Anyone got a website? because I have noticed alot of different ones.
Well the title says it all. my buddy owns a gibson sg, its a 90 something. And hes looking into p90's. But he wants to know your opinion. What would sound the best?
I work at a taco place near my house called mighty taco. I invented a new burrito. I just need help naming it. Ok here are the ingredients,

1 slice white cheese
1.5 oz of steak
2 oz of nacho cheese
2 squirts of sour creme
.5 oz chedder cheese
1 oz salsa
.5 oz of crushed chips

now if i can think of a name i will be making a good buck. every time its sold i get a percentage of the profit. Please help me think of something!!!
My band is starting to go into the acoustics side of music, my drummer wants to play bongos/ or a flipped over acoustic guitar, ill probably play the acoustic guitar back up vocals, and we might get 2 more people to join. So far all we have come up with for names are, "out of the blue" and "the dirty clear", do you have any ideas?
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well, u sound like u can only play buckethead stuff which is good but also not good, stop copying other famous guitarists names and saying u can play like them cause u will only become like him, only instead of metallica, buckethead (which is pretty cool)
instead try and compose your own riffs and solos so u can say you play originally and dont go copying everyones ass, have u ever heard john petrucci or paul gilbert or dave mustaine say: i can play like van halen! that would be lame and we wouldnt have good music nowadays, everything would sound like van halen
P.S van halen rocks, but you get my point....hopefully

im just using him as an example, i actually never play anyones music that much, im not gunna lie i sucked at makeing up my own guitaar solos, but i hate covering peoples music unless i make it better
we have had one of those battles. I play buckethead he plays kirks, i mean he still thinks he can win but i mean he cant even finger nub or tap rite lol
haha well that was just to say that he can never come up with anything, yeh if we went like him playing kirk and me playing buckethead id destroy him
Ok if u count this as a guitar battle.... Me and him yester day started doin this jam, I was playing my bass like a bluesy line, and he can do a little blues cause we both adore jimi, So i was playin away and he comes in with some cool riffs and a solo then i went off and started doin some bass fills and lines/ solos and crap, then he just stoped and started playing the same solo thinggy he played first again. you be the judge.
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I suggest That

haha, but seriously he doesnt even try to write his own stuff, and wen we jam he just plays mettalica, the purpose of jamming is to play off one another, he cant even do that
yeh i was playin some crazy buckethead stuff and he was amazied, so im not jealous of him at all im kind of embarrased to be his friend, he goes around school and tells everyone hed kick their arses at guitar and hes like "am i right dave?" and im like wow.
he plays them sloppy and he doesnt write his own stuff, he takes stuff from metallica puts it in a diff key and calls it his own
Ok Title says it all. My friend can play just about any metallica song all the way through and he thinks hes the greatest guitarist because of it. And he says "dude i can shred like crazy" and all he plays is like kirk's solos. wut u think?
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The above.

Offtopic: Can I (if I want to) install windows on my PS3, and how would it work?

yes but its slow as hell, ubuntu is the way to go and yea i made my ps3 a recording place, i can bassically record and master tracks rite on my ps3 its amazing!!! Hook up a mic to it and just jam away, plus i can play old school snes/nintendo/game boy/even 360 games on it!!
What exactly does it do? "Depending on the instrument, an EV-5 can function as a volume pedal, realtime parameter control pedal or data-entry pedal. "

What does the underlined mean. like a loop pedal?
ok i have a 40gb hard drive ps3, and i was wondering if i put a portable hard drive with it that has 250gb is that the same as bassically having a 290gb ps3? I am probably going to install Linux OS on my ps3 and i want to make sure all my games a re going to be safe on the portable hard drive.
is there a such thing? my friend is writing a song and all it is is the chords D, B#, and B and he continues this through the whole song, I was like is that all it is 3 chords? and hes like its a little more complex than that, it has foundation notes. i never herd of that. Are there a such thing
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Looks pretty fun, we don't get snow though. I'll stick with boarding on snow and skating on hard ground.

