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Eh. The MIJ stuff isn't any better then today's MIK stuff. It is just really over hyped because guitars were made to totally different standards back in the 80s and early 90s.

I remember when I was really young and getting into guitar I was heart set on this MIJ strat at my local store. Needless to say I ended up with a Yamaha because the store said MIJ starts were utter crap.

I'd go with the Gibson all day all long.

The store lied to you, or at least told you their opinion as though it was fact.

Quality with MIJ guitars depends on the time period they were constructed during and the pricepoint it was sold at.

MIJ gear intended for the Japanese market or intended to be exported as premium quality gear is almost always as well made as comparable MIUSA gear.

Lower end MIJ stuff is less consistently good, but it's only in the past decade that Korean made gear has been of comparable quality.
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I like some of the old solid state amps out there for extreme metal. They are very aggressive. Amoeg VH-140, Crate SS-140, Randal Warhead, etc.

They can usually be found dirt cheap.

This. If you can find an Ampeg VH140 there is no better amp for metal. Listen to Suffocation or Dying Fetus or Pig Destroyer for examples of how it sounds.
The key to making black metal is to remember these four letters. WWVD?

What Would Varg Do?

Use whatever gear was handy (cheap super strat + Peavey Bandit) and get recording your songs.
Municipal Waste - Blood Hunger
Black metal isn't about gear hording or trying to capture 'killer tone'.

If your guitar has a fixed bridge or a good trem and a humbucker in the bridge position you're good to go.
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a good trem is extremely important if you want to stay in tune. if one has a shittier trem, get the other.

He may not need a trem at all, and a fixed bridge will stay in tune better and be cheaper.
Uhh... disassembled it to sate curiosity.

My second one I sold to fund my third one.
My third I sold after I got a forth.
My forth I sold to cover debts.

I've got my keepers now, all Ibanez, not intentionally though.
A Sonic Stomp isn't an EQ pedal.

You can use a Sonic Stomp in front of your amp, but it's less effective there.

You can use an EQ pedal in front either as an EQ or as a booster, similar to a OD pedal in front of your amp. You can use one in your effects loop for fine tuning of your sound.

I realize you don't have an effects loop, I'm speaking generically when I mention one.
For fast, sorta thrashy punk (whether it's Pennywise, Propagandhi or Magrudergrind) I'd get something with a fixed bridge, humbucker in the bridge and I'd get a 6 string unless you're likely to do a lot of playing in low tunings, but that might give you more of a metalcore/hardcore/metal sound.

SG thread says get an SG, but they're balanced a little funny for my tastes.

The Ibanez is likely a good choice, but personally I find RGs have too flat of neck for fast rhythm stuff, your milage may vary; lots of people love RGs for fast leads and fast rhythm.
Don't carry an amp. Carry a Pocket POD.
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Ok I have a Tokai SG (gibson ripp-off) together with the holy combo of a Marshall AVT-100 and I really want to make tones sustain more. Anyone any ideas for gear, pedals or adjustments for my SG?

Mids are your friend, and make sure your wrist, hand and clothing aren't contacting the strings.
If the amp has a direct out, or a preamp out, running the POD after that and only simulating what you're missing (power amp, speakers) should be a viable method for recording.
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I think if you're in a pop punk band thats pretty sweet. But hey, to each his own.

You missed the big gay pride flag sticker on the bridge.
3 guitars wouldn't work for hardcore, it would just be overkill. Hardcore isn't metal.
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So you are sticking to bass?

Nope, no more interest in music really. Haven't ran FL Studio in months, touched guitar or bass, I think I'm done.
I'm not putting on a Santa hat.

Also,I'm getting rid of my guitar gear, I haven't played in a long time and I don't really enjoy it anymore. All done.
I call them tuners.
Real guns come in .30-06.
It's gravity, the weight of the neck pulls on it slightly in some positions, when it's pulled slightly it slightly alters your string tension, voila.
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I will mainly be playing thrash metal classic metal and NWOBHM in E standard, D# Standard and maybe D standard/Drop-D on this guitar and will probably be replacing the stock pups to try a Seymour Duncan Distortion/'59 combo in which ever one I get.

The Live Wires would be very similar to that set, or a JB/59 set, only active. There's no need to replace them.
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Yes it is pretty bad. As I've said (and I can't find my proof anymore) the MM is actually a rehoused MT-2.

If this is true it's an MT-2 minus everything that's cool about an MT-2 (like being able to adjust the freq your mid knob works on).

Metal + VK?

Start shopping for a new amp or at least a preamp to run into the VK power amp.
Unless you know why you want a 1x15, get the 2x12.


Combine with the motorcycle for the Motophant sound, go go go!
I use 11-52s for Drop Db for 24" scale. 10-52s for 25.1" scale. Sorry I use funny scale lengths.
That guy makes me want to bludgeon him with a golf club.
Well, there's no Ampeg VH, so it's really just the consolation round shootout.
H4 is the high output one.
Clean channel + HM-2 = GOGOGOGOGO!

I loved my MIC Epi G-400.
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Only people named Alex.

So it's the beginner's licence?
Misa Digital is based in Sydney, Australia.

Reading comprehension ftw.
Yes, they suck. Even Epis come with better tuners and have for awhile.
Stick an EMG HA in the neck of one of your active guitars, perhaps?

Evil! Hell! Satan! Goat! Cheese! Pickles! Onions! On a sesame seed bun!
My guitars have pretty much only been in Eb and Drop C# for the past 7 years. *shrug*
You know, Korn use 7 strings too. Just like with 6 strings there's a wide variety of levels of technical skill required to play different songs on them.

Anyways, why not just write on it? You can write in whatever genre, with whatever level of technicality you like.
Dunno, free on your drug plan?
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but for live performances i think it would be an attention catcher so that people would remember us

Like the last 8 amateur goofs who they saw attempt it as well?