Prince - Little Red Corvette

But then again every Prince song is kind of dirty
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No, in the boiling rock episode (i.e. before sozin's comet) Azula clearly manages to fly. Maybe it's only the really good firebenders who can manage that.

yeah, I guess you can interpret what she did there as flying, but I always thought of it more like a boosted jump.
While during Sozin's Comet we see firebenders really fly (a controlled, sustained flight [emphasis on sustained]), for example Jeong-Jeong like CoreysMonster pointed out.
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I have a question, isn't it unfair that some firebenders can fly by propelling themselves using fire? They can make themselves fly, which in my opinion should be exclusive to airbenders?

If I recall correct the only time we see firebenders fly is during Sozin's Comet, so I see it like this: Normally they can't really fly using firebending, but can only use it to make a "super-jump" if you will. During the comet this is enhanced into flying.

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what movie? They never made a movie.

Speaking of non-existing movies: if they were to make a movie based on Avatar, who would you cast to for which role?

I personally think Jeremy Irons would make a good Zhao and Chow Yun-fat could pull off a decent Long Feng.
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Yeah, he may be the biggest fan among all of us in this thread. :\

So, why does Ty Lee wear pink, when most of all the other fire nation girls wear the average fire nation clothing? Is it something to do with her social status, or what?

I know it's not the same.

In the beach epsiode she said she wanted to 'be different' and not be a number in a set, it probably has something to do with that.
Well there is this online game :Avatar Escape from the spirit world .
(The events in this game take place between season 2 and 3.)
In that game it is explained that Koh dragged the girl into the spirit world through the spirit oasis at the north pole.

btw, the codes needed to pass in the game are PATHIK, BOSCO, KURUK and YANGCHEN
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Holy crap! How did you spot that?

lots of free time

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This is one of the many reasons I love Avatar. They tie things together so nicely.

Yeah, me too. Once while rewatching 'The Library'-episode I went when they already then made a reference to the lion-turtles.

It's stuff like this that make the show so very fun to rewatch (and rewatch and rewatch and...)
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I would help but I have no photoshop and I dont know how to use it anyways, sorry.

Also does anyone remember the episode where they go to the northren air temple and they meet the people who live there?
After they drive off the fire nation you can see everyone happy but the scientist just looks away with sadness, did he build the fire nation anymore weapons after this?

Well, during that episode we can see that he is also busy designing a drill as used to penetrate the walls of Ba Sing Se:

How the fire nation got their hands on the plans isn't explained during the series.
That's because part of his scar is where his eyebrow would have been, so he can't grow hair there.
That's true.
All I was saying is that it is perfectly possibly for a plausible theory with more (hidden) airbenders consistent with the Avatar-universe, but that it wouldn't be canon.
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Have you seen any air benders living in other places?
Its the same like water benders living in the poles, like earth benders living in the earth kingdom and etc.
A civilazation could not be built without someone hearing about it.

Also I guess youre right Appa is a bender, but besides from them there are no other benders left.

What about the waterbenders in the swamp?
And the air nomads don't live in the temples all the time, they wander the world from time to time (e.g. Aang tells about his visits to (young) Bumi and Kuzon)
The Sun warriors seem to be a pretty secret civilization.

But you're right when you say that the airbenders (with exception of Aang) are dead
"proof": (around 1:30)
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They already got you..

You shall be avenged, I swear it.
I am flying to Tibet to end this monstrosity.

be sure to wait for a comet first
Tom Holt? I wouldn't call his work 'dark' comedy, but his bookcovers are really simple
For their "Sweetheart of the rodeo" the Byrds played "You ain't going nowhere" which they were sent as a demo from Bob Dylan. But they mistakenly altered some of the lyrics to "pack up your money / pick up your tent". Later when Dylan released his version on "Greatest hits volume II" he poked a little fun with the Byrds singing:"Pack up your money, put up your tent, McGuinn," referring to Byrds singer/guitarist Roger McGuinn, who was presumably responsible for the accidental lyric change.
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Paying the cost to the boss - BB King
Diddley Daddy - Bo Diddley
You ain't going nowhere - The Byrds
Dude Looks like a lady - Aerosmith
Where did you sleep last night - Nirvana
Motorway city - Hawkwind
Commotion - CCR
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Or 'Trainspotting' and 'Porno' by Irvine Welsh
Golden Earring - Radar Love
CCR - Commotion
Opening Credits:
Frank Zappa - The Return of Monster Magnet

Waking Up:
Spinal Tap - Heavy Duty

First Day At School:
Serj Tankian - Saving Us

Falling In Love:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Nature Boy

Fight Song:
The Clash - Rock The Casbah

Breaking Up:
Led Zeppelin - The Girl I love Sho Got Long Black Wavy Hair

Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild

Life's OK:
Tim Vanhamel - Like a Fire

Mental Breakdown:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Hold on to Yourself

Rolling Stones - Rip This Joint

Queens of the Stone Age - The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Getting Back Together:
Cheap Trick - Surrender

Birth of Child:
Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction

Eagles of Death Metal - Don't Speak (I Came to Make a BANG)

Final Battle:
Tim Vanhamel - It's Not the Drugs

Death Scene:
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Funeral Song:
Frank Zappa - I'm Not Satisfied

End Credits:
Beck - Loser
Surrender in my pants
Don't speak (I came to make a BANG) in my pants
heartbeats in my pants
Nature Boy in my pants
Dig, Lazarus dig in my pants
Albert goes west in my pants
lonely day in my pants
War on gravity in my pants
Heavy duty in my pants
dollars are sweet - blackbox revelation
Darkwing Duck
"Is your dad a photographer? Because you're really well developed"
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cant remember who by.

but it really is a big WTF!

read it. read it now.

Coupland Douglas
The Police - De do do do, de da da da?
The old man down the road - John Fogerty
I've got Roger The Engineer in vinyl, good stuff
I prefer Vinyl, but mostly listen to CD's because they are easier to find and buy. And in the car I listen to cassettes, because I don't have a CD-player in the car.
Porn - Irvine Welsh
Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh
One flew over the cuckoo's nest - Ken Kessey
1984 - George Orwell
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
You don't have to be evil to work here... but it helps - Tom Holt
What is the difference between sand and menstruationblood?

You can't gurgle sand
And who could forget Monkey Island:

I'm also a big fan of the monkey island series
and the space quest series, but most of my friends never even heard of these games
1.Led Zeppelin
The Shredder
If you could read my mind - Johnny Cash
(originaly by Gordon Lightfoot, but his version isn't as good as the Johnny Cash version in my opinion)