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FFO: Converge, Trap Them, Cult Leader, ect.
I have to put together a proper list, but I know that these will be on it:

Exalt - Pale Light
Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown
Full Of Hell - Full of Hell & Merzbow
United Nations - The Next Four Years
Sezuires - The Sanity Universal (2013, but it was rereleased this year)

I was pretty disappointed with the new Baptists LP. It's good, but I had a hard time staying interested.
Mahria are definitely a band you need to see live to fully appreciate.

And thanks! Failgiver is recording 5 new songs later this month. They're a huge step up from the first EP.
Great idea for a thread!

My city has some really solid bands:
Mahria -
Ringleader -
Slumlord -
Failgiver (shameless plug) -

There's a few newer ones that don't have recordings yet, but there's a lot of diversity here.
I love these guys. The new record is going to be a total ass ripper.
If any of you still lurk this forum/site, it would be really cool if you checked out my band's first EP:
Twitching Tongues are another band I don't get either. I'm sure I'll listen to "I Am King" and like it for a week, but that's just the novelty of it being new.
It kind of happened with Love Is Love, but I got over this band super fast. The whole "Thinners of the herd" thing killed it for me too. This will be the most overhyped record of 2014, and they're going to get absolutely huge from it.

I can't be the only one who thinks this is basically nu metal + hardcore.
I'm pretty sure this is by the far the best ETID album to date. I've listened to it about 20 times since Sunday. I hope they work with Kurt for the rest of their career.
Moor is sooooo creepy and heavy.
I'm going to hit up 2-4 of these shows. I'm really glad that two of the original members are from the same city as me.
In the interview I read with Keith, I think he said something about this song appealing to fans who still want more of The Big Dirty/Gutter Phenomenon sound.

They posted the standout track from Ex-Lives before it was out, so they might be doing the same thing here.
That production is perfect. I'm really excited for this to come out.
Finally gave the new one a proper listen last night. Good stuff. Basically a super weird Converge.
Sounds pretty good. I really wish that they'd record with Greg again though.
So excited for the new LP. I'm also really excited to see them at Deathwish Fest two nights in a row.
I used to play bass in this band, and they're finally releasing the first recordings they did.
I figure all 4 of you who still check this forum might dig it.

They have 4 songs up on bandcamp:
They totally forgot to email me about the new one. I'll have to order that right now.
Did you guys see the vinyl box set they posted awhile ago? They're apparently going to be selling extra copies on tour.
I'm pretty positive this is going to be their best material to date. Ex-Lives is still one of the best hardcore records in recent memory.
I'd give it a bit. They're not really going to be active for a while. Plus, they're all super busy. It'll happen though.
I'm not sure how serious it is, but they're talking about some Of Malice reunion shows.
They posted the teaser with blast beats, and I got really excited. Then I listened to the two new songs and was disappointed.
They've been teasing a new song since 2010. I have no idea how any of you guys can still be looking forward to it at this point.
Ryan had another baby on the way shortly after the last full tour ended, so they're going to be busy on other things for the next 6 or so months.
I've never heard of them, but what they have up on their Bandcamp sounds cool.

Black Breath are going to be recording a new LP this year.
It might end up coming out at the start of 2015. Ex Lives was recorded in the summer of 2011 and didn't come out until March of 2012.
If you guys miss Throats, they have a new band:
I made a thread like this last year that got pretty heavy use for a whole entire month, so I decided to make another.

Discuss which new albums you're excited for this year, new release info, tours, etc.

I'm really looking forward to the new Cult Leader EP, and new full lengths from Trap Them and Every Time I Die.
I had to keep my mouth shut about them being on Deathwish for the last few weeks, I'm glad they finally announced it.

I'm really excited about this band. Really love the artwork Anthony does too.
The new EP is really, really good. Matt is an incredible guitar player. Actually, they're all incredible musicians.
They probably didn't have any of the items that far ahead. I know they got the records just before the release date, but they did have over 8000 orders to ship. I live in Canada, so I'm used to waiting a long time for things to show up.

I'm still waiting for the vinyl boxset from the Misery Signals Indiegogo, actually. I'm not sure they've been pressed yet though.
I've had to wait 4-6 weeks (sometimes a lot longer) for packages from the US to make it to my door, so I'd give it another couple of weeks.
If you ordered from Merchnow/Razor & Tie, it was shipped by Merchnow. If you got a special perk, it shipped directly from Ontario (where PtH live). I live a few provinces over and just got mine, so everyone else should be getting their stuff soon too.
Mine came in the mail today. And it's not Razor & Tie. PtH shipped everything themselves.
I'm in Canada and I still haven't received mine.
I saw PtH last night in a 150 capacity room that had about 450 people in. Easily the best I've ever seen them play, although I was missing Arif. New drummer couldn't have been better, he played everything perfectly.

My one complaint, however, is how much they charge for merch.
If you guys listened to Propagandhi, you'd like Todd's vocals on Underbite.

And this album definitely has more of the early punk influence that was missing on Scurrilous.