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This thread sucks alot.


Alots are cute.
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It was very good lol. But then again, it was homemade, and I make pretty good tzatziki. >_>

Gimme some! In Houston, there's only two Greek places run by Greeks. One is pretty close, the other is in downtown and scary to get to. ._.
Glozell. I don't even find her slightly amusing.
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Had some homemade Tzatziki the other day. Glorious.

Didn't even make gyros, just ate it by the spoon lol.

I was slightly disgusted... but that sounds reeeally good actually. @.@
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Quote by angusfan16 is that you there in the chili?

Isn't there a South Park episode about this? Or did he just put pubes in the chili?

Grandma's chili.
I don't usually like listening to things I don't understand, but I kinda liked them.


Shaant from Cute is What We Aim For because of the hair. (Red cardigan)
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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

I've definitely seen a thread like this recently.

"There is immeasurably more left inside than what comes out in words. Your thought, even a bad one, while it is with you, is always more profound, but in words it is more ridiculous and dishonorable."
- Dostoevsky
Dr. Gregory House

Dr. Cal Lightman

Lennie from Of Men and Men



Guy/chick from Tokio Hotel
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Fixed for ya, darl.

And thank you.
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I think 1 is that you love it and 10 is that you hate it.

Thank you.
It's disgusting.

Plus I don't know how to vote on the poll... 1 is loving it and 10 is revolting or vice versa?
I like to think I smell fruity. That's what I smell at least.
I haven't lost a pet except for a few goldfish, but I can't fathom how I'd react if my cat died. I've witnessed friends loose dogs and they got new dogs. Not to replace the elder, but just as additional company.
Nučice (Prague-West District) - Czech Republic - Holy Roman Empire - Switzerland - Neutrality (international relations) - Mexico - Mexican Army - Terrorism - September 11 attacks - United States Capitol - Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. - American Civil War - Abraham Lincoln

...I give up. D:
I use my middle. I thought I used my index, so I tried it. It feels weird.
I'm afraid of the dark, as most people are.

I'm afraid of people touching my neck... or anything touching any necks. It's so weird how much I squirm at necks.

I'm afraid of the future. Applying for colleges is freaking me out.
My fav 3:

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
- Winston Churchill

"There is immeasurably more left inside than what comes out in words. Your thought, even a bad one, while it is with you, is always more profound, but in words it is more ridiculous and dishonorable."
- Dostoevsky
"It's easy to love the snow because at the end of every snowstorm it's as if the world has started over. There is no dirt, no footprints, just a layer of seamless, indiscriminate nature connecting everything to everything else. Isn't that the amazing thing about the natural world? You can tear it down, you can drill holes in it, you can ignore its power with all your might, but one morning you wake up and it has selflessly given despite all of our abuse. I think I'll make a snowman."
- Andrew McMahon
I haven't gotten them yet. I was told third week of July. I refuse to pay the Collegeboard monopoly eight bucks to hear them early.

And brussel sprouts
1. lolz
2. "I really should get off facebook."
3. Repeat 1 & 2
Donnie Darko

Edit: Beaten ^I agree though
First was some Nokia something or another. Drowned in the ocean when I was getting it out of my purse.
Next came a Sony Ericsson until my dad decided to replace it with a Samsung Gravity.

On topic: I want to play French horn pretty bad. I have a few friends that let me play on their horns and I can make a few notes come out. Granted, I have no earthly idea what I'm doing. I know of a girl who switched from flute to French horn and claims the embrochure is the same. I beg to differ, but she tried harder.
Whoo I'm already off tommorrow.
Grandpa/Grandma for the ones that are alive and Lola to the Filipina grandmother.
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A recommendation on an awesome album.

I dread the day i turn 20, i'm 18. I wanna be young and blink-182-justifiable forEVER

**** yeah. We can live like this.
No, but I've been meaning to download it.

False Pretense - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus