So I spilled a fair amount of water right into the cracks of my keyboard about 2 months ago. I flipped it over and some water came out and since then my computer has been working just as good as ever. Is there something I should look out for? It almost seems like my keyboard is a bit funky at times and my computer um..... creaks more. Its an aluminum body btw.

Any friendly advise?
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Env3, my mom has one.
it's amazing.
Do NOT get the Alias 2.
you will regret it after about a week.

Why would I regret it?
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The Env touch is awesome.

Extremely high resolution screen, good keyboard, I'm getting that in december when my original env contract is up.

Yea I def agree but the battery life sucks. The env 3 has the real keyboard on it which is nice since I like to use t9 but I doubt I would use it when I can just use the qwerty....

The Alias 2 is really cool and has better battery life than the env touch but no touch screen or as nice of a camera... but I feel like it would be more durable. I am not really a fan of touch screens but then again I dont mind them. For the money the env touch gives the most bang for your buck but the Alias 2 is not without its charm.
Which would you pick? My phone just died on me so I have to buy a new one. Its going to cost me $200 for any one of these phones so price isn't really an issue as far as which one I should pick. I mostly text which is why I want a phone with a qwerty keypad. Whats your opinion?
I have Verizon and I want to buy a Blackberry Curve 8330. I would have to pay an extra $30 a month for it. Is it worth it? What all can I do on it thats included with this monthly fee?
i do it for the lulz

Sorry if its old, i got a lol from it.

hes got more of these too
Once Nothing
Carolina Liar
Oh, Sleeper
Lil Wayne (LUL)
The Devil Wears Prada
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Eyes of a Traitor
Sea of Treachery
This band is incredible. I wish there were more bands like these guys.
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that corny play on ts's username aside, band is meh, i can't really get into deathcore

lul? this is definitely not deathcore.
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wow that was really bad...

For any one who hasn't heard of this band needs to. These guys are sick. Check out their video from their new cd.

I think we can all appreciate this lol
Well I'll also use it for music, pictures, and other little things. I just want a cool phone haha. I agree everyone has the Dare but still that doesn't matter much. I like that the BB has a huge screen too. The Dare is sweet too though.
I know the blackberry has had some bad reviews and whatnot but I still don't know why its so bad. For me this phone will only be used for texting and calling. I won't be using any internet features. I mostly text with my phone too. They are only $20 apart at the store so I could get either one. The blackberry does sell for a lot more on ebay than the dare so if I did ever want to sell it I would make a big profit.

So which do you think? I like both and want your opinion. I am a little leaning towards the blackberry just because its new, about the same price, and sells for a lot... and its pretty cool.
If you saw a guy with the maroon phone would you care. I mean I know most girls would get it but I like it because its different. You get tired of plain black phones.
on what color to get. Normally I would get all black but it seems kind of dull. The red one is more unique I guess and not boring looking. Its kind of maroon though and I'm a guy so I don't know. The only problem with it really to me is that it reminds me of a gay guy I know since he has the same color phone haha. But what would you do? Black is sleek and red is unique.
kind of random but i would love to know. They said I have 30 days to return my phone if i didnt love it and well... I don't. I want to trade it in but will they charge me for that? Like a repackaging fee or something. I would rather get an enV2 or something. I spent $150 for the Dare and its nice and all but something about it erks me... maybe I'm just sore because my parents just switched plans from ATT and I loved my old phone.

Anyone know if I can trade it in without paying extra?
What are your favorites?
Well I know how to adjust my guitar now as far as the truss rod and bridge goes. Do you know what I would need to do? I figure an adjustment is needed with the truss rod if I go up two gauges.
After a lot of time and adjustment to my guitar I have finally gotten it where my strings have fairly low action and doesn't buzz on any of the 24 frets. Problem is I have to use .09 string gauge to do this. I like to play anywhere between standard and drop c so I'd like to use .11 string gauge. What are the things I should do to make this happen and still keep it from buzzing on the higher frets?
It looks like a lot of the pores? are showing and it just looks really dry and old. What can I do to remedy this? Its rosewood and it doesn't have any finish on it but it has a lot of Mother of Pearl inlays on it.
Well what do you think about the guitar itself? Would it be worth it to install these pick ups?
Thats the whole point of me doing this. Its my project guitar.
I'm thinking of buying this guitar:

and installing Blackouts in it. You think this will work well? I know their active and I've never installed pickups before. What all would I need to do this and what would I need to do? I want to do this myself, I'm making this my project guitar.
I want a new (or maybe even used) guitar for me to tinker with and what not like maybe new pickups, taking it apart, basically just a project. I need something cheap to do this on because I don't want to do it anymore on my nice guitar. What would you recommend? I'm around the $200-$300 range.
I own a Schecter Classic and I'm thinking about swapping my '59 neck pickup with the Invader. I play a lot of metal but I don't know if this would be good or not. I like my Jazz pickup in the bridge position. Would the Invader and Jazz be a good combination? And would switching my pick ups mess with the split coil it has (i dont really understand how that works)?
Because I want to lower my action and it seems like the only way...
I'm not really a beginner to guitar but to chords I am. I can play well and I just need practice with chords in general.
I'm starting to get my chords down and some songs would really help me out.
What are some good covers of songs done by hardcore/metalcore/deathcore bands? I've seen a song by Paramore done by Sea of Treachery and Gangster's Paradise done by In Fear and Faith.
I recommend American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Its absolutely incredible.
The problem is that there is fret buzz expecially on the the low E string. It just doesn't feel right. Its hard to play cords because the strings don't resonate enough. My action isn't even that low but if I heighten it enough to make the fret buzz go away then its pretty high. Like more than it ever should be. The higher I go up the fret board the less my strings have sustain and some don't ring at all. I know these all sound like common problems but I mean I really have done what I can for it. After all it hasn't been for a tune up in 7 years. Its bound to have something wrong with it I just can't fix.
I bought my Schecter Classic last year and its I guess 7 years old now. It doesn't play that well now and I was wandering if paying $50 for someone professional to fix the action would be worth it. I've already tried everything to it (adjusted the bridge, tried new strings, adjust truss rod, all that jazz). Do you think it would be worth it because I don't want to waste my money.
Would it be good for metal? I have a Schecter C1 Classic now and its good for almost everything but I need one guitar pretty much made for it since its my favorite. Can you tell me about the pick ups and how much it would be new? Since its only $300 if it plays well I can put some new pickups in it later for my needs.
I'm looking to buy one of these. How much do they go for? And how is the neck like is it thin, satin, ect and what are the pickups? I'm being offered one for $300 so I'd like to know what you know about it first.
I know a lot of people who take them but I'm not really sure what they are or what they do.
Has anyone ever read Freakonomics? I'm interested in it.