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I said what country...

Not at all. Ive just recently decided I want to be a musician, and Im pretty hellbent on making it my life.
Chuck Norris once looked at a fail thread.

It was so horrible, he cried and didnt cure cancer.
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Small town in Saskatchewan. =\

That just gets worse and worse whenever I say it.


Well, what country I mean
Hey I say porch monkey all the time...
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I meant you actually thought I was from Norway?

Or that there was actually a town called Kvltville? In the province of Grimly no less?

Well, you're profile says you're from Norway, so I just went on that. Where are you from, just to clear things up?
I had a thread about this, on how CBS allowed him to say "nigga" on national tv, but they blocked out "nuts"

Also, he DID in fact say nuts after he was talking about Obama, and the n word was used in a different story about something 2 years ago
It suck so bad, it doesnt even deserve a witty comment.

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You serious?

Im an American. You expect me to know what other countries use?
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^ How the fuck can "atheism" be delineated into degrees? That's like claiming to be a "semi" lesbian.

Which would be bi-sexual.

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Small town Saskatchewan. =\ Pretty lame.

Oh thats in Norway, and you guys use KMPH, right?
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The cops around here are pretty lenient with this, and some times real hard asses.

I went 120 on a 100 and the cop let me off with a warning, while my friend went 45 in a school zone, and received a $200 ticket.

I could see where the cop was coming from though, as it is a school zone.

Where the **** do you live?!?!??
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ive seen this thing like....20 times.......
what the hell is it and why do people keep posting it?

It's a peice of art by some guy, turned into a 4chan meme. Its now an insta-ban offense because it was so overused.

Oh, for me it says primusfan is on, but i reported it when I first saw it and that was like 10 minutes ago....

Wait for it...

wait for it...

I cant be arsed to listen to some guy talk for this long. When does he start playing?
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LIES! She's a robot! Quick, check for any suspicious circuitry

I found something that looks like a USB port,

should I put my flash drive in it to see what it does?
It's advertising, and we dont like advertising.

Depending on what settings you have, you will get better.

If you have everything on 10, you will be a god within a year.
Whats an eyeldis?
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Yes, all doctors are exactly the same

Maybe you have a doctor that's well suited to your own intelligence?

I dont think they can hire doctors with that low of intelligence
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mine would be the most expensive Rick Roll ever

Exactly what I was thinking.

Get all the most popular bands to play, so like 2/3 of the worlds population is there, and then play "Never Gonna Give You Up" over the speakers.

Biggest rickroll in history? Oh yeah.

There is no such thing as to old.

Go to nursery homes and have a good time ;]
Get rid of the gun?

I wonder if /b/ already knows this...


Holy ****, where did you find that?
Where the hell is Predator?
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bad linky
hope posting links to female body parts doesn't ban me.


Id remove that if I was you
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Body Mod thread


That would be a great tattoo
This iThread has been iReported because it needs to be in the "only iPod thread"

/lame iJokes
Booze, because you are more impaired compared to if you were smoking.

Edited for gramatical errors...
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That backfired..


Tell me you were joking...

But... why would you multiply two wrongs? That makes no sense.
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Multiplication, you gype.

Well... I...



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They give out Vicodin for stupidity?

Someone needs to tell your doctor two negatives don't make a positive. Unless it's math of course.


Tell me you were joking...
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man whats wrong, u people rnt like the people at /b/


What the fuck did you just say?

ONTOPIC- I rickroll myself all the time, I like the song.

EDIT- Wtf.... I hate eggs now...
Whats this old bastard email address? Im going to send him a dirty email about how Im a guy named Ted and I love sucking **** in a 7 man orgy.
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And what if it was you?

See the above post, it's somewhere up there.

It's just annoying because people are always saying "Oh I almost got stabbed, but I ran away". Thats stupid. I want to read "I got stabbed 3 times, went to the hospital, then when I got out, I went to his house and broke both his knees with a baseball bat and raped his girlfriend"

Alright, well the last one isn't needed, but it would still induce lulz.
Isnt this considered spam? Im not to sure...
I hope you're the next person to be confronted.

or would you just beat the shit out of them before they could stab you?

Even if I was, I wouldnt tell The Pit about it
I've seen so many "I almost got stabbed" threads now, I hope the next person that gets confronted DOES get stabbed.