All i want 4 christmas is ?????
dude that was frekin crazy. i was arrested 4 many thing like first cnace of theft. and for Forgery. what the heck. that CRAZY
ok im a girl and yes taht a start. in the end i will make More way more

Quote by Kensai
Good luck!

Just don't tell them you want aides.

i promise i wont ask for aides hahahahaha that was funny
Woo!Yay! i was just adding the peace cause he told me peace OK. J/K
I passed GUYS. i was so overjoyed when i found out. now i can go work and get paid 10-11 dollars and hour.

thanks a lot rockgod1619. im not a MR patient. Im excited 2 take the test. Peace 2 u 2
today is the day that i take me Certified Nurses Aide Test. I'm Kinda nervous, but i have the confidence the i will do fine. i have been studying and praticing my skills for that last 1moth or so. i cant want 2 tell u all if i pass or fail. but hopefully i will PASS.

talk 2 u guys later
i went 2 see it on Friday and it was extremely osm. I have wtched the other 2 and i was very excited 2 see and see the third one. Go Spiderman
the beest way is scramled. Hell yea
UMM. im not sure maybe girls cause i go that way
Apple jacks the greatest ceral in the world!!!!
ok i havea guitar but i suxs at plaing it. i cant even play a song i just randomly play different notes. so where is the guirat forum.
i need help playing guitar. is there anyone on U.G that can help me out. Hopefully i will be lucky.
aww that so sad poor chick. mean old cow. im sad now
to me i would rather be coupled because then u have someone that u can spend some quality time with and be happy. but that is only if they are the right one for you? it suxs being signle just ask me
some of the responses make me wonder what time do u all get up at?????
whats the big deal if we cut or not. And just because were EMO dosen't mean u have 2 judge us for doing shomething to help us releive our pain. If we want 2 cut then let us do what ever we want.
some of these replys r were intrestring but others r just OK. HELLO EVERYONE
do u all know Aidy Damage
hes an emo and u guys like him. wahts wrong with me???
UG looks so much better now than back then. i changed my settings 2 all black and it looks really kool. EMO like
why is it that you all have hatred toward emo kids. I just wanna be a respected emo kids. can we please work this out.
Damn their fucking HOT!!!
There a JOKE and suck balls real bad. In a few years they will hopefully be gone and no 1 will liek them anymore. Stupid 11 year olds they sux. I agree with the thread starter on thsi one
Aidy i enjoyed that. Hope 2 hear another one of ur songs.
Hey aidy do u really watch this stuff???
Fuck U All
Just because we dress EMO dosent mean that we r gay. It just mean that we like the style. it has nothing 2 do with being gay. Maybe i am gay by choice but Im not gay becuase im EMO. Fuck U
U ask how often u see ur girlfriend waht about ur boyfriend??? Meanie!!!
Dude u sound like ur bragging about gettin in 2 accident. its not cool. U totaled ur car and ur happy. what an idoit. Have a nice LIFE !!!!
DO any of u guys remeber The Sex Pistols and CBGB's and stuff lihe that??
Just because i come up with may threads dosent mean a thing . Its just that i have alot 2 say and want some answers from u guys DAMN
Has anyone here ever heard of the band 18 Visions. I ask people about them and they have no clue who they r. So have u heard of them
-MintSauce- has a point here. its not nice u go out and mess around with others when u have ur own. Just stick with the 1 u have ok

where do u guys/girls usual buy ur guitars it??? store, internet, where???
Short shorts r stupid and if u wear them ur stupid. EWWWW
As 4 the last one im not sure. Any Emo band i can deal with also Rock.
3days grace
I live somewhere over the rainbow where can i find a guitar????
ok u have given me many choices but i need 2 narrow it down some like 2-3 So can u help me with that??