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And afterwards, radiohead should come by and call him a crybaby.

Ouch, there'd be no chance to regain his pride after THAT!

You're on my side with the Barnes-Fisher thing. This was Corpsegrinder's first appearance and a damn good one at that! The first opening tom-toms announce just how ****ing wicked this album gets.

boom boom boom boom AAAAAAAAAAH!!
South here, we just got freezing rain
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Megatallica sounds better. More syllables y'see.
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Buy a pickup (No not a Ford you monkey)

I didn't read any more...

Just found this fairly relevant .gif

I apologise for any seizures it might give
A bloody good episode it is too

Sounds a bit too much like these new emo bands (metalcore?) to appeal to me mate.
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I was a Genesis kid. And Sonic kicks the holy sh*t out of Mario anyday.

Me too

Though I've gravitated over to Nintendo now.... at least you can get some old Sega games on the Wii using the Virtual Console
Take a seat right here and all the doctors will be with you shortly.
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There's your band name.

I can imagine that.

"Hey I'm off to this great gig tonight, you coming?"
"Sure, who's on?"
"Uh........" much?
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what do you mean flaming

People flaming/arguing with each other. Say if someone decides dethklok sounded a bit like rap, someone disagrees with them, arguments ensue....LOCKDOWN!
They might've predicted flaming and stuff in your other thread. I've spotted BumOffBarney about and active by the way mate, so this will probably be closed too.
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i see no smashing pumpking or greenday

They're near the same place on the right. There's a guy with a hammer smashing pumpkins and if you look at the calendar on the right, there is a green day on it
*Obligatory pro-GuildWars post*
I know that pedophile websites sometimes steal images of kids in swimsuits or whatever from theme park websites and other things of that innocent nature. So therefore this kind of thing is just easy pickings I guess
Still no mention of the Blind Melon??? (on the far right)
Concrete With Lead In It

Not sure about the "thrash" part though.
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There's NO way I'm not getting it, I'm just wondering if I should get both

Oh I see. Get a few of them
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Do I see a Cannibal Corpse by the Pet Shop.


Nah mate, White Zombie
I've reported this thread again...
Well that's the Pet Shop Boys on the left.

Is that a Blind Melon I see on the right?
Get Super Mario Galaxy. Huge erection optional.
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I dunno, I think it's that I spend more time in the metal forums than the others. Metalcore is despised there.

Ooo. That's too bad, I ain't gonna change my tastes They have nice crunchy riffs and the vocalist sounds convincing enough to make you believe that's REAL anger.
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And those other metalcore bands

Oh, if metalcore is not liked by UG, I'd better say Cataract. I think they're amazing.

SKEPTEDIT: Oh, a poll! Well, I don't like any of those bands.
I don't know what most people think of what bands I like though.
Chucking rocks around is fun. It's a really good game. Tried patching it up?
You're welcome mate, although I more or less told you to shut up

Seriously, don't worry about things like that.
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EarthBound. Best damn game in the universe. Makes me want to bust my SNES and play it for a while.

Magical game.

Here's a question, how does it feel to be *reported* for advertising?
You'd probably get shot or something here in England. One young lady nearly arrested for joking about a bomb to the humourless airport staff in Liverpool. I think they cancelled her flight and everything. NOT a good idea.
Clean the disc with a scouring pad and try Company of Heroes instead.
I quit for a couple of weeks but had one earlier The main thing is to have NO CIGS around at all. I still had half a pack so my thinking was kinda "Hey I quit for a while, i'll quit again soon, but I might as well smoke these ones I still have". No cigs, emergency or otherwise. When this pack is gone, that's it, I swear.
The Predator is probably the coolest thing ever conceived by the minds of mankind. Alien is only second coolest.
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Until they wank into the milkshake.

At our local McDonalds it was the veggie sauce Thankfully I'm a meat-eater, and despise McDonalds anyway.
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I used to love the flipper thing. They never bothered with that though, it was always The Pit.

I love the way you capitalised The Pit
People remember this girl was real nasty to Rhian. Please do your best to not get sexually aroused! Not that it's difficult Just spread the vid around or something. Cheers!
Orgasm. Just though I'd get that out of the way. SKEPTEDIT: Oh well, I tried!

This time of the year, getting back into your nice warm house after taking the dogs out at a ridiculous time in the freezing cold is pretty damn nice.