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The OA

Episode 11 tho.....

I am so excited to see that last episode more than ever

that ?
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Ya'll know that I'm the longest member on the site. They don't call me Horsedick.MPEG for no reason.

When you gonna change to Hosedick.MP4 ?
They are good...well I only like that album Vessel. Not too keen on the newer stuff.
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I think not.

It depends on how much you want to believe.
I haven't but quite recently there have been a set of women being kidnapped allegedly for human trafficking purposes where I live.
Humble probably. Have low self esteem that I downplay any compliment or praise I get? Definitely. It's something that I have yet to figure out how to work on.
To get compliments.
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RealPlayer. Wow. I honestly had to double check to make sure this thread wasn't made ten years ago.


But VLC will fit all of your needs TS.
I liked the special. The superman analogy bits were kind of cliche but overall it was okay.
UGers meet IRL ? Didn't know that we were that social.
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Regardless of who you voted for, you can always educate yourself. This is what Mr. Trump proposes for the first 100 days:

I actually hope the term limits thing gets passed.

I am not sure if I understand this one in that document but he's basically opposing programs that try to alleviate climate change ?
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How does she win more votes but not become President? How is this acceptable in the supposedly "free" America?

I was wondering this myself but I never studied much of politics to know. Can someone explain this to me ?
My dog seems to like me....I guess that's the best thing ever.
I have been held up at gunpoint before....

Of course when people asked about it, I was apparently a bitch for not being Neo from the Matrix

I'm sorry for your loss
Left hand while being right handed of course.

I don't even look at my watch tho, I just use my phone which defeats the purpose of the watch.
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South Park is a must see!

I watched some episodes this morning.

I am glad that I came into this thread.
What is it about ?
More than once.

I think it is normal for everyone for that to happen at least once.
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Opening this thread like 'hey, what's Anselmo up to these days?'

This gif summed up my initial reaction.
You gotta calm down and breathe...
People still join this site ?
Christmas special was a bit silly.

Kind of got a bit cheesey at the end. Overall I liked it I guess, didn't really mind it being a basic closing of the river arc.
A coffee mug with a photo of my dog as a puppy on it.

It is amazing <3
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ugh what a crap episode. i literally only watch this show cause my parents still do but ugh. ugh ugh

so sloppy and try hard and predictable and it doesn't make any sense if you take out the audience. like why have this whole build up of bringing people into the zygon nest and then being like "haha actually we're zygons in disguise haha!" and it's just for crap drama and the stupid heart rate lie thing was pointless and not at all how it even works and if clara just said "purple" for every answer and zygon clara can't do anything abotu it

ughguhguhguhg why

Yep, I have no idea why Clara was obligated to she already discerned that Zygon killing her would be detrimental to its plan to get the box.
I live at home with my parents and I'm 25...and that's because I am guilt-tripped into staying or berated to the point where I have no choice but to do what they say.

So I don't think that is a normal reason for being 25 and living at home.
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Is it just me or was that mostly shit


I have no idea whatsoever the point of the episode was.
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Propane and propane accessories

Only three posts in for this to come up.
You mean people in that thread from years ago were serious about it?
I have so many questions after seeing that ending!

But now I have to wait for season 2
Whatever I ate from there I didn't really like. But I share your feeling as whenever I eat KFC, I regret my life decisions that lead to me eating KFC.
With the black style UG theme...that red font is hurting my eyes to an insane extent.
I saw the first episode. I liked it.

I'm still trying to get the time to watch the rest.
I drink a lot.