud. They just don't go as well together as 'believe' and 'me', and 'be' and 'me'. Maybe could sound better if sung to offset that a little. Otherwise, I liked this. Good work.
Thanks a lot, man. Really appreciate it. Could you maybe lend me a little insight regarding what about it you liked/what you took away from it?

Also, will get around to critiquing your work and a few others by the end of the day. Little swamped at work.
So here's something I wrote while trying to form words in a way that's deeply personal to me, and experiences of mine, without being overly descriptive. I'm trying to make inroads into writing words for my music, but this one was written independent from having any music/tempo/metre in mind.

Don't know whether to call it poetry, or whether it could eventually be spoken word with rudimental background music (something like Small Talk on 125th and Lenox), but it's something that I'm satisfied enough with to share. Interested to hear what readers/listeners would feel/understand from this. Looking forward to comments! Thanks a lot, in advance.

in the morning,
when i can breathe, and think,
for a pleasant change of pace,
you may suck my thumb

i'll watch our backs,
we'll act to ataraxia,
but please tread lightly,
in case you slip and recall

and if you ever get around to it,
do take a look at my genes,
tell me why,
in monochrome comedy,
the alleles spell the english words:

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To be honest though, I totally get why she did it. I really don't think they would of hired a white person to work at the NAACP, which is in itself discrimination, the very thing they are supposedly opposed to.

This was obviously a black person only job, so she stretched the truth on her resume a little bit so she could get the gig, can you honestly blame her in this shitty job market?

actually, if you'd read the link in the OP you would have seen that a woman of European descent was President of the very same NAACP chapter in the '90s.

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You don't see 4th generation Irish-Americans identify as Irish-American anymore do you? So why the hell do we have 4th generation "African"-Americans. I'm sorry to break the bad news to you, but you're just ****ing American, you're not special and no one cares.

sterling definitely been on that n2o before the game
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Why is Sturridge not playing? I stupidly put one of my free bets on him being first scorer at 4/1 without checking if he had broken himself again.

he's on vacation with his cousin Abou Diaby
newcastle players don't give a shit at all, they're not even protesting that
haven't seen a newcastle game in a while now considering how shit we've been recently i thought it might be an awkward one. still could be.
wow newcastle are really shit
this made me feel all kinds of feelings. have a wonderful life!
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I thought that as well.

All these tributes and that, he hasn't even left yet. Obviously I know its a big deal because he's like the most iconic Liverpool player of all time by now, but he's announced that he'll move on in 5 months.. Not even retiring.

I think part of it is people having seen this coming for a while now and finally being able to let out all they had thought they'd say