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With Sails Ahead is a Rock/Alternative/Post Hardcore band from New Jersey
This is their first single off of the up coming EP "Years In Waiting" which will be released Friday, June 3rd 2016

With Sails Ahead is an up-and-coming five piece rock band from Toms River, New Jersey. Inspired heavily by progressive post-hardcore music, their sound is built upon syncopated rhythms and colorful leads all tied together by memorable vocal melodies. Formed in 2014, it took two years for vocalist Sierra Binondo to complete the line-up with the best musicians for the band’s sound. With Sails Ahead will release their second EP Years in Waiting on Friday, June 3rd. New Jersey natives can catch their EP release show at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ on Friday, June 10th. Having no members in the band, With Sails Ahead’s first EP Open Letters was written and recorded by Sierra Binondo with the help of friends in the New Jersey music scene.As a result of releasing Open Letters, Binondo slowly but surely drew the interest of musicians who filled in for With Sails Ahead or became permanent members. Playing an abundance of gigs to make up for lost time, With Sails Ahead have begun to carve their mark into the alternative music scene.Their EP Years in Waiting is their latest effort in blurring the lines between rock and post-hardcore, with lyrics inspiring others to find strength and self-worth

Sierra Binondo –Vocals
Josef Warner-Reyes –Guitar
Santino Costa –Guitar
Jaime Martinez –Bass
Andrew Rotundo –Drums

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Hey guys I am having a problem hooking up my DMZ EVO2 Bridge pickup into my Ibanez S series that has an HSH setup. I am going to be very detailed.

After following the wiring instructions, the EVO2 is audible but when I use the 5 way pickup selector in the bridge position for some reason the middle pickup is on. I could take the easy way out and just un-solder the mid pickup but I want this guitar to be fully functional.
Vox/Fender combo is great, I use my VT40+ for dirty and my Original Twin Reverb 2x12 for clean
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What if you did a few minutes of writing, a few minutes of jamming (to songs, maybe for warm up) a few minutes on technique ect.
Find someone who has experience in ALL areas like, performing, writing, producing, and teaching. Meet with them first to discuss your goals, you will be paying him after all. Kinda like a personal trainer.
I like resting on the strings slightly to give octaves and power chords a percussive edge, you can definitely hear the difference on a good recording. To strum 3 or 4 string chords I guess the best way to describe the technique is to strum diagonally towards the strings as opposed to vertically.
I own the GE-7 and I can not play through an amp without it, I like to scoop or boost mids and add some treble, I also have a Dunlop Cry Baby but it doesn't have the knob on the side.
the guy from boston played guitar for 1 year before he wrote their album
Lead, bass would take care of the rhythm
zjcl1 is mad that I tabbed a blink 182 song with 2 guitars, 1 lead and one rhythm, because that's what is going on in the specific song.
I can answer your question easily, PICK AND CHOOSE.
Quote by zjcl1
yes, you are right. but the thing is, he doesn't do both lead and rythem at the same time, like he has some lead riffs, then rthym and how would you play both of them together at once?

What your talking about is my tab of "This Is Home" your contesting that I should NOT have tabbed out the intro acoustic rhythm guitar chords that go UNDERNEATH the lead guitar line, simply because the band has 1 guitarist, that doesn't make sense.

By that logic your implying, by example if i were to tab out hmm let's go with "Holiday" by Green Day a song that clearly has multiple guitar tracks, it would not make sense to tab out more than one?
Obviously YOU cant play them at ONCE, it's called Tablature, you TAB out all recorded guitar parts regardless if its 2,3 or 4(different) guitar tracks recorded by 1 guitarist.
Definitely, i always label guitar 1 and guitar 2 even if the band has 1 guitarist but multi tracked guitars, some people are disagreeing with that logic.
I also think it does too. If you say you are tabbing out the full song (but i'm being specific when I say bands with 1 guitar player) the song has layered tracks like lead/rhythm and harmonized riffs, it makes sense to tab all the parts if its the whole song being written.
Hey guys/girls I have a simple question of opinion.

When tabbing songs by bands that have only 1 guitarist but the songs have been multi tracked to have lead and rhythm guitar, does it or does it not make sense to have both parts tabbed out when tabbing out the full song?
mute all strings except the g and b and harmonic frests 9 on said strings and dive bomb them

I just found an old/gold Kramer bridge and 2 Kramer bodys, they look like Barettas but 1 of the bodiess is almost blank, i can't find any info on this bridge, does anyone know the specs on it?

I'm working on a project at the moment, i have a body and neck from an '84 G&L SC-2, i'm having a problem finding replacement parts so i might re-rout the electronics, it will decrease the value but i don't plan on selling it.
So Far Away, all basic chords
i own the fender delonge strat, the invader is gonna be at least $75
I think you should pick one

Scenario A "Hey, let's do a cover of ____ as a tribute to the song."
Scenario B "Hey, let's do a cover of ____ and put our spin on it"
you're getting free advertising without consulting the website owners, get it? nice guitars btw.
i tried to swap out a floyd rose for an edge and it didnt work on my S series
for punk tone you wanna set your gain at 10 and mid at 0-3 for pop punk tone you want to set your gain at about 4 or 5 and mids 6-8
Turn the guitar over n shove a cloth in the empty spaces of the trem n body
how nice is that bass, ive done a recording session using that 5 string and it sounds fantastic, very versatile
it is not a delonge stratocaster, i own one
i havent heard of any yet but id love to know if some are available that would be convienient, im trying to learn also
clearly this was a standard strat at one point, and upgraded to a Tom Delonge Strat style config. 300 is a good price consideriing new strats are what $500 now?
let us know how the tour turned out!
ive tried some indie brand delays and choruses that i liked just never picked em up.
ive been playing guitar for over 11 years, tried most of the top manufacturers and always came back to boss, i do have a bunch of other brands, digitech, mxr ect. but they are alot more noisy than the boss ones.