EDIT Actually, is it just a skateboard deck with no trucks? Cos I might have a spare deck, and I'm going off boarding on saturday for a week...

well thats one way to snow skate, i used to do that, but a snowskate is hard plastic and glides through the snow so u can actually like skate down a road and not get stuck like a regular skate deck.
yeh i used to skateboard and i decided this year ima do both, is it kind of the same??
haha yes i just bought one today!!!!! omg so much fun
this is snowskating
Im thinking about switching my bridge to a better one. the stock bridge on my ibanez sr305 5 string is really cheap, the 2 peices on it keep collapsing and my 2 strings are like not able to play all it does it hit against my pickups, what are good bridges for a 5 string bass
So im new to bass and im so used to a pick from playing guitar for years. but i wanna get away from using a pick on a bass. Im having a problem making the note sound when i pluck. um.... let me rephrase that. I find my self anhoring my finger on my B string (Ihave a 5 string), but when i use my index and middle finger to pluck it sounds faint, should i just increase the volume or am i doing something wrong?
thanks, mllion dead is perfect.
thanks alot....i found some bands you posted that are perfect, and the skate video was "Label Kills", the song Pickpocket by atdi was in it
well at the drive in i heard in a skateboard video and thats y i think they sound like it haha yeh thanks though
My squier jagmaster sounds perfect for nirvana. Thats the reason i bought it, there about $250, and I put new pickups in mine so its really raw grungey sound..I think i mite sell it soon cause im totally into bass now.
I just got into At the Drive in and I can't say how much theyve influenced me. Are there anyother bands close that sound like them, or have that kind of skateboarder persona?
dude kurts acoustic was from a pawn shop and i loved that sound. i have a feeling yall are saying i should go with guitar center. plus the pawn shop had sh1t today. i went 2 4 stores and the only decent onme was a squier acoustic for $100.
haha that solves it, im just gunna go to a pawn shop and test some out now. if not ima sell my old old bass for a decent one
are stellas good acoustics?
Ok so for my schools talent show my drummer told me to buy an acoustic guitar. We are going to do a rendition of All Apologies by Nirvana and I was wondering if im better off buying a crappy acoustic guitar from a pawn shop like kurt did, or buying a good one from guitar center.. by the way i love kurts sound from his acoustic demos. What do you suggest? I cant spend alot of money either because i just bought a new bass. suggestions?
So im new to bass, and i have been getting primus down pretty good actually. But i still have stock strings on my 5 string ibanes sr305. I heard DR Hi Beams Light guage are really good for funky stuff. ...Im lost help me!! lol what do you sugest?
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Go you and good choice. Hope you have plaenty of happy playing hours.

haha i will.
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the american is way better especially the deluxe, but ya look into a different bass if you can. also look into a different amp.

yeh i bought the ibanez SR305DX...i love it. I tried out the squier and the volume/input was "fuged" so i was like u know wut the ugers told me ibanez, and now im way happier i got it...thanks guys
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Ibanez are pretty good for slap and pop, there better than lets say... A P-bass, even though you can slap to a certain extent on any bass. At the moment I've got a tone I love so much eq'd with a bit of compression its like really nice sounding and works for nearly everything I play. Sounds pretty lush with slap as well.

ok got ya
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Why dont you use youre own sound when playing ive found a sound i like and eq it a bit for diiferent playing style but still. Ibanez are still really.

ibanez are still??
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I take it your in a more practice/home playing situation than gigging right? If you we're gigging I'd say go for a more powerful amp but that really isn't important if your not. The only gripe I have about the Squier deluxe V is the plastic fretboard. I'd recommend a Ibanez 5 string SR or SRX, there not my thing but they are pretty nice to play (considering buying one myself) but I'm more likely to go for a Fender MIM standard V over one. But just go to a shop with your budget in mind and try everything you can afford and see what you like best!

Well i was looking at ibanez, but i need something for slap and popping. I play alot of primus/rhcp and idk if ibanez have that sort of sound.
I have a fender rumble 100, i really like the sound from it, I kinda have to know what bass is perfect for me by tomm hhaha. like i said close to $300...How good are peavey milleniums?